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While many goat hoof problems can be prevented, it helps to know how to deal with those that happen, so you can get your goats back on their feet in no time!

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Goat Hoof Problems

Common Goat Hoof Problems

Goat Hoof Rot, Laminitis, and More
Goat hoof problems can cause lameness and lead to economic losses due to reduced food intake/weight gain, reduced milk production, and/or lower reproduction rates. And even if your goat is a pet with no real economic value, pain and suffering are reasons enough to treat them quickly and effectively.  Read more >> 

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Guide to Working With Farm Animals
Goat and Cow Milk

Goat Milk for Cow Milk Protein Allergies

Is Goat Milk Dairy? Yes, but Here's Why It Works for Cow Milk Allergies

In the debate between goat milk vs. cow milk, there is often the question of whether a milk protein allergy to one equals an allergy to both. In short; yes and no. However, for those without a true allergy but having sensitivity to cow milk, whether concerning the amount of lactose or other digestive issues, they can often partake of goat milk without the unpleasant side effects that they get with cow milk.  Read more >> 

What Is a CVI and Who Needs One?

All-Access Member Exclusive from Goat Journal Magazine

Are you planning to sell goats to a farm in another state? Transporting the herd as part of an out-of-state move? Attending a livestock show far from home? You will likely need a certificate of veterinary inspection. Read more >>
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