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The most common Barnevelder coloring is brown and black double-laced. But there are also white, blue double-laced, and silver double-laced variations.

Learn more about the Barnevelder chicken breed.

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Barnevelder Chicken Breed

Breed Profile: Barnevelder Chicken

Barnevelder Eggs Famous for Dark Shells

 Barnevelder chickens were developed from Dutch landrace and Asiatic chickens for their large brown eggs. Later they were standardized to double-laced plumage. They make charming backyard foragers. Read more >> 

Got your hen's back?

It's tough to look at but many flocks have that amorous rooster that causes damage to the hen's back. Protect her from further damage and other pecking hens by providing her with a Hen Saver®. Prompt healing with its durable and breathable design. Order yours today!

Hen Saver
Breed Chickens for Show and Fun

How to Breed Chickens for Show and Fun

Getting to the Poultry Show Cages to Find Breeding Stock
How do you breed chickens? Chickens will do that all on their own, but for those of us who want a little creative control over the process, there are more technicalities to consider. My intention for this article is to give you a strong overview of how to get started in the world of fancy show chickens. We’re assuming you’ve found the breed you want to work with, but if you don’t know yet, read my primer on show chicken breeds first. Read more >>
Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert – June/July 2021

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Q: I try to collect eggs every day, but sometimes I skip a day, and when I feel the egg, it feels frozen. Do eggs freeze, and is it safe to eat them after they’ve thawed? A: I hate frozen eggs! Laying slows in winter anyway, then when you do find eggs, they’re frozen. If they’ve cracked, it’s best to toss them or use them on dog food, especially if there is any poo or mud on the outside. Read more >>
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