October 19 Newsletter

The Feast of the Tabernacles "Sukkot"

On Tuesday, 8 October we honoured the biblical Day of Atonement "Yom Kippur" in obedience, respect, remembrance and even penance as we felt led to do. According to Leviticus 17:11 and Hebrews 9:22,  the only way to know your sins are atoned for is through the "shedding of blood". Leviticus paints a graphic picture of the 'Lamb' that takes away the sins of the whole world. Yet the greatest sacrifice and 'scapegoat' were provided for all who believes through Yeshua Hammasiach. We are still learning but every year comes with new revelation as we press in deeper. Some of us fasted for greater intimacy with the Father and asked Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) to search our hearts for areas needing repentance. We are so grateful that we may approach the throne-room of grace boldly, truly amazed to think that as believers, our names are inscribed into the Lamb's book of life and in awe that this great King wants to know us and is living inside of us today. 
So why keep these ‘Jewish’ feasts? The fact is that many believers today feel led to abandon pagan- root festivals once and for all and revert back to the real biblical feasts. We believe this to be a move of God. In fact, all over the world there is a restoration of God's truth happening and more and more testimonies for seeing the significance of the feasts to us too as new revelations and blessings follow as a result. 

On Sunday, 13 October we took part in one huge celebration during the Feast of Tabernacles “Sukkot”. Although we didn’t camp in Sukkahs as many Jews do (for 7 days), we had an appreciation and thanked Yahweh for being our covering and bringing us too out of the barren wilderness. Yes, He did not leave us to die,  but paid a huge price, and through countless miracles provided and carefully tended to us during our barren years and chose us to be his own too. With great care he is bringing us into His promises. This truly gives reason for praise and celebration since He chose us to be included in His redemption plan. There are many accounts of celebration in the bible. In fact, there are 49 2070 noted and Col 3:15-17 confirms and instructs us to  "give thanks" in every situation. In Psalm 23 David speaks of how we can feast in the presence of our enemy since He lays a table for us. So, like David, we too unabashed danced with joy, testified, praised and feasted in celebration of the gift and also relationship with our Lord and King during 'Sukkot' and we continue to do so. Yes, just like David we understand that our 'worship' is our 'warship' as we raise a hallelujah in the middle of the storm, smiling in the presence and face of the enemy and boldly proclaim: "Death you're defeated, the King is alive!"
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Module 1/Introduction Course:
Breaking the Chains (R850)
This Saturday, 2 November from 9am - 2pm

Module 13: Healing & Restoration & Deliverance
 (R3 500)  starting on 15 November over 6 days 
This module is designed to train and equip you if you are called to the healing and deliverance ministry. So in other words, this is for you - according to Yeshua's example and part of His commission to us. It will greatly benefit and equip you in your spiritual leadership within the body of Christ. This comprehensive course spans over a period of 6 days which is split up over two weekends with one weekend break in-between. Please contact us for exact schedule.Teachings are illustrated from extensive ministry experience and covers 10 modules:
  • Module 2: Spiritual House Cleaning.
  • Module 3: From Curse to Blessing.
  • Module 4: The Enemy Exposed.
  • Module 5: Demon Operations and Rankings.
  • Module 6: Ministering to Broken People.
  • Module 7: Inner Healing of Alters / Fractures.
  • Module 8: Living in the Last Days.
  • Module 9: The Holy Spirit Versus Kundalini.
  • Module 10: Free From Occultism.
  • Module 11: Spiritual Warfare.

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