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Budget Override Vote

We want to thank voters for their participation in the recent election. The outcome is certainly not what the district hoped. The override funding has been in place since 1983. Therefore, the result of the override election will require difficult decisions on how to operate with less funding. Programs and services that have been considered essential will all need to be reviewed. The district will take a collaborative approach to decide how to move forward in order to best support our children, teachers and staff, and to achieve our mission in educating children, which is our number one priority. Part of that collaboration is a Parent Advisory Budget Meeting. Please join us on December 15 at 5:30 p.m. If you are interested in participating, please email:

COVID-19 Vaccine Approved for Younger Children

The CDC just approved Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. This broadens the availability to many more students in the Liberty Elementary School District. However, as a reminder, the district has no COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The choice remains with families whether or not to get their children vaccinated. More information from the CDC can be found HERE.

A Love for Education

Nichole Paduano is the focus of this month's teacher spotlight

If you step inside Nichole Paduano's 8th grade classroom at Westar Elementary, you'll be surrounded by numbers and a love for math. However, she didn't always have that passion for math. 

“When I was in middle school, I started to struggle with math and struggled all the way through high school. It was just challenging. So when I started teaching and discovering the why behind the math, like why it works, why we do the rules and the patterns and the algorithms, it made so much more sense,” said Mrs. Paduano.

She says she loves when kids “get it” and suddenly start to make progress or growth. To her, that’s one of the most rewarding parts of teaching. She also believes all kids can “get” math.

“I constantly tell them, there's no such thing as a math person. Students will say things like my parents weren't good at math, but there's no math gene. All students are capable of learning math at any level,” said Mrs. Paduano. 

Learning is something she still pushes herself to do in order to be a better teacher. “I'm always learning new strategies for teaching math because I want my students to really understand it and understand why. So I'm always reading and learning, attending training to help better myself as a teacher,” said Mrs. Paduano. 

The combination of her passion for learning and teaching is adding up to results for her students. Last school year, Mrs. Paduano received the highest passing rate in the district among all grades for AZ Merit math scores. 

Keep in mind, much of last year included virtual learning. "I tried really hard last year to find ways that the students could still be actively engaged with what they were doing," said Mrs. Paduano.

Her goal at the end of the day is for all kids to be successful. She wants them to enjoy math and understand it, because it will last well beyond their time in the classroom. 

“The problem solving skills that you apply in class you will use every single day of your life, like the thinking and the working through and the persevering is something you will always use.”

It’s also safe to say, Mrs. Paduano’s teaching is something her students will always remember. 

You can see a teacher spotlight video of Mrs. Paduano HERE.

LESD Seeks Guest Teachers

Looking to change the world, or at least make an important impact on the lives of students? The Liberty Elementary School District (LESD) has just the opportunity for you.

LESD is currently seeking guest teachers for all of its schools. Daily guest teachers have a flexible schedule.

Those with a Bachelor's degree or higher qualify for a regular substitute certificate (good for six years), while
applicants with a high school diploma qualify for an Emergency Substitute Certificate (renewed annually). A fingerprint clearance card is required.

As a guest teacher, you have a unique opportunity to serve the community, ensuring daily student learning continues, even in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. Your service is valued and we seek to honor days and locations that fit your preference.
Daily rate for guest teachers:
  • Standard Daily Rate       Days 1-15 = $110/day
  • Standard Daily Rate >15 days = $125/day
  • Long-term Daily Rate (10 consecutive days) = $150/day
  • Long-term Daily Rate (duration of the year) = $160/day + benefits eligible after 60 days + support staff leave plan (1 day of leave per month)
  • Certified Long-term Daily Rate = $175/day
  • Permanent Guest Teacher = $150/day + benefits
For more information, contact our Human Resources department at (623) 474-6600
Visit our Website

District Serving Family Thankgiving Meals

We are happy to announce that Thanksgiving meals for the whole family are back this year at each of Liberty Elementary School District's seven schools. The meal is free for students and $4.58 for visitors. Each school has RSVP forms that are due back at your school's office by Monday, November 15. Dates for each school's meal day are below.

Thursday 11/18:
  • Freedom Elementary
  • Liberty Elementary
  • Rainbow Elementary
Friday 11/19:
  • Blue Horizons Elementary
  • Estrella Elementary
  • Las Brisas Academy
  • Westar Elementary

Free & Reduced Lunch Applications

Certain key positions within the District are at risk if more families don't fill out the application. Counselors, reading interventionists and reading paraprofessionals are funded based on the completion of these applications.

Spirit Week Highlights

All seven of Liberty's schools spent the last few days of October celebrating 'Spirit Week.' From dressing up as book characters to a Dia de los Muertos performance, it was a week filled with fun and learning!

English Language Learner Support at Home

All parents can be helpful in their children’s literacy development, regardless of their language, education, or literacy level.

Here are tips and activities to help develop children’s oral language skills and support their literacy efforts.


» Tell stories! Oral storytelling is often more of a natural activity than reading a bedtime story together. By telling stories, parents are developing their children’s vocabulary and oral language skills. Parents can also encourage children to add to stories or make up their own. 


» “Read” wordless picture books. Wordless picture books tell stories through pictures. This can be a fun way for parents and children to sit down together with books and talk about stories. Children can learn how stories progress, make predictions, and develop a love for books. 


» Say rhymes and sing songs. Rhymes, songs, and chants help develop oral language skills such as intonation and word stress. 

» Make frequent trips to the public library. Taking children to the library once a week and letting them choose their own books is a great way to encourage young readers. 

» Engage in meaningful conversation. For oral language development, it is important that parents engage their children in meaningful conversation. Whether at the dinner table or at the grocery store, parents can ask children questions that require more than a simple yes or no answer. 


» Watch closed-captioned TV. By turning on the closed-captioned feature on their TV sets, children can read the words that the characters are speaking on the screen. This could also be a way for parents to practice their English.

» Read books with or to your children in your home language. 

» Read bilingual books. Bilingual books are a great way for ELL students and parents to enjoy books and learning together. 


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