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"Whenever I have to choose between two evils, I always choose the one I haven't tried before."

Mae West

As much fun as it can be, Painting can require long and tedious hours of work. So I decided to give acrylic pouring a try to have a little fun. This is my very first try. Proves anybody can be an artist. I called it Maui Dreams.
The Toucan by Joe Grenn

I have always painted by interpreting what I see. This month, I thought I would take a chance and have some fun (seems to be a current theme),  by creating my own composition, an imaginary scene, a place I’d like to be. It seemed like a good time to do it since I was featuring the amazing artist, Henri Rousseau this month.

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Henri Rousseau
The Dream by Henri Russo
The Dream by Henri Russo on Display
The Snake Charmer by Henri Rousseau
The TIger by Henri Rousseau
 You might say, Henri Rousseau, why Henri Rousseau?
Most people love or hate his work. I am of the former. What I love about him is that he created his art from in solitude from his imagination as a self-taught armature painter who didn’t start painting seriously until he was forty-nine.

He once claimed he had "no teacher other than nature”. My favorites are his twenty-five sometimes-gigantic jungle paintings (although he never saw a jungle) with primitive figures and animals (he used taxidermy specimens).
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Did You Know That
Sixty miles above the Earth's surface, is a mysterious region called the atmospheric ocean where the air crackles with electric current. it is the home of shooting stars, strange dancing jets of light- some long, thin and blue which are drawn al the way up from from the tops of thunderclouds deep below them. Others are giant blobs of red light with flailing tentacles. They are ultra-high forms of lightning with names such as elves, sprite and goblins and are part of the high electric layer, the big brother to the ozone layer, soaking up deadly rays from space which would deny life on earth. Sounds like a spectacular if not shocking place to visit.
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