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October is rife with creativity! And I’m not just talking about pumpkin crafts and costumes. This month features Paris Art Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, Adobe MAX Conference, TypeCon, and more.

From our environment, communication, transportation, clothing, food, health, self-care, media, and much, much more, design encompasses everything around us, ranging from micro to macro and from the practical to the fantastic.

This month’s newsletter is an homage to design.

What is Design?

Since design covers a wide range of topics, here’s my own definition for what it is in broad strokes: Design is the thoughtful process of creating a specific outcome with the goal of usability and accessibility.

The official Merriam-Webster definition of design is the following: to plan and make decisions about something that is being built or created : to create the plans, drawings, etc., that show how (something) will be made.

(I mean, that’s basically what I said, right?!)

Designer Alex Trochut has said, “Design is an act of empathy.”

YES. While art is for the expression of self, design is for the function of another.

What does design mean to you?

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My Business Roots

Entrepreneurship is in my blood. My maternal grandparents owned and operated a tailor shop in Manila, Philippines, and my paternal grandparents owned and operated a seafood distribution company in Bacolod, Cebu and Dumaguete, Philippines.

With both me and my brother running our own respective businesses, I feel proud to live under the entrepreneurial legacy of our grandparents, especially since our parents made the leap to immigrate to the U.S. in hopes of establishing new roots.

As I approach my 13th year in business, I’m excited to continue my work of shaking up new brand identities with style and authenticity.

Left: My maternal grandparents, Eulalia and Sinforoso. Right: My paternal grandparents, Aurora and Amado.

AAPISTRONG Proudly Unstoppable Fund

Last month, I applied for the National ACE’s AAPISTRONG Proudly Unstoppable Fund in hopes of obtaining grant money to help launch the first female-Filipino-American-owned font foundry in the U.S.

Although I wasn't awarded this grant, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to apply. I am also heartened knowing that there are so many in the AAPI community who are deserving of this grant. I thank the National ACE for the opportunity that they have given all of us!

You can watch my video submission below:

I’m striving to improve my hydration habits, so after a Covid-safe trip to the spa where they served infused water, I wanted to keep the calm, hydrated vibes going at home.

What I love about making freshly infused water is that you can get really creative with ingredients and flavors. The sky’s the limit! (Or, in this case, the water.) Also, it’s super-duper easy, so it’s tough to mess up. Since it’s officially Fall, I picked out quintessential ingredients of the season for your infusing pleasure. (For the pumpkin-averse, don’t worry. There’s no pumpkin here!)

Since October 16 was National Liqueur Day, feel free to add in a splash of orange liqueur for an adult bevy treat.

How to make Autumn-Infused Water


  1. Distribute and place fruit slices and cinnamon sticks into 4 mason jars or 1 pitcher.

  2. Refrigerate and let sit for at least 2 hours. (To maximize infusion, I let it sit overnight.)

  3. If you’re using mason jars, you can drink right from each jar. If you’re using a pitcher, be sure to strain the ingredients as you pour, and then you can garnish your water with as many fruit slices as you wish.

  4. Enjoy! Cheers! Mabuhay!

Bonus Tip: When you’re done with the fruit slices, you can use them in oatmeal, or bake them with oats, flour, butter, and brown sugar for a Fall-time treat!

Need more recipes? Check out last month’s Chai Hazelnut Coffee!

Stay hydrated! Cheers!


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