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This period we will transition into the racing season. Our early races are meant to be preparation for our important races later in the year. Doing some shorter races to help us feel better skiing faster would be good. Also note that we have two holiday weeks. We have shifted our big week for the month forward one week.

Training Period Overview
Training Period Overview / December - January
with Alayna Sonnesyn, 2019 American Birkebeiner Champion

Training Period Dates / December 9 - January 5

Think about your recovery modalities: very active things like stretching immediately after your training and competitions as well as making sure you’re taking in fuel immediately after skiing, but most importantly immediately after your intensity work, – both the races as well as intensity intervals.


CXC Academy and TrainingPeaks™

CXC Academy training plans are integrated with TrainingPeaks™- the complete web, mobile and desktop solution for enabling smart and effective endurance training.

TrainingPeaks Platform

Available to access on iPhone, Android or the web, the service will allow the following uses:

- Get daily workouts via e-mail
- Log or upload workouts from devices and mobile apps
- View workout and fitness summaries


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Pre-race jitters – fight or flight!

Last week I was talking to my future brother-in-law, Nick, (yay!) about some of my nerves going into the season. As a marathon runner looking to qualify for the Olympic Trials, Nick understands the mental stress behind racing. He is also a psychologist and had some pretty insightful things to say...

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Period Nine of Training for Cross-Country Skiing

We are, at last, in the heart of ski-season and hoping mother nature will support us with consistently good snow. The strength-training sessions for this phase are, again, meant to be short; the goal being to continue building strength and maintaining comfortable, healthy range of motion. These two elements are key to maximizing your performance potential while minimizing your injury risk...

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CXC Academy is an online subscription service that provides professional training plans and guidance to chase your cross country ski goals, - no overthinking needed.

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