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Dear Lumen members and friends,
What was the most important event of last year for you? Was it a momentous personal experience or a defining business opportunity where a lot was at stake? How did you prepare for it? I bet the more important the event, the more extensive your preparation.
I know a Lumen member who had a daughter get married and he and his wife spent months and months investing time, conversations, and money in preparing so that that moment would be as powerful and meaningful as possible for their family. If something is important we prepare to make it memorable!
The Church knows this and that is why we spend Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, getting ready for the most important event in human history – the coming of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

God was preparing the world for centuries and thus, Jesus’ birth was a real turning point in history when it finally came.  The light that came into the world helped everyone see human life and history in a whole new way. God was here! God is interested! God wants to be a part of us and wants us to be a part of him.
This Advent can be that turning point for us as well! Let’s get ready like we never have before!
The recipe of preparation is a proven one -  prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Talk to your lumen chaplain about each of these and how you can prepare to make this Christmas a turning point in your life.
In Christ,
Fr Mark Haydu, LC
Lumen Summit 2019 - Keynote with Dr. Jorge Valdes
Dr. Jorge Valdes was one of our keynote speakers at the Lumen Summit.  His talk was riveting, powerful and unforgettable.  He tells his life story from a cocaine drug lord to turning his life over to God.  If you have not heard his talk as yet, we encourage you to take some time and listen to it.  
Click the image below to start the video.
We would love to have your pictures and a couple of paragraphs to show what all of our Chapters and members are involved with on their own or as a group.  It would be wonderful to witness the Lumen Action plan at work
 November 22nd
Lumen Member Pierre Ferragu, his wife Aude, family and friends serve the homeless each month in a Mission called the Jesus Run. The homeless receive sandwiches and warm clothes including coats, sweaters, sweatpants, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, boots and blankets. 

If you would like to support this monthly mission please email or
The recent Houston Speaker Series luncheon featured Steve Auth discussing his book, The Missionary of Wall Street as well as other reflections.  By all accounts it was a successful and impactful discussion and Steve is more than willing to participate in other Lumen chapter speaker events in 2020.

 Submitted by Steve Auth's Lumen Circle.

1. When LOVE is the motivation for our acts, we cannot go wrong.  Good deeds are certainly better than bad ones, but even they sometimes go awry.  When our motivation is vanity, impressing others, or getting something in return, others can someimes feel that, and God will always know that.   But when we act out of pure, unselfish love, we cannot go wrong.  Love never fails. 
2.  LOVE is not relative.  "Love does not rejoice over wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth."  Good deeds are not what we define them to be, but what the Absolute Good, God, defines them to be.   He gives us all a conscience so if we follow it carefully we'll normally get to the Good.  But this is a harder path, drought with risks. Sometimes in our weakness or desire to be accepted by the prevailing culture,  we fail.  So while it is possible to be good without God, it is easier to get there with Him.  He shows us the way.
3.  LOVE perseveres.  Loving others, especially loving those closest to us, requires patience and perseverance.   A loving relationship is not always perfect;  there are ups and downs, good times and bad times, sickness and health.   LOVE perseveres in the hard times, it doesn't give up.  Giving of yourself unselfishly,  when times are tough and your tank is empty, is the purest form of love.  It is the love of Christ for us as he hung on the cross.
Resolution:  We will try to "recreate" this evening of LOVE over Thanksgiving with our families, going around the table and asking them to highlight an act of Love they received from a member of the family.  (Maybe we can assign each person a member so all are covered.)
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