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News for Jun 21, 2022

It's Tuesday! Things are happening. Let's take a step back, pop out of the old echo chamber, and see what's going on!

Lithuania cuts off rail route to Kaliningrad -- The Times

Lithuania has blocked Russia from using its railways to ship coal, metals, electronics and other sanctioned goods to the military exclave of Kaliningrad

Outline: (what is this?) poland, lithuania, strategically

Tone: (what is this?) ± mixed

Discussion: (what is this?) - Russia, ± Ukraine, ++ Lithuania, - Putin

Ukraine warns of war: Kyiv warns of Russian escalation during EU bid -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  status, kyiv, later

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - Ukraine, - Russia, -- NATO, + Putin

Zelenskiy expects Russia to intensify attacks on Ukraine and other European countries - video -- The Guardian

Outline:  zelenskiy, expects, russia

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - Russia, - Ukraine, + Putin, -- Europe

Carriegate: No 10 admits pressuring The Times to drop Carrie Johnson story -- The Independent


Outline:  carriegate, 10, admits

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  + Johnson, ± Carrie, ++ Russell, ++ Tories

No 10 spoke to Times before Carrie Johnson story dropped -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  johnson, press, secretary

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ± Boris, - Johnson, ++ BBC, UK

No 10 confirms it asked the Times to drop Carrie Johnson story -- The Guardian

Outline:  johnson, story, newspaper

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  -- Johnson, -- Carrie, Ukraine, Jennifer Arcuri

Teachers and doctors threaten to join strikes -- The Times

NEW: Teachers and doctors are threatening to walk out alongside rail workers if the government fails to meet their demands for a pay rise, as Britain’s most militant union leader raised the prospect of a general strike

Outline:  strike, teachers, doctors

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  - NHS, ± Carrie, + Tory, -- UK

The passengers set to miss life events due to the rail strikes -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  saturday, disruption, rail

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - BBC, - Tory, - Tories, - NHS

'Rail strikes have lost us £500,000 of bookings' -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  rail, strikes, businesses

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ++ BBC, ++ Boris Johnson, - Tory, ++ London

Rowan Atkinson says ‘every joke has a victim’ while criticising cancel culture in comedy -- The Independent

“It does seem to me that the job of comedy is to offend, or have the potential to offend, and it cannot be drained of that potential.”

Outline:  subject, stating, comedians

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ++ Rowan Atkinson, - UK, - Mr Bean, Michael Mcintyre

Lucky rabbit survives 40-mile ride in car grille -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  lucky, rabbit, survives

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  Rwanda, UK, Roger Rabbit

Prince William describes why he sold The Big Issue on London street -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  prince, described, diana

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  ++ William, ++ Diana, ++ Kate, ++ Andrew

Prince William turns 40: Birthday photos show duke's priorities -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  photographs, prince, william

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  Prince William

Prince William and the Big Issue -- The Times

The Duke of Cambridge has pledged to “shine a spotlight on homelessness” after it was revealed that he had sold 32 copies of The Big Issue in 45 minutes during a stint in London — more than the vendor he was accompanying

Outline:  issue, homelessness, william

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  ++ Prince William, Princess Diana, Charles, Dave

Boris Johnson returns to No 10 after minor sinus operation -- BBC News (UK)

UK PM Boris Johnson had "minor routine operation related to his sinuses" under general anaesthetic on Monday morning, No 10 says

Outline:  sinus, operation, uk

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  ++ NHS, ± Johnson, ++ Boris, ± Carrie

BREAKING: Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for routine surgery, says No 10 -- The Guardian

Outline:  johnson, admitted, hospital

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  - Boris, ++ Ukraine, Carrie, NHS

Boris Johnson put under general anaesthetic for hospital operation as Dominic Raab runs country -- The Independent


Outline:  johnson, general, anaesthetic

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  Danielle Westbrook, NHS

5,000 people hit by Heathrow flight cancellations today -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  heathrow, flight, cancellations

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ++ UK, - Brexit, + Heathrow, germany

5,000 people hit by Heathrow flight cancellations -- BBC News (UK)

EasyJet to cut more flights over summer holidays

Outline:  heathrow, flight, cancellations

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  BBC, Easyjet

Former guerrilla Gustavo Petro wins Colombian election to become first leftist president -- The Guardian

Outline:  gustavo, petro, president

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ++ US, ± Colombia, - America, Alvaro Uribe

Gustavo Petro: Leftist ex-rebel wins Colombia's presidential election -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  petro, mayor, bogota

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  Colombia, Ukraine, USA, Gustavo Preto

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