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The JHU - UPF Public Policy Center Newsletter
The JHU-UPF Public Policy Center would like to wish all of the readers a wonderful festive period and Happy New Year!

Autumn 2019
This newsletter provides an overview of the activities, courses, and research developments that have been recently occurring in the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center.

16th Annual Hopkins Fall Institute
5th-27th November 2019


This November, the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center celebrated the 16th annual Hopkins Fall Institute of Health Policy and Management at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. The Hopkins Fall Institute in Health Policy and Management is delivered by The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The Hopkins Fall Institute offers a variety of intensive graduate-level courses in health policy and management, aimed at graduate students and professionals already working in the field who would like to develop their expertise through high-level courses and workshops.

The leadership and staff of the Center are delighted to announce that the 2019 edition was a great success, and saw one of the highest numbers of student registrations in the history of the Hopkins Fall Institute, with over 300 registrations. Students attended from a multitude of countries from five continents, making the courses a diverse and enriching experience for both students and faculty.

The 2019 Fall Institute offered 15 courses and 2 workshops. The courses covered areas such as: climate change and health policy; epidemiology; statistics, surveys and spatial analysis; social determinants of health and health inequalities; and health leadership and communication. The workshops were delivered on the topics of Vaccine Hesitancy and Resistance, and Planning for Climate Change in Barcelona.

The Fall Institute is preceded each year by a one-day Orientation and Reception for new students of the Johns Hopkins part-time Masters in Public Health. The Center was once again delighted to welcome the new students of this course and facilitate their induction onto the course, after which these students took part in some of the Fall Institute course offerings.

Inaugural Lecture of the 2019-2020 Edition of the Masters in Public and Social Policies (MUPPS) given by Professor Branko Milanovic

On October 21, Professor Branko Milanovic gave the inaugural lecture of the Master's degree in Public and Social Policies (MUPPS) for the academic year 2019-2020. Professor Branko Milanovic, from the City University of New York (CUNY), is a leading international expert on income inequalities within and among countries.

The lecture was entitled Changes in the Global Distribution of Income and its Political Consequences.

The Master's degree in Public and Social Policies is given by the UPF, in collaboration with faculty from the Johns Hopkins University.

Faculty member participated in a roundtable and workshop in Chile: Professor Visnja Vukov

Dr. Visnja Vukov participated in a roundtable on the global political economy, organized by the Universidad Pontificia Catolica de Chile. The roundtable marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of 'Dependency and Development in Latin America', by F. H. Cardoso and E. Faletto. Taking place amidst great social upheaval in Santiago de Chile, the discussion addressed some of the main challenges of  Latin American economic models, contrasting them with other cases. More information about the event can be found here:

Dr. Vukov also took part in the international workshop Reflecting on Contemporary Global Capitalism: 50 Years after Cardoso and Faletto's 'Dependency and Development', co-organized by the Universidad Catolica and Universidad Mayor de Chile. The workshop discussed contemporary features of the global political economy through the insights of Cardoso and Faletto's classic. Dr. Vukov presented a paper on dependency, development and economic diversity in Europe's peripheries.

Faculty member participated in UPF conference about the Energy Transition: Professor Christos Zografos

On the 15th November 2019, the UPF hosted a day-long conference entitled "Is the energy transition a social transition? 40 years of historical experience facing the energy challenge." Professor Christos Zografos, a researcher at the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center, participated in this conference, presenting in a discussion entitled "wind farms and political ecology".

The event was held in the Ciutadella Campus of the UPF, and was organised by Mar Rubio (UPNV) and Albert Preses i Puig (UPF). The program (in Catalan) can be found here.

Faculty members presented an open seminar on the Socio-Ecological Crisis: Professors Joan Benach and Christos Zografos

On Wednesday 9th October, two faculty members from the Center presented a seminar entitled "The Socio-Ecological Crisis and Green New Deal". The speakers were Dr. Joan Benach, Director of the Research Group in Health Inequalities-Employment Conditions Network (GREDS-EMCONET) and Co-Director of the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center, and Dr. Christos Zografos, Ramón y Cajal senior researcher, and member of the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center and GREDS.

The seminar was an engaging and informative session on one of the most important topics of our time, led by experts in the field of the social and environmental crises that we are facing.


Masters of Public and Social Policies Ranks Best in the country for this subject

The Master of Public and Social Policies, which is directed and taught by the UPF in collaboration with the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University, has been ranked one of the three best Masters programs in Spain in the area of "Public Administration and Management", and the best in the specific area of Public and Social Policies, according to the Eduniversal Best Masters 2019.

Scholarships to be awarded for JHU-UPF Public Policy Center students to participate in U.S. conferences as Hopkins students

The Johns Hopkins University will now be awarding scholarships to students of the UPF, who are involved in the activities of the JHU-UPF Public Policy Center, to visit the United States and participate in conferences as though they were Hopkins students. The scholarships will cover the travel costs for a return trip from Europe to the United States and living expenses for during their stay.

International Journal of Health Services celebrates its 50th anniversary

The International Journal of Health Services (IJHS), which is based at the Center, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020. The IJHS is a peer-reviewed journal that delivers articles on health and social policy, political economy and sociology, history and philosophy, ethics and law in the areas of health and well-being. The IJHS provides analysis of developments in the health and social sectors of every area of the world, including relevant scholarly articles, position papers, and stimulating debates about the most controversial issues of the day. The journal is of interest to health professionals and social scientists interested in the many different facets of health, quality of life, and wellbeing of populations.

The 50th anniversary celebratory note from the journal's Senior Editor will be published in the January 2020 edition of the journal, and can also be read online here.

Faculty member's study on EU integration creates wide debate

The recent publication of a study by Professor Javier Arregui on the subject of EU integration has created wide debate. The study is entitled "Winners and losers in the Integration Process: Rethinking the Union from a Perspective of European Citizenship" and assesses the impact of EU integration on the income inequalities within its member states.

Hopkins Fall Institute

The Hopkins Fall Institute in Health Policy and Management is delivered by The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The Institute offers a variety of intensive graduate-level courses in health policy and management, aimed at graduate students and professionals already working in the field who would like to develop their expertise through high-level courses and workshops.

Each year, the Fall Institute attracts health professionals and graduate students from all over the world, enabling them to access courses delivered by experts at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Students are invited to gain a solid knowledge of policies and management approaches within the field of public health, along with new explorations and innovations in the field. Courses are intensive and last 2-4 days, allowing professionals to access graduate-level education without taking extended periods of time out from their work.

The 2019 Fall Institute ran from November 4th-November 29th, 2019. The course offerings for 2019 can be found here. Information about the 2020 Fall Institute will be available in Spring 2020.

Masters Program in Public and Social Policy (MUPPS)

This October saw the inauguration of the ninth official edition of the Masters in Public and Social Policy, delivered by the UPF in collaboration with faculty from the Johns Hopkins University. As mentioned above, the inaugural lecture was given by Professor Branko Milanovic. The courses delivered in the masters program so far have been:

October: "Educational Policies", taught by professors Francesc Pedró (director of the International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean - IESALC - of UNESCO and Xavier Bonal (professor of sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Special Professor of Education and International Development at the University of Amsterdam).

November: "Public Administration Management", taught by professors Carles Ramió (professor of Political Sciences at the UPF and ex-director of the Public Administration School of Catalonia), Núria Bosch (professor of Public Finance at the University of Barcelona), Daniel Montolio (doctor and master in Economy at the Univerity of York), and Ricard Gomà (professor of Political Sciences at the University of Barcelona and ex-deputy mayor of Social Action and Citizenship in the Barcelona Council).

"Climate & Health News" Newsletter

Every month, the Center sends out a newsletter on scientific research and news developments in Climate & Health. Click the following links for the October and November newsletters.


The Center is pleased to announce recent publications from its researchers:

Andreucci, D. (2019) Populism, Emancipation, and Environmental Governance: Insights from Bolivia, Annals of the American Association of Geographers,109:2, 624-633.
(This paper was also given an award from the UPF Department of Political and Social Sciences, as part of a programme called "Ajust/Premis a la Recerca 2018".)

Andreucci, D. and Engel-Di Mauro, S. (2019) Capitalism, Socialism and the Challenge of Degrowth: Introduction to the SymposiumCapitalism Nature Socialism, 30:2, 176-188. 

Foramitti, J., Tsagkari, M. and Zografos. C. (2019), Why degrowth is the only responsible way forward. Open Democracy, published 19 September 2019.

González-Hidalgo, M., & Zografos, C. (2019). Emotions, power, and environmental conflict: Expanding the ‘emotional turn’ in political ecology. Progress in Human Geography. 

Navarro, V. (2019). Why the White Working-class Mortality and Morbidity Is Increasing in the United States: The Importance of the Political Context. International Journal of Health Services, 49(2), 197–203.

Peralta A, Benach J, Borrell C, Espinel V, Cash-Gibson L, Queiroz BL, Marí-Dell’Olmo M. (2019) Evaluation of the Mortality Registry in Ecuador (2001-2013) - Social and Geographical Inequalities in Completeness and Quality. Population Health Metrics.

Peralta-Chiriboga A, Espinel-Flores V, Gotsens M, Pèrez G, Benach J, Marí-Dell’Olmo M. Developing a deprivation index to study geographical health inequalities in Ecuador. Rev Saùde Pùblica (accepted).

Scott E, Kallis G, Zografos C (2019) Why environmentalists eat meat. PLoS ONE 14(7): e0219607.

Turhan, E., Kallis, G., Zografos, C. (2019). Power asymmetries, migrant agricultural labor and adaptation governance in Turkey: A political ecology of double exposures. In: La Jeunesse, I., Larrue, C. Facing hydrometeorological extremes: a governance issue. Wiley. ISBN: 978-1-119-38355-0

Vandeventer, J., Cattaneo, C. Zografos, C. (2019). A degrowth transition: Pathways for the degrowth niche to replace the capitalist-growth regime. Ecological Economics.

Vukov, Visnja  (2019) More Catholic than the Pope? Europeanisation, industrial policy and transnationalised capitalism in Eastern Europe, Journal of European Public Policy

Vukov, Visnja  (2019) European integration and weak states: Romania’s road to exclusionary development, Review of International Political Economy

Zografos, C. (2019). Direct Democracy. In: Kothari, A., Salleh, A., Escobar, A., Demaria, F. (eds.). Pluriverse: A Post-development Dictionary. Routledge.  

Zografos, C. (2019) “Expropriate Zuckerberg!”. Yes, but how? Comment on Dörre, K. ‘Democracy, not Capitalism – or: Expropriate Zuckerberg!’. In: Ketterer, H., Becker, K. (eds.) Was stimmt nicht mit der Demokratie? Eine Debatte mit Klaus Dörre, Nancy Fraser, Stephan Lessenich und Hartmut Rosa [What’s Wrong With Democracy? A conversation between Nancy Fraser, Klaus Dörre, Stephan Lessenich and Hartmut Rosa]. Suhrkamp.

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