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This holiday season, I‘d like to express my gratitude for your participation and interest in my work.  Your support and enthusiasm mean a great deal as I continue to expand my teaching and writing. I'll be sharing more in the form of this email newsletter, in the year ahead and will always welcome and appreciate any feedback and/or questions. I’m wishing you all a joyful season and a new year full of love,


I’ve been teaching with Stanford Continuing Studies for the past 7 years and am excited to offer The Art of Opening in the Moment: Relationships Simplified in January 2022.

This course will be for anyone interested in learning about Aperture Awareness, the method I developed  which focuses on staying in the present moment in relationship. Couples, singles, therapists, friends and colleagues – everyone is welcome!

On January 22 and 29, 2022, in a two-hour session, I will explain the following topics and practices:

  • Emotional apertures: The opening for connection
  • Aperture Awareness: A felt sensation and our superpower for connection
  • The importance of present-moment awareness for success in relationships
  • Using Aperture Awareness to navigate challenging conversations

Attendees will have the opportunity to practice simple and powerful techniques for staying open during challenging conversations.  Participants will leave the workshop with enhanced skills for connection in both personal and professional relationships. Therapists will acquire new ideas and skills that will enhance their knowledge for both individual and couple therapy.

I am glad to provide you with any additional information and can be reached by email or phone.

For more information or to register:

Here’s my recent post on Psychology Today entitled “Holiday COVID Conversation: Take Two.” It’s provides information on how to improve and strengthen our relationships through hard and challenging conversations.
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