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Thursday 2/10/2022
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Hi there,

We’re covering three new brand launches this week: Margin, a skincare brand from Canada, Carb, a sportswear brand for men, and Ries, a reusable travel-size toiletry line. We’re hearing about a lot of brands postponing and even canceling launches due to supply-chain issues – so in these times, I want to wish them extra happy launch weeks!

And on the topic of tough experiences: this week Sarah spoke with some brands that didn’t make it and had to close up shop. Given that startup press love to tell stories of founders making it big, the reality is that building a brand is really, really hard, and many won't make it. I hope you find value in this alternative perspective.

And then finally, NEW Thingtesting merch alert: We have new gorgeous Thingtesting bags. The only way to get one is (as always) by writing reviews. Whoever writes the most reviews by Sunday night wins one! Go ahead.

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This week: New brands spotted

Lollipops, sportswear and spectacles. Here are 10 brands spotted this week.

Ries. Reusable toiletry containers for traveling. [Launched this week]

Margin. Ingredient-rich skincare. [Launched this week]

Carb. Sportswear for men. [Launched this week] 

Armra. Superfood supplements. 

Tejesta. Limited-edition spectacles. 

Disco Inferno. A spicy cocktail additive. 

Spilled Milk. Nostalgic clothing and accessories. 

El Vino. Wines and pairing accessories.

Tazzy Candy. Low-calorie, zero-sugar lollipops.

Power Up Foods. Caffeinated snacks. 

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What happens when a direct-to-consumer brand doesn't make it?

Including 15 brands that closed down. 

There's plenty of coverage of brands that find their stride and take off, but what about when they don't work out?

Founders of direct-to-consumer brands that shuttered shared their experiences with Thingtesting. 

Read more.

These are the 11 U.K. direct-to-consumer brands to have on your radar

Including 11 U.K.-based brands to pay attention to. 

U.S. direct-to-consumer brands get plenty of attention, but the U.K. has a thriving ecosystem of internet-born consumer brands of its own. 

Industry experts and insiders told Thingtesting 11 emerging U.K.-based brands to watch. 

Read more.

Spotted by: Chris Black

Meet Chris Black, this week's community spotter. 
Chris is the founder of Done To Death Projects

What are some brands you’ve recently spotted? 
Kollo. The best bottled tea packaging I have seen. It comes in three flavors: green, oolong, and black.

Saint Rita’s Parlor. The signature incense cones are the best in the business. I burn them religiously all summer long.

Orris. Interesting soaps from France in beautiful packaging. 

Pacific Tote Company. These tote bags were created by Roman Coppola and The Directors Bureau: Special Projects and come in really fun colors and shapes. 

Read our chat with Chris here

This week in tabs

Are premixed cocktails the next hard seltzers? Why one brand faced backlash for its NFT announcement. Is this the secret to success on TikTok? What brands can gain from negative reviews. Meet the brands giving cremation the direct-to-consumer treatment. Why shoppers are still hoarding products. How "taboo" brands market their products. This tennis champion will star in Tonal’s Super Bowl ad.

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