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News for Jan 15, 2023

Old so and so is at it again… probably. Here's what else is happening, served with a delicious side of slow-cooked analysis.

Why are no women up for the Brit Award for best artist? -- BBC News (UK)

The shortlist for best artist at this year's Brit Awards doesn't include any female artists; Out of 70 stars who were eligible to be nominated for the prize, just 12 were female

Outline: (what is this?) best female awards

Tone: (what is this?) + positive

Discussion: (what is this?) + BBC, + Sam Smith, ++ Brit award

Lacey Amour defends filming porn video at Travelodge -- BBC News (UK)

Lacey Amour, 23, was among a group which checked into a Travelodge in North Tyneside; The group had filmed scenes for the website OnlyFans

Outline:  pornographic video

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  + BBC, + Travelodge, ± John

Suella Braverman tells Holocaust survivor she will not apologise for invasion rhetoric -- The Guardian

Joan Salter, 83, said she was reminded of the language used to dehumanise and justify the murder of her family and millions of others; She said: “When I hear you using words against refugees like ‘swarms’ and an ‘invasion’, I am reminded of

Outline:  invasion rhetoric joan salter

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- Tory, ? UK, ? Braverman

"I think when it comes to me and William, the fascinating part is that we both experienced a similar traumatic experience." Prince Harry speaks exclusively to Bryony Gordon. Read the full interview here -- The Telegraph

Montecito, California, is on mudslide alert, its residents nervously awaiting an evacuation order; But the Duke of Sussex is nonplussed about the weather, which some have described as biblical, but I might describe as… well, British

Outline:  montecito

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - Harry, -- S, -- US

Peace talks planned for Prince Harry and royal family before coronation -- The Times

EXCLUSIVE: William is burning inside at Harrys cruel betrayal but he will do what needs to be done for the good of the nation, say friends

Outline:  peace talks

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  + Harry, - William, ++ H

Prince Harry: I left out details as I feared family would not forgive me -- The Guardian

Duke of Sussex tells Telegraph that he has enough material for another memoir; Spare went on sale on Tuesday in the UK but it had already been heavily trailed after copies accidentally went out in Spain early

Outline:  memoir

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  - Harry, ? Coronation

Takeaways in England face plastic ban from October -- BBC News (UK)

Takeaways, restaurants and cafes must stop using single-use plastic cutlery, plates and bowls; Green groups welcome the move, but say it could go further to address packaging being sent to landfill

Outline:  use plastic cutlery

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  + S, - EU, ++ UK

Holidaymakers spending more as bookings rise -- BBC News (UK)

Average spending per holiday was £3,104 this week, up about 5% on last year; Spain is the most popular booking destination so far, along with Greece, the US and Turkey

Outline:  holiday bookings

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? UK, ? Starbucks, ? tiktok

Prince Harrys baggy shirts and jeans circa 2013 all make sense hes a TK Maxx fan -- The Guardian

The designer discount giant offers shopping at its most fundamental level; It describes its stores as “no frills” Clothing is simply divided into categories such as tops

Outline:  kensington high street shop

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  - Harry, ? TKMAXX, ? Peak Guardian

Laura Kuenssberg: Is Keir Starmer a prime minister in waiting? -- BBC News (UK)

Labour leader Keir Starmer is miles ahead in the polls, but is it a slam-dunk, surely; He faces a rival party with a serious habit of knocking lumps out of itself

Outline:  next prime minister

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ++ Tory, - Tories, -- Laura

Alexei Navalny: Concern grows for health of jailed Putin critic -- BBC News (UK)

German government says Alexei Navalny "is in urgent need of medical assistance" 500 Russian doctors sign open letter to President Vladimir Putin demanding that prison authorities stop "abusing" Navalny's lawyer says he has been suffering from chills, fever, severe cough and a low temperature in an i...

Outline:  russian opposition leader alexei navalny

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? Navalny, ? Russia, ? Julian

Greta Thunberg joins 'Pinky' and 'Brain' tunnel protest in Germany -- BBC News (UK)

Last resident of Lützerath in western Germany left more than a year ago; Activists trying to stop village being swallowed up by open coal mine

Outline:  swedish climate activist greta thunberg

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ++ Greta, ? Thunberg, ? Gremlins

More classified material found at Joe Biden's Delaware home -- BBC News (UK)

Mr Biden's lawyers have said the documents relate to his time as Obama's vice-president; One document with classified markings had already been found in the garage of his Delaware home this week

Outline:  classified documents

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ++ Biden, -- Trump, - BBC

Four unanswered questions about the Biden classified documents -- BBC News (UK)

An independent lawyer has been appointed by the justice department to investigate whether these papers were mishandled; The second tranche was found later in the garage of Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware

Outline:  biden administration records

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ± Trump, ? Ukraine, ? Biden

Romanian police seize luxury cars from British-American influencer Andrew Tate's property -- BBC News (UK)

Andrew Tate was detained alongside his brother Tristan last month as part of an investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape; Mr Tate was seen carrying what appeared to be a copy of the Quran as he walked into Bucharest Appeal Court handcuffed to his brother

Outline:  romanian police

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - Romania, - Tate, - Greta

Authorities seize several luxury cars from Andrew Tates Bucharest house -- The Guardian

Andrew Tate, 36, is accused of human trafficking, rape and forming an organised criminal gang to sexually exploit women; He was thrown off the UK reality show Big Brother in 2016 and became notorious for his misogynistic remarks and hate speech

Outline:  romanian prosecutors

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  ? Romania, ? matrix, ? Bucharest

Nurses' strike: Union says next one will be twice as big -- BBC News (UK)

Union leaders warn more nurses will be asked to strike next month in a bid to raise pressure on the government; The RCN has said nurses should receive a pay increase of 5% above inflation this year

Outline:  big more nurses

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  - NHS, ? Tory, ? London

Ambulance workers feel betrayed by government, union writes -- BBC News (UK)

GMB union accuses PM of "demonising" paramedics, call handlers and emergency care assistants; GMB represents more than 10,000 ambulance workers who went on strike on Wednesday

Outline:  striking ambulance staff

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- NHS, - Tories, -- Tory

UK to send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirms -- BBC News (UK)

UK to send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine to bolster country's war effort; Prime Minister Rishi Sunak spoke to Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky in a call on Saturday

Outline:  recent ukrainian victories

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- Ukraine, -- Russia, - NATO

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