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In the midst of a rapidly changing landscape, we find ourselves turning inward to assess what’s most important. As traditional, extrinsic markers of "success"  fall away, the fundamental value of intrinsic motivation, our why, is becoming more clear for our kids/students, and for us. Developing a connection to "why" has proven to be essential to living a deeply satisfying, meaningful and productive life. 

Read on to find inspiration, information, and insight this month to support you in developing the 
intrinsic motivation kids/students need to amplify their well being and success.

To facilitate this work in schools, we’re excited to be launching a Leadership Development and SEL training course for Physical Educators this month. The global response to our call to action has been tremendous. Vital now, more than ever, physical activity and fitness is essential to health, well being, and, as the research shows conclusively, academic achievement. Health and Physical Educators play a critical role in the well being and preparedness of students in our schools and in life. Get in touch here if you'd like to participate in upcoming trainings. 

This is something we can all model, teach, and reinforce right now. Together, we're building a culture of well-being and preparedness in our families, schools, and communities for goodWe're glad you're here.


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Issue 2
Fostering a Connection to Why

Inspired from Within

We have the opportunity every day to support our kids/students in leveraging their talents to navigate and forge a path they make for themselves – unencumbered by narrow expectations or judgements
that others may have for them.  
From this perspective, our work as parents and teachers includes creating the conditions and context for kids to experience what it feels like to be, become, and contribute their best - well connected to themselves, to one another, and to a sense of purpose in their world.



Both Reward & Punishment Kill Initiative

Researchers from Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA published the results of their study last year on The demotivating effect (and unintended message) of awards – further confirming that extrinsic motivators, including both punishment and reward, kill initiative, self-direction, and drive.

We all want our kids/students to live up to their potential and to show initiative, and we use a number of techniques to communicate that message: we take away privileges as punishment and pile on privileges as rewards, and we lecture, scold, and occasionally, raise our voices. But at best, the research tells us, these techniques have a superficial effect that diminishes over time and at worst, results in behaviors that are in direct opposition to the goal.

What does work? Creating experiences in which our kids/students can connect to and create a meaningful vision of a future in which they can see themselves taking the lead, teaching them how to do it, and then letting them lead.

Read the full article to learn what you can do to build intrinsic motivation in kids and to amplify their well being and success.

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Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose: The Drivers of Happiness & Success

Dan Pink is an astute observer of human behavior. His powerful contribution comes from his synthesis of the relevant research and his ability to share his insights about what we can do individually and collectively to prepare for and live our best lives.

In his book Drive, The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Dan points out that to build the intrinsic motivation to live a deeply satisfying, meaningful and productive life, three key factors are essential:

  1. Mastery – individuals see no limits to their potential and are given the tools they need to continue to improve their skills.
  2. Autonomy – individuals are trusted and encouraged to take ownership of their own work and skill development.
  3. Purpose – individuals are encouraged to use their skills to pursue a worthwhile purpose.
The WIN Map and START Leadership Process have proven to be useful navigational and implementation tools for parents, kids/students, and professionals, including teachers, to identify and pursue what drives us.
“Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.”

From Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
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