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News for May 08, 2023

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Take That and Katy Perry bring Coronation concert to a close -- BBC News (UK)

Pa, were all so proud of you Prince William addresses crowd and his father King Charles at Coronation concert

Outline: (what is this?) coronation concert

Tone: (what is this?) ++ v. positive

Discussion: (what is this?) ++ William, -- Harry, ++ Charles

Prince William says he is "so proud" of his father King Charles -- BBC News (UK)

The Prince of Wales paid tribute to his "Pa" King Charles at Coronation concert at Windsor Castle; He said his grandmother would be "up there, fondly keeping an eye on us" William said: "I commit to serve you all

Outline:  prince william

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ++ Katy Perry, ? Prince William, ? india

Coronation news: Prince William and Kate mobbed in surprise Windsor appearance -- The Telegraph

Princess Anne is to join one the thousands of parties being thrown for King Charles III's on Sunday. Follow the latest from this on our live blog

Outline:  surprise windsor appearance princess anne

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? Tom Cruise, ? Lionel Richie, ? Nabin Simkhada

King Charles III's Coronation watched by more than 18 million viewers -- BBC News (UK)

An average of 18.8 million people tuned into watch the Coronation across 11 channels and services; Viewing peaked at 20.4 million as the King was crowned just after midday

Outline:  viewers

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  - UK, - BBC, + Diana

Watch the King's Coronation side by side with his mother's -- BBC News (UK)

Watch two coronations 70 years apart

Outline:  coronation

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  ++ Charles, ? India, ? bbc

How King Charles' Coronation 90 seconds -- BBC News (UK)

How the Coronation of King Charles and Queen Camilla unfolded

Outline:  queen camilla

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? india, ? King, ? Julian Assange

Town crowns its very own Coronation Chicken -- BBC News (UK)

Around 1,000 people attended the coronation of the chicken at Cinderford's Triangle; Buffy is a Buff-Orpington Sussex cross and is "a bit of a show-off and a poser", said her owner

Outline:  own coronation chicken

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  ? Ukraine, ? BBC, ? Buffy

Sinn Fin's Michelle O'Neill attended Coronation 'to be respectful' -- BBC News (UK)

The leaders of all Northern Ireland's main political parties were among the invited guests at the ceremony at Westminster Abbey; Ms O'Neill attended the event with party colleague Alex Maskey in his role as speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly

Outline:  northern ireland assembly

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  -- Ireland, ? Michelle O’Neill, ? Sinn Fein

Poland will be wealthier than Britain by 2030 its time we took notice -- The Telegraph

On its current path, Poland is on track to become wealthier than Britain by 2030 thanks to a post-communist economic miracle. And while Germany and France tie themselves in knots over Ukraine, Poland's star is on the rise. More here

Outline:  polish economy

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  + Poland, ++ EU, - Germany

Tata Steel warns of uncertainty over future of UK business -- BBC News (UK)

UK business of India's Tata Steel employs about 8,000 people, with half at the Port Talbot steelworks in Wales; Tata said a stress-test of its European arm to assess the impact of a downturn flagged concerns for the UK unit

Outline:  uk business tata steel

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  + UK, + Tata, ? Wales

Russia-Ukraine war live: Wagner group head says he has been promised more ammunition as it happened -- The Guardian

Russia-Ukraine war live: Kyiv launches wave of drone attacks on Crimea, says governor

Outline:  ukrainian military

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? Russia, ? crimea, ? Turkey

King Charles said we can never be on time at coronation, lip reader claims -- The Guardian

Monarch reportedly said ‘there’s always something’ during the build-up to his coronation; The monarch and Camilla arrived at Westminster Abbey early and were forced to wait outside

Outline:  ceremony king charles

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? Penny Mordaunt, ? Bitcoin, ? Chuck

How the young Royals enjoyed the Coronation -- BBC News (UK)

Prince Louis, the youngest royal at the Coronation, had his sister Princess Charlotte to hold his hand; Princess Charlotte held his hand, physically and metaphorically during the two-hour church service

Outline:  youngest royal

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  - Andrew, ? BBC, ? UK

Creating King's anointing screen was an honour, says designer -- BBC News (UK)

Aidan Hart, of Shropshire, created the design for the embroidered screen; The screen protected the King as sacred oils were applied by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Westminster Abbey

Outline:  anointing screen

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ? U.K., ? Debbie Mcgee, ? Rissho Koseikai

Met accused of siding with far-right group in anti-drag act protest -- The Guardian

Supporters of drag queen lodge complaint over police behaviour during latest ‘culture war’ confrontation; TPUK organised protest outside pub because it was staging children’s story events hosted by drag acts

Outline:  anti - drag act protest supporters

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ± Hitler, - Guardian, ++ YouTube

Railway company phone battery warning over e-tickets -- BBC News (UK)

Passengers who fail to present their ticket could be liable for a £100 penalty; EMR said staff on ticket gates had chargers but charging customers' phones could lead to delays

Outline:  railway company phone battery warning

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ? uk, ? india, ? BBC

Coronation balcony scene was terribly white, says Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh -- The Telegraph

Bridgerton star Adjoa Andoh called the Royal familys balcony appearance during the Coronation terribly white. reports

Outline:  familys balcony appearance

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - Africa, + Britain, - Bridgerton

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