Goods News September 2019 • Only three months in and we’re blown away by the support we’ve got so far. Thanks so much for your interest and for subscribing to our newsletter. Let's get into the latest scoop on sustainable packaging and branding.

➊ Nike releases Circular Design Guide

Our planet's resources are scarce, and the way to combat that is to give all materials more lifecycles. Nike understands that just as well as they do marketing, and therefore have created a Circular Design guide that is actually resourceful.

See the Circular Design Guide

➋ A pop-up restaurant built from recycled food packaging

Speaking of circularity, the Zero Waste Bistro created for the NYCxDesign festival uses recycled milk cartons as wall panels and serves food that would typically be discarded.

Read more at Dezeen

Compostable materials aren't the solution (yet)

Working with environmentally conscious packaging, we have been looking into biodegradable and compostable materials. The reality is that those materials has to be industrially composted at 70°C in over 5 weeks to dissolve, and rarely does. The solution, for now? Replacing virgin plastic with recycled plastic and encouraging new recycling.

Read more at The Telegraph

➍ ‘Your organic cotton tote isn't the best replacement for a plastic bag’

A governmental study by the Danish Ministry of Environment states that an organic cotton tote has to be used around 20,000 times over to have the same climate change impact as a classic plastic bag. Our polyester Goods swag bags? 35.

Quartz' story on the report

➎ Our talk at Grafill/The Climate Roar

At August 30, we hosted a talk to speak about how we work with sustainable packaging design. Thanks to Grafill, everyone who attended, and those who livestreamed it.

Stream the recording of the talk here [in Norwegian]

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