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Skiers, Families, and Friends of CXC,

It's that time of year again where we come together to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our outstanding community members.

The CXC Annual Awards Program is now accepting nominations into five award categories from any current CXC/U.S. Ski & Snowboard member. All nominations will be reviewed by the awards committee and winners will be announced in June.

Nominate a deserving individual in your life by May 15. 

CXC Annual Awards
The success of CXC programs is a result of many individuals who dedicate themselves to helping others. Each year, CXC honors those leaders for their contributions to the sport. This is your chance to recognize and show your appreciation for those who have excelled in their respective areas of contribution to the CXC community.

This year, the CXC Annual Awards are sponsored by Madshus.

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Recognizing Lifetime Commitment to the Sport

Tony Wise was a passionate entrepreneur who dedicated his life to making his community a better place by promoting recreation and sport. Born in Hayward, Wis., Wise brought skiing to the Great Northwoods, pioneering the Telemark Ski Area in 1947. But his most significant acclaim came in cross country skiing. His vision resulted in the start of the American Birkebeiner, the Worldloppet, and the origin of the present-day FIS World Cup with his innovative Gitchi Gami Games in the late '70s.

Cross country skiing today is the result of Tony Wise's lifetime efforts. Each year CXC recognizes one of the division's sports leaders for their lifetime commitment to the sport.

Past Award Recipients:

  • Nancy Bauer (2022)
  • Jack Jeffery (2019)
  • Kenneth & Pamela Schoville (2018)
  • Ahvo Taipale (2017)
  • Dennis Kruse (2016)

Recognizing Excellence in Coaching

Igor Badamshin was a coach who inspired athletes with his passion and positive example. A World Championship medalist himself, Badamshin grew up racing in the Soviet Union and Russia. But his greatest joy came from coaching in America. From his home in New England to the trails of the Central Region, where he worked with the likes of Jessie Diggins and other great CXC athletes, Badamshin brought adventure, fun, skill, and motivation. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014, suffering a heart attack while enjoying a ski day.

The spirit of Igor Badamshin lives on in the hearts and minds of CXC coaches and athletes. Each year CXC recognizes one of its great coaches with the Igor Badamshin Coaching Excellence Award.

Past Award Recipients:

  • Caitlin Gregg (2022)
  • Kevin Brochman (2019)
  • BethAnn Chamberlain (2018)
  • Kris Hansen (2017)
  • Sten Fjeldheim (2016)
  • Piotr Benarski (2015)

Recognizing Community Leaders and Dedication to the Region

The community was core to John Hugus' principles - his home community of Wausau, Wis., and the greater community of cross country skiing. As a high school coach in Wausau, he was a motivational influence on his athletes. But he believed in spreading community: founding the Knicker Nordic Ski Club, leading the Wisconsin Nordic League, providing wisdom on CXC committees and its board, serving as a Junior Nationals coach, or just hanging out at 9 Mile Recreation Area helping kids enjoy cross country skiing. He shared his influence with other coaches through the Wisconsin High School Coaches League and CXC. All of those around him valued John's core beliefs and principles.

Hugus passed at the age of 57 in 2013 after a 17-year battle with cancer. Each year, CXC remembers John Hugus's contributions to the cross country community by recognizing a leader for their dedication to the region.

Past Award Recipients:

  • Mike Abbott (2022)
  • Ted Theyerl (2019)
  • Vasa Ski Club (2018)
  • Ben Popp (2017)
  • John Munger (2016)
  • Don Becker (2015)

Recognizing a Volunteer Whose Work Positively Impacts Sport

Wayne Fish was a remarkable coach and volunteer who had a passion for sport, respect for education's value, and an ability to motivate young athletes. He served in the sport from 1972 to 2010 in Rhinelander, Wis., just before his passing in 2011. As an active cross country ski competitor, he believed the sport was a valuable conduit to cultivating a healthy outdoor lifestyle, sportsmanship, and valuable life lessons. As a coach, he emphasized hard work, fair play, self-reliance, and the achievement of goals. He was a student of the sport who selflessly gave back to others, sharing his knowledge of ski technique, training principles, trail maintenance, and waxing - all focusing on the next generation of skiers.

In memory of the value Wayne Fish brought in his decades of volunteerism, CXC recognizes a volunteer whose selfless dedication positively impacts the sport each year.

Past Award Recipients:

  • Scott Putman (2022)
  • Jim Tervo (2019)
  • David Hugus (2018)
  • Joe Kelsey (2017)
  • Craig Jarvinen (2016)
  • Gerald Hansen (2015)

Recognizing Excellence in the Sport of Cross Country Skiing

The Athlete of the Year is an award given to an outstanding athlete who displays excellence in the sport of cross country skiing and whose character serves as a role model for developing skiers throughout the Central region.

The inspiration behind the newest award is to acknowledge Jessie Diggins as one of the leaders who paved the way toward excellence in the Central region and to recognize the accomplishments of deserving athletes for years to come.

Past Award Recipients:

  • Zak Ketterson (2022)
"At Central Cross Country Skiing, we believe in fostering the principles of excellence, ethical conduct, and fair play for participants of all ages and abilities, from introductory experience to international excellence. To make this vision a reality, we depend on leaders at all levels of the development pipeline within our ski community to believe, support, and promote our vision."

– Yuriy Gusev, CXC Executive Director
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