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News for Nov 29, 2022

It's Tuesday! Things are happening. Let's take a step back, pop out of the old echo chamber, and see what's going on!

Prince William and Kate to visit US for climate change prize -- BBC News (UK)

Prince William and Kate to set out green credentials in US

Outline: (what is this?) climate change prize prince william

Tone: (what is this?) + positive

Discussion: (what is this?) + William, ++ US, ++ Boston

Prince Andrew furious after losing his police protection -- The Times

The Duke of York is expected to lose his police protection three years after being stripped of royal duties

Outline:  prince andrew

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- China

GP staffing levels dangerously under pressure - doctor -- BBC News (UK)

GP staffing levels dangerously close to death spiral, say doctors

Outline:  doctor gp staffing levels

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  - NHS, ? COVID, ? GP

Thousands more cancer cases linked to deprivation -- BBC News (UK)

Around 4,900 extra cancer cases a year are linked to deprivation in Scotland; Cancer death rates are 74% higher in the most deprived communities than the least deprived

Outline:  cancer inequality

Tone:  -- v. negative

Discussion:  ? Covid, ? DefundTheBBC, ? NHS

Scottish football to ban heading the day before and after matches -- BBC News (UK)

Scottish Football Association have introduced new guidelines to limit heading in training; Clubs are also being told to limit exercises that involve repetitive heading to one session per week

Outline:  concussion guidelines

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? Scotland, ? USA, ? Pen

Dua Lipa is granted Albanian citizenship -- BBC News (UK)

Dua Lipa was born in London in 1995 to Kosovan-Albanian parents; She briefly returned to the region as a teenager to pursue a singing career

Outline:  albanian citizenship pop star dua lipa

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  - UK, - Albania, ++ Dua Lipa

Elon Musk's Twitter is fast proving that free speech at all costs is a dangerous fantasy | Nesrine Malik -- The Guardian

Reinstating the likes of Donald Trump and Kanye West looks likely to turn the social media site into an extremist ghetto; Not even the richest man in the world can pull that sort of free speech arena off

Outline:  twitter

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  ± Twitter, - The Guardian, -- Musk

Musk feuds with Apple over Twitter advertising -- BBC News (UK)

Apple has reduced advertising on Twitter, says Elon Musk

Outline:  twitter advertising apple

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ++ Apple, -- Elon, ? Twitter

England's second oldest woman marks birthday -- BBC News (UK)

Ada Thompson is a year younger than England's oldest living woman, Ethel Caterham, who is 113; Her son, Harry Thompson, said her family was "really proud of her" Mrs Thompson said: "I didn't smoke and I didn't drink

Outline:  second oldest woman

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  ++ Ada, ? Gran

Owen Warner's grandparents 'so proud' of I'm a Celeb finalist -- BBC News (UK)

Owen Warner's grandparents Anne and David Beck said seeing him on the show had been "surreal" The 23-year-old was one of 12 contestants to head to the Australian jungle for the first time since the pandemic; Jill Scott was crowned queen of the jungle on Sunday, with Hollyoaks actor Matt Hancock seco...

Outline:  finalist owen warner

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  ? Twitter, ? FOX, ? Owen

Publishing is not a crime: media groups urge US to drop Julian Assange charges -- The Guardian

First outlets to publish WikiLeaks material, including the Guardian, come together to oppose prosecution; “Publishing is not a crime,” they said, saying the prosecution is a direct attack on media freedom

Outline:  julian assange

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ? Assange, ? Manning, ? American First Amendment

Does US-style philanthropy exist in UK? -- BBC News (UK)

American bitcoin wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried was one of the leading lights in a new philanthropy movement; Supporters of EA favour making pots of money in finance and tech instead of giving it away

Outline:  american bitcoin wunderkind sam bankman

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  ? Ze Lingski, ? Michelle Mone, ? Paul Getty

Its horrendous: Helena Bonham Carter defends JK Rowling and Johnny Depp -- The Guardian

Helena Bonham Carter has defended her longtime co-star Johnny Depp in a new interview; The actress said she felt Rowling had 'been hounded' for her opinions

Outline:  star johnny depp

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? Helena Bonham Carter, ? twitter, ? Jk Rowling

Helena Bonham Carter has fallen into a familiar trap over Johnny Depp -- The Independent

'Her cultural commentary is far less sparkling than her glittering acting career'

Outline:  helena bonham carter

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? UK, ? Depp

I believe literature is in peril: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie comes out fighting for freedom of speech -- The Guardian

Ngozi Adichie's hard-hitting Reith Lecture is due to be broadcast on the BBC; She argues that our culture of self-censorship is ‘almost the death knell of literary and other cultural production’ If we cannot tell the truth to one another, she says, literature is finished

Outline:  feminism

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- Williams, -- Adichie, ? Wikipedia

Rishi Sunak signals end of golden era of relations between Britain and China -- The Guardian

PM's first major foreign policy speech warns of creeping authoritarianism of Xi Jinping’s regime; Sunak used tough language to rebuke previous UK governments’ approach to China, saying he would reject “short-termism or wishful thinking”

Outline:  regime rishi sunak

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  -- UK, ? China, ? Tories

Monkeypox given new name by global health experts -- BBC News (UK)

Mpox was decided on after lengthy discussions between experts, countries and the public; It can easily be used in English as well as other languages, the WHO said

Outline:  global health experts monkeypox

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- Monkeypox, ++ WHO, ? Chickenpox

The Papers -- BBC News (UK)

Tuesday's Mail: "Keir's class war threat to 200 private schools"

Outline:  class war threat

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? Twitter, ? ToriesDestroyingOurCountry, ? Dubai

Thousands of apprentices quit over quality of schemes -- BBC News (UK)

EDSK, an education think tank, found that the majority of people quitting cited "poor quality", including lack of training and bad management; Government said it is introducing reforms "to boost quality" under apprenticeship schemes

Outline:  apprenticeship training providers

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? England, ? Scot, ? Maggie Thatchers

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