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A BIPOC Farm Co-op Grows with TESA Collective’s Support

Two dark-skinned people stand close together, smiling, one with the arm around the other’s shoulders. The person on the left wears a blue button-up, a white apron with orange straps, and a pageboy cap, and has a salt-and-pepper beard. The person on the right has long auburn braids, an orange long-sleeved shirt, and a green apron on. They stand in front of an outdoor farm stand with colorful fruits and vegetables behind them.

This Black History Month, learn about a cooperative venture that TESA Collective is supporting, Ujamaa. The name comes from one of the principles of Kwanzaa, and also a Swahili word popularized by the former Tanzanian president and scholar Julius Nyerere. Ujamaa, or Cooperative Economics, is a clarion call for the Black community to self-define its economic future by building black-owned businesses and cooperatives. That’s exactly what Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance aims to do. Read on to learn how our team is supporting their incredible work to increase diversity in the farming and the seed industries, providing more opportunities and support for growers from historically oppressed and marginalized communities.

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