Regional Council Meeting Highlights!
November 12 – November 15, 2020

Hello Delegates! 
These highlights are prepared to help representatives share the story of the regional council meeting with their home community of faith! Make plans now to update your community of faith at the first opportunity!
President Kate Young’s theme for candidates and retirees was,
“Trust Your Pilot”
We thank Parliamentarian, Dale Skinner, for his assistance in our business proceedings.
Horseshoe Falls is one step closer to becoming an Affirming regional council! The decision to adopt the Action Plan was passed by a majority of more than 95%! Many thanks to the tri-regional Affirming Network who prepared the material and led the presentation! Now we focus on how we live into this plan as a regional council ensuring that sexual orientation or gender identity are not barriers to participation.
The regional council endorsed the proposed change to Section 10 of Polity in the Basis of Union to replace the words “men and women” to read: The Order of Ministry shall be open to persons of all gender identities.

The pre-meeting webinar, Affirming Our Communities, Affirming Our Faith, can be found on the regional council’s YouTube channel. The webinar focuses on the distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity. Sexual orientation is who one finds attractive; gender identity is how one sees oneself.
Many, many thanks to the members of the regional council who added their pronouns when they introduced themselves! This is one way to embrace our Affirming mandate!
A big thanks to Treasurer, John Hurst, who reviewed the 2019 budget and shared the principles behind the 2021 budget that was adopted. In 2021, the regional council will use reserve funds to invest in ministry. It is anticipated that the reserves will increase by a similar amount through the regional council’s interest income and share in the legacy of disbanding congregations.

For more details the pre-meeting financial webinar can be found on the YouTube channel
The regional council had the privilege of ordaining:
Janet McCormick, Alison Miculan and Amadeus Pyralis
the privilege of commissioning:
Karen Orlandi
and the privilege of admitting:
Lennox Scarlett
in a Celebration of Ministry service (now on the YouTube channel) hosted by Norval United Church, Georgetown. The congregation’s gracious hospitality and assistance was much appreciated. Thanks in particular to Rev. Paul Ivany, Jenny Morrison (who prepared the powerpoint slides for the service) and Phil Brennan and David Develter (tech). Special thanks to Rev. Alexa Gilmour who preached, and Mark Peterson (pianist) and Christina Mulligan (vocalist) for their gift of music.
We give thanks for the dedicated service of the following retirees:
Lorna MacQueen, Katie Southon, Kim Wright and John Tapscott
The candidates and retirees were celebrated with video clips and PowerPoint presentations.
Jubilands are those celebrating 50 years or more since the date of their ordination. We honour the lifetime of service given by:
50 Years:
David Reid
55 Years: Roy Harwood, Arthur Hencher, Yu Kim, Ian Kirby-Smith,
R. Brock Saunders and Robert (Bob) Tschanz

60 Years: J. Cedric Arnold, Wilma Cade, William Sparling
and Stanley Wootton

70 Years: C. Douglas Jay
Your new President-Elect is .....

The regional council is DELIGHTED to welcome
Robert Lawson to the role of President-Elect.

Robert will take office at the rise of the May 2021 Regional Council Meeting.
We give thanks for those who have joined the Executive & Commissions:
Executive: Judith Gilliland, Wendy Lowden
Covenant Commission: Steve Lowden, Alison Miculan, Amadeus Pyralis
Human Resources Commission: Barbara Duffin, Lennox Scarlett
Mission and Discipleship Commission:

If the presentations from any of the Commissions interested you, please fill out the Expressions of Interest form to go before the Executive.
With thanksgiving for the ministry they offered and for the witness they provided, the regional council remembered these ministers: 
George Morton, Robert (Bob) G. Nicholls, Allan M. Johnston,
Robert K. Shorten, John L. Shearman, E. Leicester Bigby,
W. Barry Dunbar, John Anthony (Tony) Gazzard, Andy King,
James B. Allsop, Dwain M. Ketcheson, Margaret Bain,
Charlotte A. Moore, Irene Fullarton
and these congregations:
Balfour Street United Church, Brantford, Rock Chapel United Church, Dundas, Trinity Hannon United Church, Hamilton, Zion United Church, Hamilton & Cook’s Mills United Church, Welland
Thank You  ●  Thank You  ●  Thank You  ●  Thank You
Thank you to all who attended! More than 150 people attended the five business sessions, including the Pre-meeting Finance session. Most attended several sessions. Thank you for this generous gift of your time and for the blessing of your wisdom. It was a joy to be together!
Special thanks to President Kate Young for her leadership and to the regional council staff who were key to meeting preparation and operation!
Mission & Service is Up To Us
Thank you for your offering, made at the Celebration of Ministry on Sunday, November 15 as part of the Horseshoe Falls Regional Council Meeting. The offering will go to Mission & Service, making possible even more programs and activities to transform and save lives, inspire meaning and purpose, and build a better world.

And, we were presented with this!

If you were not able to offer your gift during the Celebration of Ministry, you may still do so here
Mission & Service is Up To Us (that's you and me)
Let’s do this again!
As instructed, the Executive will plan a spring meeting. At this point, it appears that it will need to be a virtual meeting.

Mark your calendars now for May 28, 2021 when the Hon. Senator Murray Sinclair will be meeting with Horseshoe Falls, Antler River Watershed and Western Ontario Waterways
Regional Councils with a focus on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to the Church!

Executive Minister, Horseshoe Falls Regional Council (she/her)
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