Goods News October 2019 • As fall leaves fill the Oslo ground we have been busy working on exciting projects, and of course gathering stories about sustainable packaging for your perusal. Here's our top five this month.

➊ Is "sustainability for press" a rising problem?

The Dieline's Andrew Gibbs points out that while Coca-Cola has introduced a demo of a bottle made by recycled ocean plastics, the company is at the same time found to be the most prolific polluter in 40 of 42 countries in a study by Break Free From Plastic and this initiative might be a smokescreen for a bigger problem.

Read full story at The Dieline

➋ Carlsberg shows off new paper bottle prototype

Following the Carlsberg plastic ring replacement design (which seems to quietly have disappeared from Norwegian supermarket shelves), Carlsberg shows off a new prototype, this time for their bottle design.

The Drinks Business has the scoop

➌ Does every brand really need to save the world?

Probably not. In a category filled with wholesome, keto-friendly, low-sugar alternatives, Magic Spoon Cereal ticks all those boxes, but is also filled with feelgood kids illustrations for its grown-up target audience. Made us smile.

FastCo has written about Magic Spoon's ‘sell-out’

➍ Garçon Wines reinvents the wine bottle

A recyclable, flat wine bottle that's mailable? Count us in.

News story at

➎ Our cheat sheet for sustainable packaging

After a year of work behind the scenes on finding new ways of packaging goods, we have shared our 8 best tips on how to be earth-friendly while designing delightful brand packages.

[Norwegian] article at

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