Goods News December 2019 • Just in time for your Christmas reading, here's our five best aesthetics+ethics news this month. See you in 2020!

➊ A better source for inspiration

As they put it themselves: A Better Source is a directory of environmentally conscious resources for planet-loving designers & businesses. Our team has spent many hours on this fantastic resource this month. Thanks for making it, Citron Studio!

Browse the directory

Ever thought about what printing ink is made of?

Turns out the chemicals in traditional ink processes aren't free from chemicals. For Patagonia's City Guide for Boulder, Cast Iron Design collaborated with Living Ink to print the booklet with algae ink only. Never has black offset printing looked better while having such a small footprint.

FastCo has the story

Fashion's sustainability challenge

We agree with our friends at Asket. It’s not about not having footprints, but doing what we can to minimise them across industries and categories.

Read Asket's medium article

➍ Big tech minimising its footprints

Working with technology packaging and branding has learned us at Goods that it's hard to challenging, but not impossible, to remove plastics from the material equation. In addition to focusing on making long-lasting speakers, Sonos has shared how they work with physical packaging.

How Sonos is optimizing its impact on the world

➎ Two new Goods designers!

We’re expanding! Please welcome graphic designer Synne and product designer Kasper to the Goods team. We can't wait to show you some of the stuff we have been working on in 2020!

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