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January 9, 2020
Happy New Year Traders!  It's 2020, the start of another beautiful year of trading and discovery. 

We closed out the year by focusing on the foundational principles of Continued Behavior and Change in Behavior, specifically as they relate to V structures, Presses, and Pressure Cookers. We then used pressure cookers to create a trading system as a way to illustrate how simplifying our approach to reading markets relaxes our trading experience. This relax opens a space for greater clarity and breadth of sight.  Then, since an often-overlooked aspect of the trader's experience is in fact, the trader's experience, we also put our attention on several exercises that help shift our awareness inward. In one such exercise, we narrowed our focus to one instrument and one type of trade, creating the space in which to observe and register our own craziness. Just this alone, seeing your craziness, is a powerful trading tool.  

Member submitted dispatches on the joys and tribulations of trading

Frustration is a well-known entity to any trader. Not getting filled, just getting stopped, missing the train; these are all circumstances that bring out frustration. But then there are the habits that also bring about frustration: not adhering to stops, trying to pick tops/bottoms, or getting elicited into going the wrong way. Frustration is not getting what we want, and what we want are the results. However, as a trader what will make me successful is not a single good trade or a good week, but rather a constellation of good habits working together to ensure consistent results over the long-term. Therefore, a shift from results to process is required. To start on this path requires a commitment to ourselves that we want something more than a good trade to tell our friends. It requires us wanting a deeper understanding of trading: to master it. To let go of the want for immediate results, we can instead celebrate the progress we make in adhering to our trading process. For me, it can be hard to pry my attention from the wins and losses. But when I do, I gain so much insight that aids in my process. When I focus on how I am approaching the markets, I can create more awareness of tendencies and habits that feed into the results. This all comes from shifting my focus. Therefore, frustration over results can be a powerful reminder to come back to the process, and that’s when I make the most progress.
—Nate Sheth, Language of Markets Member

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Following Live
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January 2020

In Following Live, we will feature a futures and currency market every month to follow and then review at the end of the month. This is where we take theory and ground it in practice. This month we're reviewing December's Gold and USD/CAD and will map fresh, the EUR/USD and Emini S&P Futures.

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