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Fall is here and the snow will soon fly, so it is time to assemble the Central Coaching Staff for the Spring 2023 Junior trips! As the Central Division we will have three spring junior trips that need to be staffed: GLD JN Team, MW JN Team, and CXC U18 / CXC U16 Trip (U18 / U16 Trip will be combined for 2023).

Information for these three trips is provided below:

  • Great Lakes Division (GLD) JN Team – This event will be in Fairbanks, Alaska at Birch Hill Recreation Area. The event dates are March 10-17. Scott Putman and Ross Williams are Co-Head Coaches, Tamara Bryant is Trip Leader. Event website: Typical size of the team is 40 people (approximately 8 coaches).
  • Midwest (MW) Division JN Team – This event will also be in Fairbanks, Alaska at Birch Hill Recreation Area. The event dates are March 10-17. Joe Haggenmiller is Head Coach, Julia Curry is Trip Leader. Event website: Typical size of the team is 60 people (approximately 11 coaches).
  • CXC U18 / U16 Team (combined trip for 2023) – This event will be in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada at Lappe Nordic. The event dates are March 11-17. Kris Bjerkness is Head Coach. Event website: Typical size of the team is 20 people (approximately 4 coaches), but with a combined trip there will be approximately 40 people (approximately 8 coaches).
    • Of note, this is a combined trip to the Canadian National Nordic Championships with GLD and MW athletes and coaches traveling, lodging, and working together as a team (separate team uniforms based on the division athletes represent). Coaches / staff are required to have a valid passport as this is an international trip.

Selected applicants will volunteer their time to coach the best junior racers in the Central Region during these championship events, and should expect extra travel days at the beginning and the end of each trip. There are situations in which trips will depart mid-week as well. Travel, lodging and other expenses related to the trip are covered for official staff members.
The GLD JN Team, MW JN Team, and CXC U18/U16 Trip process involves submitting a general online application that applies to ALL the trips.

The leadership staff (listed above) for each of the spring trips will select coaches from the pool of CXC Junior Coach applicants. Which trip you are chosen for will be at the discretion of the joint trip leadership staff, but these individuals will work to accommodate specific trip requests. The application will have an area to specify if you have special circumstances / skills to offer (ex: wax technician) or if you have a trip preference.

For the Junior National Trip to Fairbanks, Alaska a U.S. Ski and Snowboard coaches certification is required (L100) and can be obtained in the period prior to the event. Available clinic options and more information about this certification can be found at this link:

The application is now OPEN and we would like to invite interested coaches around our Central Region to apply. Applications can be submitted online at the link below. Due date is October 30th, 2022.


We highly encourage you to apply! Coaching the U16 / U18 trip to Canadian Nationals at Lappe Nordic in Thunder Bay, Ontario or GLD and MW Junior Nationals trip to Birch Hill in Fairbanks, AK will offer you a fantastic opportunity to coach and collaborate with athletes and coaches in our region and nationally. It will surely expand your expertise and knowledge of both the technical, sport and management aspects of trip leadership.

You are never too young or old to offer assistance and expertise to these events; everyone has something to offer! You will bring back as much or more to your home team / club from the experience, and will be able to offer more to the athletes than you can imagine while on the staff.

We are happy to answer any questions you have, and encourage you to apply soon!

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