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July 2020
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The paperback, Emperors of the Deep-The Shark, reveals many exciting new discoveries on sharks and why we need these magnificent apex predators. The reader will learn new insights into great whites, hammerheads, tigers and others.
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The Struggle to Live

My friend was walking on the beach and found a dead shark. She was not sure why the shark died, but something odd was going on. Another shark was coming out of the gills. The dead shark had been pregnant, and the pups were struggling to get out of the mother. They broke through the gill slit. My friend was kind enough to pull the baby shark through and eventually throw it in the ocean. Life always seeks a way to survive.

Shark Deaths

A woman was killed in Maine and shark sightings off Long Beach, Long Island caused beaches to close there. In spite of these tragedies, we have to recognize that sharks are not looking for us, but rather their prey items and sometimes, they make mistakes. Pictured here is a ray killed by a great white off Long Island. Seals, rays and even other sharks are on the menu, not people. If we avoid the sharks and get out of the water and do not wear wet suits that make us look like seals, we can find a way to coexist. Obviously, what has happened in Maine is a great tragedy; however, wilderness areas are always uncertain.
Giant Megalodon Tooth Found 

A giant Megalodon tooth was found among the islands of the Philippines. It measures a remarkable 3 inches high by 2.5 inches wide so it is as big as a man’s hand and three times larger than those of a great white. Because the megalodon's skeleton was made from cartilage and not bones, there are no fossils for scientists to study. I discuss in my book how the great whites outcompeted the megalodon and replaced them as one of the ocean’s great apex predators.
Shark Ecotourism is the Future

Shark ecotourism is burgeoning around the world and generates $300 million dollars in revenues. Right here near New York is the Sea Turtle Charters operating in Montauk NY. They are an excellent dive company offering cage shark diving with blues, hammerheads, makos and other sharks. This is the kind of activity that people should be doing when it comes to sharks, seeing them up close and realizing just how magnificent they are. Go to the charter’s website to learn more about their shark cage diving operations
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