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California Psilocybin Initiative 2022


On Monday July 12th, 2021 we submitted the California Psilocybin Initiative v 4.6 to the Office of the Attorney General with a cashiers check of $2,000 to trigger the 30 day public comment period that will close August 11th.

After that we have less than five days to make any minor changes to the language before getting the full Fiscal Impact and Title and Summary that will be printed at the top of the formal petition sheets once we begin circulating them.

We have dropped Decriminalize from the filing title because we go far beyond just decriminalizing and for the sake of brevity three words are better than four in a title.

The purpose of this act is to implement a comprehensive, statewide scheme authorizing and regulating the cultivation, processing, and distribution of Psilocybin Mushrooms and the chemical compounds contained therein for personal, medical, therapeutic, spiritual, religious, and dietary use.

We voted unanimously two meetings back to drop amnesty and expungement because we don't want to get hit by the state with another one time cost of ten million dollars to update the state criminal databases so we can go through and clean up Psilocybin arrest records.

It will be easier to Decriminalize All Drugs in 2024 similar to what Oregon did and then update the databases and get amnesty and expungement built into it. We will also get a lot more support for that with the other communities affected by hard drugs and it will be easier during a presidential election as opposed to a gubernatorial election.

We also dumped the findings and declarations section in order to compress the language down enough to fit on an 8.5 x 11 double sided sheet of paper with enough room for one, maybe two more signatures on the back. This will make it far easier for people to print off sheets locally and it will drop our printing cost significantly.

We have added a section on analytical laboratory testing for packaged psilocybin mushroom products in order to solve the bottleneck issues we had with cannabis when there were not enough labs to test the product in the beginning.

We have added a section on the labeling that if you come from the cannabis industry you will probably appreciate.

Instead of these types of warning symbols for cannabis:

We have this one for the Universal Psilocybin Symbol:

Last but certainly not least taxes for Psilocybin Mushrooms that are sold or grown for medical, therapeutic, religious, or spiritual purposes shall not be subject to any sales, use, or excise tax.

Products labeled and sold as dietary supplements shall be taxed at the local sales tax rate at the point of sale.

If all goes well and society isn’t shut down from another round of the plague, murder hornets, or an alien invasion(my personal favorite) then we should begin collecting signatures starting in early September of this year.

We will then have 180 days to collect 623,212 valid signatures.

For those of you that wish to be added as formal proponents please send an email to for more details.

Also the volunteer days in the Hollywood Office are starting back up, so if you are interested in that please contact us for the weekly sign up schedule.

I would also like to thank all the current volunteers that have attended our weekly zoom meetings these past few months as we have continued improving the language and I look forward to drafting future initiatives with you all.

Historically what we have already done is the truest most sincere form of open source politics and brings us one step closer to a proper direct democracy by electronic debate.


-Ryan Munevar

DecrimCA - Campaign Director




Decriminalize California is having a private mushroom potluck hosted by the LA County Team at a private residence in Bel Air.

We will be celebrating the submission of the California Psilocybin Initiative 2022 language to the State and Ryan Munevar read the language, answer any questions, and go over the campaign timeline.

Either bring a gourmet mushroom potluck dish or something super tasty or make a $20 donation to the campaign.

Since this is a private event you will need to be an approved volunteer that has already gone through the 15-minute Zoom interview before we will give you the password to access the ticket link above.


We are happy to announce that we have strategically partnered with SporeTrek and now have an in kind office donation of a 700 sq ft facility in Canoga Park(LA County) to begin teaching classes, hold workshops, meetings, with scheduled lab days every Sunday from 12 noon to 6 PM to practice various mycological techniques.

The first class is this Saturday from 12-3 PM.

There will be NO psychedelic mushrooms, spores, or spore prints on site.

This is strictly a class on how to grow your own when it is decriminalized.

Everyone will leave with:

-1 monotub

-1 still air box

-1 container of sterilized medium

The cost of $100 is waived if you are signed up as a volunteer for the campaign and have already worked a day in the Hollywood or Costa Mesa HQ before the class.


12:00 Class Starts

-Build a Mono Tub

-Build a Still Air Box

-Selecting a Strain

-Selecting Medium

-Sterilizing Medium

-Inoculating Medium

-Chore List for Cultivation

-Processing & Storage of Mushrooms

-Recommendations on Responsible Use and Dosages

1:30 Q&A

3:30 Pitch for Decriminalize California

3:00 PM End of Class


Free parking on site.


Every Tuesday night from 7-9 PM for the month of July we have our Volunteer Zoom Meetings. Register with the link above once and you will get access to all 4 of the events. Make friends, tell your story, and connect with others. ;)


Blueprints Summer Banger: Shlump, XOTIX, AEØN, MHYTEE, MASSIVISH

Saturday, July 31st, 2021, 8 PM - 2 AM

3 Disciples Brewing Company (Future Signing Spot for Petitions)

501 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401

21+ $20 ONLINE



Copyright (C) 2021 Decriminalize California. All rights reserved.

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