The Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg
Discussion Platform #3
With Serge Allegrezza (general director of the STATEC)
In the presence of and on invitation by the artist Claudia Passeri

Also present: 
Misch Feinen (plastician and musician) et Julia Maria Zimmerman (president of the Board of Directors of the CID: Fraen a Gender)

Within the framework of the exhibition: Freigeister
Sat 22.01.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR/LU
Booking required:

Fee (breakfast included): 15€ | 5€ for students
In the preparatory phase of the Freigeister exhibition, days of exchange have involved artists, the museum, and outside experts, to reflect upon the most significant issues affecting Luxembourg today. Mudam would like you to join this discussion about the complex realities of contemporary Luxembourg.

The platform – a moment of convivial exchanges around breakfast – continues with a brief introduction to her work by artist Claudia Passeri, followed by a presentation by guest expert Serge Allegrezza (general director of the STATEC, Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques).

Dr Serge Allegrezza holds a Master of Economics and a PhD in Applied Economics. He's the director of the STATEC since 2003. He's also the director of the Observatory for Competitiveness (Ministry of Economy) since 2005.


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Photo credits:
Views of the exhibition Freigeister. Fragments of an art scene in Luxembourg and beyond
11.11.2021 – 27.02.2022, Mudam Luxembourg
© Photos: Marion Dessard | Mudam Luxembourg
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