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June 2020
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The paperback, Emperors of the Deep-The Shark, reveals many exciting new discoveries on sharks and why we need these magnificent apex predators. The reader will learn new insights into great whites, hammerheads, tigers and others.
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Great Whites Swim Next to Surfers

Two surfers in New South Wales, Australia were completely unaware of two great whites lurking beneath them.  A man's drone spotted the sharks and yelled at the surfers who immediately rushed back to shore. They had no idea there were sharks just a few feet away. 

The take-away message- the surfers said they were 'reassured' the sharks weren't interested in them.

The media described the event in the usual theatrical terms: "Two Great White sharks have been captured in terrifying footage stalking a group of unsuspecting surfers." Take a look at the photo. Sharks are clearly not in stalking mode. 

Hammerheads pursue blacktip sharks in Florida.

South Africa and Australia Great Connection 

Blacktip sharks evade hammerheads in this video by swimming into the shallow water. Hammerheads are true apex predators and they keep other shark populations like blacktips under control. Read more...

Video From Florida Atlantic University

Chinese Boat Murders Crew

Four Indonesian seamen, enslaved on the fishing boats of China’s Dalian Ocean Fishing Co. Ltd., died between December 2019 and April 2020 due to the hazardous working conditions on board the boats. The bodies of three of them were dumped overboard for fear of disease, infuriating Jakarta.
Not surprisingly, the boats were finning sharks. The nexus of shark finning, slavery and over-exploitation of the oceans has a common theme- utter contempt for basic rights of man and beast. For more on this story, click here.

Read my book for more details on slavery and China on the high seas.

Photo from boat Long Xing 629
Boris Johnson is a Hero for Sharks

Boris Johnson wants to get rid of shark fin soup. Mr. Johnson has said: “We can get on with things the British people have wanted to do for years, like … banning shark-fin soup. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s cruel to cut off the fins of a shark and chuck it back in the water. But unfortunately we can’t ban shark-fin soup because of EU rules.” Boris Johnson gets a thumbs-up when he said the UK could ban shark-fin soup after Brexit. EU trade rules, which the prime minister cited, are only one of the obstacles to outlawing a trade that conservationists say is abhorrent.

However, after quitting the European Union, the UK would still be subject to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, which could prevent a UK ban on shark-fin exports. It is time to pressure the WTO and EU to revise their rules and ban trading in shark fins. Read more...

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