Goods News November 2019 • The last month we've doubled our design team, given public talks (including north of the Arctic Circle) and launched our biggest project to date. Let's get into it.

➊ 100 products in 400 stores

Our recent brand creation project with Norway's largest pharmacy chain Apotek1, is now out in stores.

See the full case study at Behance

Lumi's unboxing things

Ever wonder how it is to receive those (often American only) Direct-to-Consumer packages and how they solve the challenging unboxing experience in e-Commerce? Lumi has you covered.

The full Unboxing Things playlist on Youtube

➌ "Show us your numbers, food industry"

Recently Oatly turned their "Show us your numbers" campaign into a petition, where they asked the German Government to make CO2 climate footprint labels a law. They received 57,000 signatures. Shows how effective it is to have a purpose customers can get behind, cow milk or not.

Vegconomist has the story

Nordic customers are craving recycling info

A recent Ipsos study (The Sustainable Life Barometer, commissioned by Orkla) shows Nordic consumers are ranking the importance of recycling info higher than that of nutritional info (!), product provenance and country of production.

See the full Ipsos report in English [PDF]

➎ …but design can help

That's why we’re so happy to be working with Avfall Norge, Loop and an industry-wide Norwegian partnership on a National recyling pictogram system. The symbols will be to be used on everything from packaging, public spaces and in both home and industrial recycling facilities.

Join the breakfast meeting event where we'll be giving a sneak peek

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