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Emergencies happen. We can't always avoid them, but we can prepare for them.

Today learn what first aid items to have on hand and how to use them.

Happy Homesteading,

Ann Tom

First Aid Kits for Livestock

Creating a First Aid Kit for Livestock

Keep These First Aid Kit Contents on Hand in Case of a Livestock Emergency

When it comes to a first aid kit contents list and their uses, you’ll find that many common items can be used on different species of livestock. Having some basic items always available in your emergency kit means you’re better prepared for problems that might arise, whether it’s a dairy goat that’s been bitten by a dog and has deep wounds, or a chicken struggling with bumblefoot. Read more >>
American Guinea Hog

American Guinea Hogs

A Friendly, Easy-to-Manage Hog Breed

American Guinea hogs could be the best choice for homesteading families. The all-black, small-sized hog is a champion at foraging for food and requires little to no additional grain feeding. Guinea hogs are a popular choice for homesteads for their easy-going, non-aggressive disposition. Read more >>
Cattle Shed Designs

Cattle Shed Design for a Small Herd

All-Access Member Exclusive from Countryside Magazine

Cattle farming for beginners is all about starting out from scratch and building the correct facility. Cattle shed design is an important part of the improvements. DIY fence installation will also consume a large portion of time and budget. Building your own fencing and shelters will save you considerable funds if you have learned the skills needed. Read more >>
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