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DecrimCA Events + Mushroom Classes + Mycology Lab Days

Hello Troublemakers,

This week we will be starting our Bay Area Meetings and will schedule the majority of them on the fourth week of the month.

The first one is in Oakland on Wednesday night and the second one is in SF on Thursday night.

If any of you would like to meet up before or after just send me a message.

Generally, we go out for some more fun after these events so it’s a good time all around.

We got a whopping three whole comments back from the 30-day public comment period with the state and here they are:

Initiatives Comments Report

21-0005 Proponent: Ryan Munevar Initiative Received: 07/12/2021

Support; it's time to repeal psilocybin prohibition.

Support; it's time to repeal psilocybin prohibition.

I support this initiative. We saw that without neighboring state Oregon that the people do understand that the war on drugs was a failure. On top of that we as people have realized that criminalizing drug users is not a good way to solve addiction in any way. As a California resident, I hope this will be allowed to gather signatures to appear on the 2022 ballot. We should allow regular people to use Psychedelic drugs recreationally if they so wish. We should allow the scientific and medical communities to study the effects these substances have on people. Lastly, if these substances were to be sold in the state of California, there is no way to stop the sale of them on illegal markets so California should be able to tax the sales of these drugs legally in our state's borders to have better revenues for our infrastructure. Thank You

I see that this drug could have positive effects but that it has not been proven. Until such time as the positive medical effects are proven and a clearly effective method of controlling the results to make such usage safe to the user and those around him, or her, adding any drug that alters the perception of reality is a mistake.

It’s a pity the State buries the comment sections deep on their website for initiatives when they should actually be sending out notices to all the registered voters about what’s being proposed but it is what it is.

We should have our Fiscal Impact Review and formal Title and Summary back from the State in roughly 3 weeks and will begin collecting signatures then.

So if you want to learn more and get involved check out the list of upcoming meetings.

-Ryan Munevar - Campaign Director




Every Tuesday night from 7-9 PM for the month of August we have our Volunteer Zoom Meetings.

Make friends, tell your story, and connect with others.

Register with the link above once and you will get access to all the future Volunteer Zoom Meetings.

Remember this is for registered volunteers that have already gone through their 15 minute interview meeting on Zoom.

Oakland Meeting Wednesday August, 18th 7-10 PM


DM @GalaxyLabs.CA for more info. | $5 Donation


SF Team Meeting 7-9 PM Thursday August 19th, 2021

The Velvet Raven - Chocolate Cafe

155A S Park St San Francisco, CA 94107


Spore Trek Mushroom Cultivation Classes every Saturday from 1 - 4 PM in Canoga Park

After taking the class each student can join the Mycology Lab Days from 1-6 PM on Sundays for the month of August to practice with various other techniques.

There will be NO psychedelic mushrooms, spores, or spore prints on site.

This is strictly a class on how to grow your own when it is decriminalized.

Everyone will leave with:

-1 monotub

-1 still air box

-1 container of sterilized medium


1:00 Class Starts

-Build a Mono Tub

-Build a Still Air Box

-Selecting Genetics

-Selecting Medium

-Sterilizing Medium

-Inoculating Medium

-Chore List for Cultivation

-Processing & Storage of Mushrooms

-Recommendations on Responsible Use and Dosages

3:00 Q&A

3:30 Pitch for Decriminalize California

4:00 End of Class


Free parking on site.

US Veterans can attend for free.


Copyright (C) 2021 Decriminalize California. All rights reserved.

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