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Welcome to In an Auscape! What's an auscape? It's a word my friend Katie came up with that means "The sensation of a second stretching into a minute, a mile, or a year." Is that fresh or what? This newsletter is where I'll describe my (bi)weekly minutes, miles, and years. Thanks for coming along for the ride.
What I'm About
I know a few people, readers of this newsletter, even, who are notorious shitposters: people who spend time on social media only saying what's wrong with things, critiquing and sharing cynical takes, never taking a moment to celebrate or share joy. 

I fear that I can lean toward this territory at times, so I'm going to share some joy and celebration today. There is so much to celebrate, even in the face of ongoing struggle. Political wins, personal moments of pleasure and excitement, new life, happy changes. Here's some of what's thrilling me these days.

There are so many friendships and babies to celebrate in my life, near and far, new and old. I love my longest friendships dearly, and I can't wait to see what my new friendships bring. I'm thrilled to have lots of kids and babies in my life.

I'm keeping my long-distance friendships strong with virtual Shabbat, online game nights (and days!), FaceTime baking, Zoom birthday parties, and yes, even telephone calls. 

Our new home is constantly thrilling! We have a fire pit! A front porch! A stained glass window! Two couches! IN DIFFERENT ROOMS!!

My work is interesting and often fun, and I'm honored and proud of what I do and what our movement is accomplishing together. My colleagues and supervisors are incredibly generous, flexible, and kind.

We are having a great time exploring Richmond: the bridges over the James River, the parks and paths, the (takeout) restaurants, the public art and the incredible movement work. 

And while the pandemic has ravaged so many lives and upended so many families, we are incredibly lucky to be healthy and safe, and intend to do all we can to keep it that way.
Who I Followed
B&W graphic of Barack Obama with JFK in the background
Decolonizing Thanksgiving
I know you're not traveling or seeing people outside your household this year, so here are some ways you can start to retell the story of the genocide of Native people. Next year, you can bring these new traditions to the people you love and aren't celebrating with this year.

Learn about the real history of Thanksgiving.

Cook Native dishes with native ingredients.

Support the Landback Campaign

And, as always, if you're in Seattle, pay rent!
Pleasure Fix
Richmond has a great bike share with a docking station just a few blocks from home. We've taken a few excellent bike rides down to the James River, walked over an incredible suspension bridge, and even tried an electric scooter.
As you read this: With any luck, I'm eating a bagel with the works!
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