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➊ Lush creates ‘world's first carbon positive’ packaging

Lush has unveiled their new packaging made out of cork: ‘It's actually a remarkable material – anti-bacterial, fire-retardant, water-resistant, flexible, strong, easy to work; and at the end of its life, it can be composted.’

Read full article at The Telegraph

➋ Could just-add-water products save us?

Companies like Blueland and By Humankind are finding new ways of sending products your home, all without shipping any water.

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Struggling to keep track of those new consumer brands?

CPGD.XYZ is a directory of DNVB's (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) loosely categorised as CPG's (Consumer Packaged Goods). Or what a normal person might describe as, startups that sell stuff online.

See the index here

➍ Retailers double down on sustainability promises

UNIQLO has announced that it will aim to cut down the usage of single-use plastic bags by 85% by 2020. This follows Zara's promise of making 100% of their fabrics sustainable by 2025. We hope Uniqlo's bags will be recyclable, too.

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➎ Goods to speak at Grafill/Klimabrølet August 31 in Oslo

August 30, a few days before election day in Norway, is the day of Klimabrølet. For one day, everyone who can and wants, joins to highlight the importance to our politicians how important it is to reach UN's goal of limiting global warming to 1,5 degrees. We'll mark the day and initiative by giving a talk at Grafill on how we see the future of sustainable packaging design.

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