The Village, Town, and surrounding areas are full of really talented artists.  We invite you to celebrate the season and our community by giving the gift of locally created art work. Support our economy, enjoy high-quality arts and crafts, and give a unique gift that will create treasured memories.

The listing of artists in this newsletter is not exhaustive.  It is just a partial listing from the CazArts members.  Enjoy and use it to find art that works for you.  More artists and organizations can also be found on our web site.   
CazArts Newsletter is here to be a gathering place for the arts, a place of conversation and local community.  CazArts invites artists, organizations, and supporters of the arts to help us build this community.  Please consider becoming a member.

Our Community
Cazenovia scenes
great local artists, great local art

We invite you to bring home and to give beautiful gifts celebrating this stunning place we live.  Cazenovia is blessed with natural beauty and as it turns out, amazing artists.  This December edition of CazArts introduces you to some of the vibrant stories of our local Member Artists, how to see more of their work, and how to directly purchase pieces that are unique and can hold a special place for years to come.   
One of the fortunate occurrences this year, caused by the pandemic, was that many artists, fighting off isolation, joined together outdoors, painting the landscapes and scenes of the area.  On any given Monday there could be between 15 and 40 painters out and about, each with their own interpretation of a given scene or landscape.  Some of these can be viewed at the Cazenovia Area Painters (CAP) Gallery Show at Common Grounds through January (artists’ names, contact info, and how to purchase accompany each piece of work). There is a bounty of  gloriously rendered area landscapes showing up.

This newsletter highlights the many different ways you can view and purchase local art.  You can view some here in the newsletter; view and purchase through an artist’s website or on the  CazArts web site; and many artists will set up private (socially distanced) viewings at their studios.  At Cazenovia Artisans, an artists’ cooperative, you can shop during business hours or make private appointments after hours. Both Cazenovia Artisans and 20|East (another outlet for local artists) offer curbside pick-up. Ordering on-line and shipping of art is also possible; check with individual artists.


       Jennifer Hooley

I have loved to doodle, design, draw and paint for as long as I can remember. Art makes me happy. Tennis is really cool too.
With degrees in business and fine art, I started froghappy! Art & Design in 2000 in Washington DC to provide decorative painting and art for kids’ rooms. I currently have a working art studio at the historic Atwell Mill in Cazenovia.

One painted with the right hand, the other with the Left     


Climb Your Mountain 29
In April at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, while craving a challenge and way to give back, Climb Your Mountain 29 was born. Inspired by fundraising in memory of my sister, Debbie Gregg (10/14/1964-8/19/2012), the event kicked off in July and raised over $20,000 for Brain Cancer Research at Upstate Cancer Center.
Gift of Tennis
On November 10th, 2020, Gift of Tennis, written by tennis enthusiast and coach Valerie Clarke became available on Amazon!  I both designed and illustrated the book, which is geared toward adults who want to learn to play tennis. The book is filled with whimsical drawings and doodles touching on tennis, life lessons and anecdotes.

Greeting Cards 
I created a series of greeting cards from some of my favorite paintings, drawings and watercolors -- including a Cazenovia scene, of course! They are beautiful, high quality cards that are perfect for gift giving or to keep for yourself. 
Through January 31, 2021, 100% of my painting and drawing art sales will be donated to Caz Cares and to Caz Library.
 My dream project is to create a community mural with 1,000 paint marks made by 1,000 kids from our area!
CazArts Website Artist page
Artwork may be viewed at my studio by appointment: 315 559-6156 text or call!
  Collaborative Works
  Jim Redlon             &
   Alyson Markell  
Jim Ridlon has had one foot in the world of sports and the other in the art world for most of his life. Upon graduating from SU in 1957 with a degree in art, Ridlon was drafted by the San Francisco Forty Niners, where he played for six years. He finished his pro career with the Dallas Cowboys in 1963 as an All-Pro safety. He returned to Syracuse to coach under Ben Schwartzwalder, while also teaching in the Art Education department. Ridlon has exhibited his works throughout the world, at shows ranging from Syracuse to Brazil. His works are in the permanent collections of the Everson Museum of Art, the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute, Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University and scores of others around the world. He retired from SU as an emeritus professor in the art school after 35 years of teaching. He currently works every day in his studios in Cazenovia and New Woodstock. Collage painting is a distinctive technique Ridlon developed in the 1980s. 


Alyson Markell is a graduate of Syracuse University who spent ten years using her creative and artistic talents to create distinctive and unusual animal and human characters for Industrial Light and Magic, a division of Lucas Digital in San Francisco, California. Trained as a sculptor, painter, and modeler, Markell has earned a reputation for capturing the likeness of animals and fanciful creatures on film and in fine art. She is an avid equestrian who recently acquired a new horse named Shiraz. 
Process: Collage Paintings - We begin each collage painting by creating individual sheets of paper that we then tear into smaller pieces. We then collage these smaller pieces onto canvas, affix each piece and then glaze the finished composition. The individual pieces of paper are our palette, like brushstrokes on a canvas. The sizes of these pieces range from 8" x 10" to 3 1/2' x 4'.

An exhibition of collaborative works by Ridlon and Markell
is on view at the New Woodstock Public Library through January 30.

Markell's studio at 4634 Ridge Road in Cazenovia.
Call for an appointment: 315-825-3359.
How to Purchase: Contact artists at: Markell - 315-825-3359 or Ridlon at 315-415-8745. Email at or
        Brooke T Ryan
Fine Art Photography

 I learned to photograph at age 12 and developed gelatin silver prints in my basement darkroom. I strive to make photos and create montages that capture beauty and evoke emotion.

A customer recently said, “I saw this artwork and had to have it…Every time I look at it, I love it again.” To create images that both speak to the heart and immortalize the beauty around us is very fulfilling. I am most inspired by the natural world and also very concerned by our impact on it; I donate to the Environmental Defense Fund with profits from my business.

CazArts Website Artist page
 Etsy Shop
I will deliver locally or ship if out of the area. I am happy to ship directly to a gift recipient. 

Porcelain & stoneware functional pottery                                   
      Lurie/Beasecker Studios


Liz Lurie

A studio potter and teacher since 1994,  I graduated  from Sarah Lawrence College and opened my first pottery in Farmington, Georgia. In 2005 my family moved from Dallas to the Cazenovia area. It was nice to get back to the Northeast.  In 2007 we started building our kilns and setting up our shop and showroom.

My work has been published in Ceramics Monthly, Ceramics Technical, Studio Potter and the Log Book. I currently maintains a showroom and teach community classes at the studio in Chittenango, NY.


Central to my work is to communicate a strong sense of muscular physicality and  harmony existing within a quiet presence.  It is my hope that through form, texture, and color, my ceramic work might provide a moment of slowness, comfort and intrigue whether empty or full.

Peter Beasecker

A Professor of Art teaching ceramics and graduate studies at Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. Peter has exhibited extensively in national and international venues
I am devoting my studio practice in 2020 solely to making bowls, specifically soup bowls to donate to the various Empty Bowl events throughout the country. One of my mandates is not to repeat myself – which is counter to the impulses of muscle memory accrued over decades of making. This project has made room for unexpected riches, most notably, allowing for a playful engagement of form.
tel/text 315-744-7465
on-line store opening December 5th 2020
Showroom open by appointment (only 2 people in showroom at a time)  or shop through on-line store and no-contact pick up.
5214 Irish Ridge Road 
Chittenango, NY 13037

      Judith Haynes Levins
Cazenovia-based watercolor artist Judith Haynes Levins has been painting her world for several years. Judy paints bold, energetic landscapes en plein air locally and in the Adirondacks when weather permits -- and sometimes when it doesn’t. “There is something about being out in this beautiful world capturing a moment, a sunrise, a brilliant blue sky, and sharing the feeling that brings me great joy through my artwork,” says the artist.


Judy paints daily if she can and is rarely seen without her painting apron  and mop brush. There isn’t a subject matter that Judy won’t paint, though landscapes, florals, people and pets are amongst her favorites. Another way Judy shares her world is to teach. Helping beginners and more advanced students explore the world of watercolor inspires students and teacher alike.  2020 has brought challenges to in-person teaching, but Judy will be available for online classes beginning in January 2021. Sign up for her mailing list to receive her class schedules through her website.


To purchase work that speaks to you, Judy’s Cazenovia home studio is open by appointment. Please phone to schedule your appointment: 315-655-3611. Original paintings are also available online from her website and prints with Fine Art America.  When purchasing original art online through PayPal, paintings are shipped via USPS with insurance and tracking.
CazArts website Artist page
Fine Art America:

        Wayne Daniels
I paint in my small home studio in the village of Cazenovia, mainly landscapes, some still life, figurative, and portrait work. These days I work almost exclusively in oil. My paintings are usually small and rarely bigger than 16 by 20 inches.


 I work in a traditional realist style, and, like paintings done hundreds of years ago, mine are made with a complex layering process. The upper layers are thinned down enough to be translucent, allowing the under layers to show though, giving the painting luminosity and depth.


This past summer I began painting outdoors ("plein air”) with a group of friends. These painting sessions have provided a much-needed break from the isolation of the studio and have given me fresh challenges and new enthusiasm. Although some paintings are now started outdoors, they are still finished in the studio, using the same process as before. I now have several paintings, started onsite, to work on over the winter.
CazArts Website Artist page
By appointment at my home. email:
Cell phone 315 200 7953.
Artwork can be picked up, using masks and social distancing, at my home, or shipped.

 Cazenovia Artisans    
Cazenovia Artisans is an artist run cooperative storefront bursting at the seams with locally made original fine art & crafts, including paintings, furniture, ceramics, jewelry, and weaving, not to mention special holiday offerings.    


On a recent afternoon, I sat down and met (zoomed) with five of the artists.  It’s quite a lively bunch. Clearly, it’s a group of people who enjoy each other’s company and love their cooperative store.   As we talked about the changes and ways that they have adapted to keep the store viable and healthy during the pandemic, it brought up a lot of recollections, laughter and stories of their earlier times.

Summer 2019   

18 years ago, they started in a little storefront on Sullivan St.  which was later replaced by the building housing the Cazenovia College Bookstore and Print Shop.  According to Sue Ellen Romanowski, a wonderful fabric artist and one of the founding members, Cazenovia Artisans started with little knowledge about running a business, much less a cooperative business.  The artists worked hard, invented, adapted and learned as they went along.  To maintain quality and compatibility, an artist joining the co-op goes through a juried process, and then a 6 month and 1 year trial process. There are no paid staff, and any time you go into the store, the person behind the counter is one of the member artists.  Over the years there have had about one hundred member artists.
That ability to adapt and grow has been crucial to Cazenovia Artisans’ vitality.  Ten years ago, here in Cazenovia, there were four storefronts focusing on the arts, and one other cooperative gallery in Hamilton.  Aside from Cazenovia Artisans, all have shut down. In recent years, this has been a difficult trend.  One is hard pressed to find a functional storefront Art Gallery even in a city the size of Syracuse.   


We indeed are fortunate to have a store run by local artists, producing work reflecting local life and experiences.  Cazenovia Artisans is uniquely still here and vital. The 20 /East Store has more recently been a wonderful addition to Cazenovia, carrying locally grown/made foods and crafts. 
This year as the pandemic hit, and the store was closed for a couple weeks, the 21 members met.  They reaffirmed their commitment to the store and decided that they needed to create a beautiful new website that could function as their storefront during the pandemic.   
So here they are, Cazenovia Artisans.  You can visit the store during its open hours; you can book an individual appointment from their website to shop in the store at other times; you can shop easily online and they offer curb side pickup or shipping of purchased items.
Cazenovia Artisans - 39 Albany St
Hours: Mon – Sat 10 – 5 PM
Sunday 10 – 4 PM
Website:  Book private - shop by appointment
On line Shopping

         Mary Padgett

My primary medium is pastel, which I love for its intense color, versatility, and portability. This year I’ve been taking it outdoors and working en plein air in the landscape. It has been a delightful challenge to witness the landscape’s change over the seasons and adapt my palette accordingly. I’m also making mosaics; like my paintings they are all about color.  


CazArts Website Artist page
Cazenovia Artisans on line shop
Email me to arrange a private studio visit
Work can be shipped, contactless delivery/pick-up can be arranged


            Marilyn Fegan

I have been really loving the birds outside my studio and have been busy painting them on ornaments and a china cabinet. This fall I have done a lot of leaves and fish.  I think I can best be described as a painter who should have been a sculptor. I love three dimensional pieces and turning old furniture into new pieces of art.

I am usually in my studio at 1570 US Route 20 Cazenovia and I love having visitors. I ship things within a few days and have sent pieces of furniture all over. Customers can also pick items up at my studio or at Cazenovia Artisans.
I love my world.
CazArts Website Artist page
Cazenovia Artisans online store
Etsy Shop



Susan is a professional Metalsmith, Designer, Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Instructor. Susan has been an instructor at Syracuse University in their Metalsmithing and Jewelry program, at Cazenovia College’s Studio Art program, and enjoys teaching in her home studio in Cazenovia, NY.


I have been mystified by jewelry and body adornment for as long as I can remember. I collected antique jewelry as a young child and remember being in awe of the magical pieces in my mother's jewelry box. Occasional trips to an intriguing local antique shop opened the door to a love of creating one of a kind jewelry art.


My work is primarily fabricated in silver and/or gold. I
 often embellish my pieces with unusual gemstones, for their amazing beauty and
 color. The selection of materials and techniques for my work have a strong connection
to my adoration of natural forms.
CazArts Website Artist page
Cazenovia Artisans on line shop



    Linda Bigness

An internationally exhibited artist, an active member of Cazenovia Artisans, who maintains a gallery/studio in Syracuse, New York.  Bigness’ large-scale paintings are often selected and commissioned for corporate and residential clients, including the Turning Stone Resort; Merrill Lynch Corporation; Haylor, Freyer and Coon; and Bausch and Lomb. 


My Passion for Stones and Marks
I believe our bodies move with the currents of nature. For the artist this could mean the movement of the artist’s brush loaded with paint over the surface of a canvas. Interpretation can take the form of the mind mimicking etchings seen in the stones and rocks. A force placed those marks there. Our bodies are a force. The materials used by the artist can be the reveal that allows the viewer into the experience of the painting: the experience of the passion of marks.


Cazenovia Artisans on line store


         Barbara Decker

I’ve been weaving for over 45 years and have never tired of it. There’s always something new to learn. I use natural fibers—wool, cotton, silk, rayon (which is cellulose from trees, bamboo).


I have an MA in art history. My focus has always been color. Two years ago, at a show in Rochester NY, a woman came up to me wearing one of my jackets. She said, “Remember when I came to your studio 36 years ago?”


All of my garments are my own design. No commercial patterns. I weave the fabric with a garment in mind but sometimes it works and sometimes it wants to be something else. I have fabrics on my shelves that are waiting for the right design. It’s got to be a match.
Cazenovia Artisans on line store
Purchased work can be shipped, picked up at Cazenovia Artisans or at my studio


         Mary Gosden
The art of painting on porcelain is ancient, over two thousand years old! My goal is to bring this medium into a more prominent position in the present-day fine art world and continue to push the boundaries of the techniques and materials. This is an extremely versatile and permanent art medium, one that deserves to be continued with individual styles and tastes. The amazing versatility of the surface is extraordinary, and I love to teach people to use their creative energies to create one of a kind art on pieces that are not only fine art for hanging, but also utilitarian items.  


Cazenovia Artisans on line store
CazArts Website Artist page
ph: 516-508-2392



  Cazenovia Area Painters
                  Some of the C.A,P. gang

After a busy summer of outdoor painting in and around Cazenovia,
a show of 40 pieces of original art is up and ready for viewing at Common Grounds!
Stop in and enjoy through January! 
All the pieces have a tag with the Artist, email, and price. 
To purchase artwork, email the artists.
Do some great holiday shopping?

Facebook Cazenovia Area Painters



     Meg Harris 

As a retired environmental scientist, I have focused my passion for the natural world into the practice of watercolor en plein air. Active in the Cazenovia Watercolor Society, and initiating the Cazenovia Area Painters , I am happily busy with an active painting schedule, I’m not much of a solo painter, I like being in groups. 

CazArts Website Artists Page
Facebook page



           Patty Mabie Rich

Since retiring in 2018, I spend my time painting outdoors, and traveling to paint in California, Florida, Maine and points in between.


Although travel plans were nixed this year, I joined the Cazenovia Area Painters and the Mountain Air Painters in Old Forge, making new friends and finding inspiration in both familiar and new places.


I can deliver locally or ship within the U.S as required


Down load free poster or individual cards:

The original prints of "Frosty Has An Idea!"
created by the CazArts Board Vice President, William "Buzz" Padgett
for the 2020 Holiday season.
You can download these posters for free!!

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