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December 2019
We spent the month deconstructing and isolating market structure as a way to make distinctions that can be observed and that show where effort is made and where effort is reversed. We talked about how market effort expands in price action, from minor to major swings, and learned to see that in bars, swings and gaps. On the subject of trade practice, we introduced a one-line practice that is designed to teach the trader to learn from price by making observations about how price interacts with that one line. We also reviewed the basic foundations of market structure that create swing cycles, and in observing the process of price discovery, finding the various ways to trade its elements.

Member submitted dispatches on the joys and tribulations of trading

We spend so much of our time looking for answers that we lose touch with the power of simply asking questions. This is why at Language of Markets we are continuously prompted to look and ask. Last month, we put our attention on the question of patience, something we might reach for as a counterpoint to the restlessness we often find ourselves in while trading and which might express itself as forced trades, consistent losses, and indecisiveness. These are all reactions based in fear that seed yet more frustration and that are squarely met with regret. We might think patience means simply waiting. But wait for what exactly? In my experience, I often find myself waiting for price to do what I want it to do. This isn’t patience. It’s conflict. It's waiting that is steeped in resistance and willfulness and which keeps me at arm's length from clarity. The wider meaning of patience, the meaning that is more relevant to me and my journey towards mastery, is to abide and to allow, to accept without objection that restlessness and wait for my mind to settle down. When I do this, I align with the natural order of things. I then work with minimal effort and my resistance is transformed, ending the conflict. I have entered the still point of clarity, and this is reflected in my trading. 
—Grace Ayres, Language of Markets Member

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Following Live
Theory Into Practice
December 2019

In Following Live, we will feature a futures and currency market every month, to follow and then review at the end of the month. This is where we take theory and ground it in practice. This month we're reviewing last month's CL and AUD/USD, and map fresh the USD/CAD and Gold Futures.

Oil Rhythms 

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