Synod Update #4

Status Update: Synod Listening Sessions

Over the past couple of months, listening sessions have been held in our parishes, in the seminary, with principals and teachers in our Catholic schools, with parish catechetical leaders, in religious communities and here at Cathedral Square Plaza with our diocesan staff. More sessions are being scheduled across the diocese through the month of March and reports are starting to come in. As I receive the reports, I like to ask how everything went. Some of the responses that I have received are: "wonderful", "this is what it means to be Church", "inspirational", "deeply profound", and "they wanted to keep talking." We are so grateful to be walking together with you on this journey. Thank you for all that you do!

Let us know how the Synod listening sessions are going in your community by completing this brief survey. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
Complete Survey
As parishes complete the listening sessions, we have also received information about how they have adapted the process in their communities. We hope you will find them helpful as you continue to plan. Read more about the Synod process in our diocese, here.
On Saturday, June 11, we will gather delegates from across the diocese representing diverse peoples, ministries, communities, cultures and all walks of life. This will be a time for prayer, a time to reflect on what we have heard in the listening sessions, and a time to discern where the Holy Spirit is leading us as a diocese. More information coming soon!

Individual Participation Process

The online Individual Participation Process is now open and we will be accepting responses until March 31. Also available in Spanish.

The online process is an effort to include those who are not connected with a faith community and those who cannot participate in a gathered listening session for a number of different reasons.

PLEASE NOTE: The information gathered online will come directly to the diocese. We will not collect personal information except for some basic demographic data. We are also not tracking the respondent's parish. Therefore, parishes will not receive the data collected through the online process. 

Lenten Conversation Starters

During the Christmas season, we provided a handout with conversation starters for holidays gatherings with family and friends. We have updated the handout so that it can be used during Lent to engage family and friends in the Synod listening process, especially those who are disconnected from the Church. The handout is available in both English and Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at the Synthesis Form on the website before you begin. Also available in Spanish. You will see that the first part of the report is divided into two questions. The first one is focused on the content of the conversations: common themes, interesting points of view, hopes and dreams, areas where healing is needed, etc. The second question asks you to list the emerging actions that are recommended by the small groups. 
We expect that the reports will look very different from one place to another and that's okay. All we ask is that you do your best to capture the range of perspectives in the participants' responses during the listening sessions. Please do not limit your summary to what was expressed most often, although that is important to include, a unique perspective can also open up a new and promising way to be Church.

Once you complete the Synthesis Form, send a copy of the summary to Lynette Saenz at We ask you to please send the report as a Word document instead of a PDF version. You do not need to send us a copy of the small group Recorder Notes or the Sign-In Sheet. Remember that the deadline for conducting the listening sessions is the end of March and all reports are due by the end of April.
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