Frankly Speaking 7.1.19

by Frank Wang
A weekly(-ish) newsletter on random thoughts in tech and research. I am an investor at Dell Technologies Capital and a recovering academic. I am interested in security, blockchain, and devops.

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Sorry, I've been falling behind on Frankly Speaking, and there also won't be one this week. I was at AWS Re:inforce in Boston, which is the first cloud security conference hosted by AWS. I had high expectations going in, and I was surprised to have learned a lot and had a very curated conference experience. AWS did a great job, and I will be going back next year!

This week is also a short week with the July 4th, so hope everyone has some good time off. Then, I am off to board meetings, and then Blackhat is shortly around the corner. This is combined with my regular day-to-day. Honestly, whoever talks about "chill VC summers" is lying! Looking at my summer, it's probably as busy, if not busier, than the rest of my year. 

This is probably a short "Let's Be Frank" post, but if you look at any job in a competitive space (and there's a reason that it's competitive because others want to do it), you have to work hard to stay ahead. It might be chill in the beginning when others don't want the job, but soon enough, it will be like any other job. Every job requires work if you want to do it properly. Even the best athletes have to train hard to stay ahead. It's like being at the head of the race, you have to look back to see how far others are creeping up because those behind you always want to get ahead. 

Anyway, hope that serves as some Monday motivation, and for those thinking about VC, forget about "VC summers"! Happy July 4th everyone!

This holiday will give me some time to catch up and write a full Frankly Speaking next week, so stay tuned!

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