Q: What does our community of faith need to send to the Regional Council yearly?
A: Digital copies of annual report, annual self-assessment checklist, revised community of faith profile.

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Covenanting Services   •   Preaching from the Old Testament   •   Transitional Leadership

The Fall Regional Meeting ... soon!                                    *ONLINE*
Check Regional Meeting page for updated information.
Thursday, November 12    6 - 7:30 pm
Friday, November 13         4 - 5:30 pm
Saturday, November 14     9:30 - 11 am & 1 - 2:30 pm
Sunday, November 15      10 am LIVE STREAM
                                      Celebration of Ministry Service
Youth and Young Adults of Horseshoe Falls Regional Council! Your voice matters! You are invited to be full voting participants at the Fall Regional Meeting. Contact Kathy Douglas, Minister, Faith Formation.
This is a reminder to avoid travel and in-person gatherings as much as possible. A limited exception may be made for participation in Celebration of Ministry services, including the laying on of hands, where all possible safety protocols are followed, including wearing of masks and limited numbers in attendance, and where there is at least a two week period in between participation of any group gatherings.
Commission Vacancies                                 Applications Open Now
Deadline: Friday, November 13 at 7:00 pm

At the 2020 fall meeting, the regional council will fill the following vacancies through the election of new members:
  • Covenant Commission: maximum 5 spots
  • Human Resources Commission: maximum 4 spots
  • Mission & Discipleship Commission: maximum 5 spots
  • Executive: 4 spots
These positions are open to anyone who is a full member in good standing in a congregation within the bounds of the regional council. If you would be willing to let your name stand as a nominee for one of these positions, please complete the Expression of Interest Form by Friday, November 13 at 7:00 pm. This information (minus your personal contact details) will be available to regional council members for consideration before voting.

Find complete information on the Regional Council Meeting webpage.
Are You Our Next President?                       Applications Open Now
Deadline: Friday, November 13 at 6:00 pm

Do you care about Supports, Connects, Empowers Communities of Faith? If so, this is one way to participate in that ministry!

At the November 2020 Fall meeting the regional council will be electing its next President. This person will serve as President-Elect until the May 2021 regional council meeting. Then they will serve for two years as President followed by one last year as Past-President.

More details, including the Position Description, can be found in the Horseshoe Falls Regional Council Governance Handbook. Find more information on the Regional Council Meeting webpage. Apply now.
M&P Committee Trainings
It is important to review the responsibilities of the Ministry and Personnel Committees and keep fresh, as well as to bring new members up to speed.

Diane Blanchard, Minister, Pastoral Relations, is offering three opportunities for M&P committee training by Zoom:
Re-Opening: Higher Risk Activities
COVID-19 has redefined risky behavior. How do we know what’s more risky: getting a haircut, eating in a restaurant or passing the peace?

They’re all risky to our health, according to risk-assessment charts produced by medical professionals. Opening the mail (low) to going to the park (moderate) to attending a large church service (high). 
The United Church has compiled a list of activities to think about as you open or think about opening your church to in-person services.
Making Faithful Decisions on Re-entry: As many of us consider re-entering our church buildings for in-person worship, Rev. Diane J. Strickland offers a two-part video series.

Part 1 of this video addresses the questions: How do we change our assumptions and why? Access the video here

Part 2 of the resource, "Re-entry to Gathered Worship in Buildings: Making Faithful Decisions in a Pandemic," discusses how we can work together to find the right angle of approach for re-entering in-person worship together?
Re-entry to Gathered Worship in Buildings:
Making Faithful Decisions in a Pandemic
Pulpit Supply Wanted
Do you want to be on the Pulpit Supply List? We are looking for ministry personnel who are willing to be available to do pulpit supply in our region. Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWLs) do much pulpit supply and that list is often sent out. 

Right now, we are gathering the names of ministry personnel who are interested in being on a list for supply. If you would like to be added to the list for pulpit supply, please fill out this form. We look forward to hearing from you!
Thankful for So Many
Who do you think of when you think of being thankful to front-line workers? Do you think of the cashiers who wear masks all day long? Or, do you think of the staff that wipe down shopping carts?

"Thank you, may you be blessed!"
A Simple Request
Staff at the Regional Council office receive many emails - which we would like to answer promptly. Sometimes, the email mentions, for e.g. Trinity United Church. But, WHICH ONE? Across Canada there are approximately 200! 

Please, when you send staff an email, include your community of faith, CITY and your name. It will be very much appreciated!
An Apology
In the August newsletter we used a term that was used in current news stories at the time.Shortly after it was brought to our attention that the term is considered derogatory by the Mennonite Community. 

Our sincere apologies and thanks to those who pointed this out to help us do better! 
Black Lives Matter - Resources, Please
The regional council Executive is compiling resources that address the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement in our context. 

We are not experts or knowledgeable in this and would welcome input based on other's experience. Please email and help us do better here also!

Rev. Judy Bowman will be covering a sabbatical leave at Trinity, Beamsville this fall.


We offer congratulations and best wishes to two members of the order of ministry moving to retire in December and January, respectively,
Lloyd Paul who has served St George United Church as supply and
Allan Warren who has served Appleby United Church, Burlington for many years.

We wish Jeff Werner, minister of Cawthra Park United Church, well, as he takes his first Intentional Interim Ministry position with Wasaga Beach United in Western Ontario Waterways.

Rev. Jeffry Smith will move from Eden United Church, Mississauga in November to take a call with St. David’s, Woodstock.

Use of Restricted Funds Extended
The Covenant Commission has extended the use of funds restricted by presbytery or regional council to cover payroll expenses to December 31, 2020, if necessary.

These funds can also be used to cover increased insurance premiums in 2020 if a congregation does not have sufficient funds available. Please complete the Use of Restricted Funds report and email it to Lynne Allin, Minister, Congregational Support and Mission by the end of 2020. Please ensure that the use of funds has been approved by the governing body of your community of faith.
What are our Regional Priorities?
  • Children and Youth
  • Chaplaincy
  • Social Justice
Update on Cameron Trimble Webinars
Cameron Trimble, who provided us with informative webinars on August 10 and 13 has had a resurgence of COVID-19 symptoms. The video from the webinars will be posted on the regional council's YouTube channel when she is able to process them. We will let you know in a newsletter and on the FaceBook page. whenever we receive the materials. We pray for a speedy recovery.
Gifts with Vision Catalogue is here!
Every year, generous people use the Gifts with Vision catalogue to bring God’s compassionate presence into people’s lives throughout Canada and across the world. In a world where isolation and distance are the new reality, Gifts with Vision provide connection and build community.

Gifts with Vision are an additional way to support the work of The United Church of Canada’s Mission & Service partners.

Celebrate special occasions and make a difference in the world through Gifts with Vision – no excessive packaging and no exchanges to worry about. Select gifts online now or anytime at and help save and transform lives. 
Make a Difference: Gifts with Vision
New General Secretary: Michael Blair
The United Church of Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of the Rev. Michael Blair as its new General Secretary beginning November 1, 2020.

The role of General Secretary provides leadership in the direction, management and coordination of the affairs of the church working in close collaboration with the Moderator. Read more.
GC44 Dates Confirmed for 2022
The revised dates for General Council 44 have been set for July 22–26, 2022. These dates were selected based on the original 2021 dates, availability of the venues, and the UCW 60th Anniversary celebration.

Deadlines for GC44 are as follows:
  • Electing commissioners: June 14, 2021
  • Submitting proposals: October 29, 2021
More information will continue to be posted on the GC44 website as it becomes available.
Statistical Blue Forms
In this unprecedented time, to calculate your average weekly attendance for your 2020 annual statistical submission, please add the number of people in in-person worship to the online count and report that number. We are aware that while the online count might be inflated by people coming into and out of a stream/broadcast, there doesn’t appear to be any way to take that into account. For Year Book purposes, the column will be marked with an asterisk and a footnote added to indicate why the figures might be significantly different from other years.

Should you have any questions, please contact
Innovation Grants (for that wild idea!)
Thinking about a brand-new idea but not sure if it's a good enough, or something worth pursuing? That’s exactly what Innovation Grants are for! You get between $500 and $5,000 to explore a new idea; it could be a garden, a program, something online, a new partnership, an idea that came from a community partner, or something that you have been thinking about for a while, but never found a good time to start. Learn more.

Already have an idea that's ready for the next level? Check out these grants that will help to take that idea and grow it.

Either way, we’d love to hear what you're up to and it's easy to reach us! Just book a time with us, or email us.
Church Online – Live Streaming Everything
Download Live Streaming Best Practises brought to you from EDGE
Live Streaming at Marshall Memorial
A visionary minister added technology to our Marshall Memorial United Church, Ancaster sanctuary in 2008. We have been live streaming ever since!

In this time of COVID, we have carried on without skipping a beat. Members developed an interest and learned video production. We have produced our music videos weekly so that our choir, production team, organist and band are able to blend traditional and contemporary music into the worship services. Check out our YouTube channel.

We offer our service to churches unable to worship in their buildings at this time. Please subscribe! We are happy to share our weekly services with any church. With your congregation's email list you can send the link to the services in advance. If you have questions, we can offer some technology advice.

We need to connect and continue promoting the gospel in these difficult times. We need it more than ever! Email Kerry Radigan with your questions.
P.S. Check out this FYI on wireless microphones!
Rural Connect
Rural Connect has been established to support rural congregations through the use of technology. Using the model of a hub church partnering with satellite churches, a cluster of congregations are joined together for a fully interactive, live worship service with participation from all of the partner churches.

All the technology is controlled by the hub/host church, and the satellite/partner churches receive a box with all the equipment fully configured and ready to go – they don’t even need internet.

Check out the website. Read the brochure. Apply!
Centre for Christian Studies
A Pandemic Wedding, Deaconing, CCS Fridays (October 9, November 6, December 4), Celebrate CCS November 1, Learning Circles: 6 choices and counting ...

Download for the rest of the stories!
Licensed Lay Worship Leadership Online Training
Help your faithful, rural community of faith live out its calling!
This is the time to sign up for Unit 2 of the LLWL program starting in March 2021. Avoid the waiting lists. This program is sponsored by The Canadian Shield Region of the UCC and is hosted by United in Learning

The course consists of 4 modules offered over 2 years:
  • Unit 1 - Liturgy (hasn't been closed yet?)
  • Unit 2 - Preaching (starts March 2021)
  • Unit 3 - Prayers
  • Unit 4 - Music & Special Services
Wesley Urban Ministries
Wesley Urban Ministries has several upcoming fall opportunities, such as our Church Contact Network meeting (on Zoom) and our Christmas & Holiday Store (adapted for COVID-19). We’ll be adding more information on our website or please contact Nicole by email or Andrea.
Cave Springs Camp Virtual Race
WHEN: October 1- October 31
Cave Springs Camp in Beamsville is hosting our first ever VIRTUAL race between October 1- October 31 to keep our camp alive and thriving!

Choose your route, from 1km to a full 26.2 miles for the brave. Walk, run or bike. Share your run with us on Facebook and Instagram. Get more information or register for the race.   
The GO Project Creation Story
Online Sunday School! A 4-week lesson plan exploring the 7-days of Creation. Interactive, creative and integrative. Written by The GO Project & Rev. Miriam Spies, sponsored by the United Church. This is the free sample to try The GO Project curriculum. This impactful program has eco-justice and our faith response at the centre of every story and activity.

Order through your local Resource Centre, ask for item CH11124.
Hamilton Presbytery Resource Centre Phone: (905) 318-5289 Website: Email:
How Was COVID Summer Camping?
Please share your experience. What worked with the kids? What didn't?

Jen Auger at Norval United Church Camp offered health unit sanctioned 5 weeks full day summer camp programming. One of her learnings was that she is much more confident in having children join a ‘classroom’ for Sunday School instead of having children stay in ‘worship’ with their parents. She feels that leadership can offer much more control as opposed to exposing children to adults/others in a sanctuary, even with adults following best practices.
Residential School Designated a National Historic Site

On September 1, 2020, Canada declared the Indian Residential Schools system an "event of national significance" and recognized Portage la Prairie Residential School in Manitoba, which was operated from 1925 until 1969 by The United Church of Canada, as a National Historic Site.

The United Church welcomes this designation and recognizes that is the result of advocacy by residential school survivors and their communities, who are determined that the history and continuing legacy of residential schools not be forgotten or repeated. Read the article.

United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel
The United Network for Justice & Peace in Palestine and Israel (UNJPPI) newsletter contains many social justice projects and movements that require voices:
  • Stand Up For Children’s Rights
  • Yanoun, in Palestine, is Under Threat
  • Resources for World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel
  • Israel Demolishes Record Number of East Jerusalem Homes
  • Global Kairos for Justice Report
  • Global Kairos Divestment (Ethical Investment) Campaign
  • Cry for Hope
  • Green Party Leadership Assessment
  • Israel-UAE Agreement Does Not End Threat of Israeli Annexation

We welcome your questions and requests for more information by email.
The Kitchen Sink Series
WHEN: October 20 (& every 2nd Tuesday)
WHERE: Online at

You’re invited to join Affirm United as we gather online every other Tuesday night for a time of learning together in community. This is your chance to connect with people from across the country who share your passion for Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ justice.
Join us every 2nd Tuesday this fall as we talk about everything and the kitchen sink – our topics might be a bit unpredictable but they will certainly be fun! Our first evening's hosts are Michiko Bown-Kai and Jeffrey Dale.
Covenanting Services in the Region
  • Old Windham United Church and the Rev. David Love will covenant on Sunday, October 18 at 2:00 p.m. All are welcome at Old Windham. The Reflectionis by Murray Barnett, and Presiding for Horseshoe Falls Regional Council is Ted Smith. We are located at 30 Glendale Crescent, Simcoe. Feel free to email or phone us at, 905-928-7026. *Proper masking and social distancing required. Please bring your own elements for a communion service.
  • Streetsville United Church and the Rev. Jessica McCrae will covenant on Sunday November 22 at 2:00 p.m. Preaching will be by the Rev. Kate Young. You can find us at 274 Queen St S in Mississauga. The Spirit breathed into the Church, socially distanced & masked.
Preaching from the Old Testament
WHEN: October 19, 20 and 21
WHERE: Live-Streamed Online

Queen’s Annual Theology Conference will be live-streamed online
  • Monday, October 19: Surprised by Historiography & Testifying, Evangelism and the Preacher
  • Tuesday, October 20 - Surprised by the Latter Prophets & The Prophetic Spirit and the Power of Preaching
  • Wednesday, October 21 - Surprised by the Covenant
Registration and payment at United-in-Learning. Find out more at or download the pamphlet.

Sponsored by The Buttars Fund, Hiliker Preaching Lectureship Fund.
Effective Transitional Leadership
WHEN: October 20, 21, 27 and 28 (1:30 pm - 4:30 pm each day)
or/ December 2 and 3 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm each day)
WHERE: Online, Click here to register

This course is open to lay leaders and ministry personnel wanting to gain practical skills and knowledge to help guide their community of faith through times of transition. This will be of interest to those adapting to new ways of worship, considering amalgamation or disbanding, exploring new ways of being the church, adapting to changes in ministry personnel or facing other changes.

Be prepared and confident to assist your congregation towards health, effectiveness and faithfulness to their mission.

Download the flyer. Go to the Interim Ministry Network website.
The Horseshoe Falls Regional Council newsletter welcomes submissions of upcoming events, regional news and educational opportunities. This is also the place to keep up-to-date on information from the regional office.
Check out the page and the channel!

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