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News for Jun 16, 2022

The news is so noisy. An endless slew of stories pulling you every which way. Here's Newspin, with some noise-cancelling analysis!

Doctor Who actors spotted filming in central Bristol -- BBC News (UK)

Neil Patrick Harris and David Tennant spotted filming Doctor Who special in Bristol

Outline: (what is this?) filming, doctor

Tone: (what is this?) ++ v. positive

Discussion: (what is this?) BBC, Toymaker, David Tennant, Jon Pertwee

BBC unveils modernised flagship TV news studio -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  bbc, news, studio

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - BBC, UK, Oz, Huw Edwards

Exclusive: US fighters ‘captured’ by Russian forces in Ukraine -- The Telegraph

BREAKING: Two former US servicemen have been captured during fighting with Russian forces in Ukraine, the Telegraph has been told

Outline:  captured, fighting, russian

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - Russia, + Ukraine, -- Americans, ± US

Suspected Russian spy arrested at Gatwick Airport -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  russian, spy, arrested

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  - House of Lords, Russians, Rwanda, Ukraine

US says China’s support for Russia over Ukraine puts it on ‘wrong side of history’ -- The Guardian

Outline:  china, support, russia

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  ± US, ++ China, ++ Putin, Ukraine

Microsoft retires Internet Explorer after 27 years -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  retires, internet, explorer

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  ++ Windows, -- Microsoft, Internet Explorer, google

Trump’s raising of $250m for fund that ‘did not exist’ suggests possible fraud -- The Guardian

Outline:  fundraising, fraud

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joey Biden, Ukraine

Trump Jr urged fans to sign his father’s birthday card (only if they send a donation) -- The Guardian

Outline:  fundraising, emails, did

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  ± Trump, Hunter Biden, US, Donnie

Tiny tree frog found in bananas 4,000 miles from home -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  hispaniolan, tree, frog

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  ++ Rwanda, Patel, Australia, Africa

Eighteenth-century cockroach found in slave-trading ship’s accounts -- The Guardian

Outline:  eighteenth, century, cockroach

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  Jacob Rees, Charles Dickens, America

Why is petrol so expensive in the UK? -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  petrol, diesel, prices

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  -- UK, ++ France, -- Biden, -- BBC

Petrol prices hit new highs every day for a month -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  average, petrol, price

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - UK, BBC, Germany, Norway

Tell us: how have you been affected by rising petrol prices? -- The Guardian

Outline:  petrol, prices, charged

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  Putin, Pakistan, Netherlands, New England

Counterfeit chocolate worth £100,000 seized in raids on Oxford Street US-themed candy shops -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  counterfeit, chocolate, bars

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  London, Oxford Street, Steve, BELFAST

Counterfeit chocolate 'worth £100,000' seized in raids on Oxford Street US-themed candy shops -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  counterfeit, chocolate, bars

Tone:  + positive

Discussion:  London, Labour, Hershey

Rwanda asylum flight cancelled after legal action -- BBC News (UK)

Last-minute legal battle grounds Rwanda asylum flight

Outline:  rwanda, asylum, flight

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  - UK, ++ France, - Rwanda, -- Johnson

Rwanda: We're committed to asylum plan, says Priti Patel -- BBC News (UK)

Government plans new Rwanda flight after cancellation

Outline:  asylum, decisions, rwanda

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  - UK, - Rwanda, - Africa, -- Boris

Why are asylum seekers being sent to Rwanda? -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  rwanda, flight, asylum

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  + UK, ++ France, ± Rwanda, - Europe

NHS racism making doctors "anxious and depressed" -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  racism, making, doctors

Tone:  -- v. negative

Discussion:  -- NHS, ± UK, portugal, Britain

US author James Patterson sorry for saying white writers face racism -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  white, male, writers

Tone:  - negative

Discussion:  BBC, instagram, Mr. Patterson, UK

New textbooks for Hong Kong schools claim territory was never a British colony -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  hong, kong, returned

Tone:  ± mixed

Discussion:  ± China, -- Britain, - India, ± Hong Kong

Opening of new school delayed after ancient remains found -- BBC News (UK)

Outline:  houstone, school, houghton

Tone:  ++ v. positive

Discussion:  Elon Musk, ++ BBC, ALLAH, -- Andromeda Galaxy & Souls

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