The Downtown programme is creating a generous and welcoming destination along the water’s edge that is recognisably Tāmaki Makaurau. 
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Friday, 19 March 2021

Kia ora neighbours and friends,
If you made it downtown this week, especially on Wednesday to see Emirates Team New Zealand win the 36th America's Cup, you would have experienced a vibe that was almost pre-covid in energy. It was wonderful to see our new wide footpaths full of people laughing and celebrating the days away. 

Quay Street is rapidly transforming into a people-focused space with a clear connection to the sea. In the wake of Team New Zealand’s rapturous victory, Our Auckland reflects on how far the area has come - click here to read how Auckland's Harbour Edge Stitch moves from bold concept to exciting reality
Kia kaha, don't forget to use your NZ COVID Tracer app and happy reading!
Supporting Local

Comtiva Wellness Lab has opened on Quay

Comvita's beautiful Wellness Lab aims to tap into our senses to help us gain a better understanding of bees and honey; they have now opened their experiential new store at 139 Quay Street. 

'True appreciation comes by immersing yourself in the story and engaging all of your senses. Comvita would like to invite you to come on a unique journey with us, to discover more about our friends the bees, their natural environment in Aotearoa and the amazing honey they produce. Taste 3 honeys including the rare newly launched Manuka UMF 25+ for a limited time only'

True appreciation comes by immersing yourself in the story and engaging all of your senses. For your 30 minute tasting experience book here:

Step into their magical interactive forest online here:

Covid-19 financial support for businesses

Resurgence Support Payment

The last day to apply is 22 March for the alert level increase on 14 February. 

Financial support is still available for eligible businesses that have experienced a 30% downturn over the current period of Alerts Level 3 & 2. Applications for the Resurgence Support Payment are open - find out more about eligibility, how much your business may be eligible to receive and how to apply here:
Significant works / site changes

Current site layout 

click map to enlarge
Project timelines

Quay Street enhancement streetscape

  • Quay Street Enhancement - major works complete late April 2021.

Te Wānanga (Downtown Public Space)

  • Te Wānanga is programmed to have major works completed in late May and open to the public in early June 2021.

Ferry Basin Redevelopment

  • Ferry Basin Redevelopment - complete late April 2021 but not open for ferry services until June 2021.
Area specific work update
Noise mitigation will be used for all loud activity, and access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Consented site working hours are: 
  • Monday to Friday 6.30am to 10.30pm
  • Saturday 7.00am to 11.00pm | Sunday 9.00am to 7.00pm. 
Quay Street enhancement: northern footpath
Princes Wharf to Commerce Street
Artist render

Line marking of the new cycle lane continued this week from Caption Cooks Wharf down to the Ferry Building. The cycle lane is for bikes and scooters only, please do not use is as a footpath.

Paving works are powering along bringing the northern footpath close to completion. New seating and rubbish bins are being installed and finishing works continue on the new streetlights and traffic lights.

Pedestrian access along the northern footpath from Burger Boy to the Ferry Building and terminal is programmed to open just after Easter. Public access onto Te Wānanga will be available in early June 2021.

Site fencing will remain along the roadside of the Quay Street northern footpath until June when all planting and street furniture installation works are complete. We will reduce the size of the fences as soon as rain gardens have been filled with soil, and will continue to open up more areas when it is safe to do so.  Access to businesses is maintained at all times.

Progress photos along northern footpath.

We will be able to open a thoroughfare along this new northern footpath just after Easter!
Quay Street East enhancement: northern footpath
Commerce Street to Britomart Place 
The footpath and cycle lane from Captain Cooks Wharf to Britomart Place are complete and open.

The cycle lane from Commerce Street to Caption Cooks Wharf is complete but will remain behind 1.2m high fencing at this point in time. Cyclists will continue to use the temporary path that runs along the red fence from Queens Wharf until June.

The new planter boxes have been covered in upcycled scrim to decorate and protect the timber framing of the temporary planter boxes that will be planted in May/June.
Quay Street enhancement: southern footpath
Commerce Street to Lower Hobson Street
Artist render

Along the southern side of Quay Street, all raingardens and tree pits have now been uncapped and emptied with new bench seating, traffic poles and street poles are currently being installed. Paving works continue. 

The new footpaths on the Lower Hobson Street / Quay Street south eastern corner outside M Social (image below) have now opened but fencing remains around the raingardens and new street furniture.

Raingardens will be planted in May/June this year.

Progress photos along southern footpath.

Fencing has been pushed back to allow a wider footpath access along the southern side of Quay Street.
Street furniture installation is now underway between Commerce Street and Lower Queen Street.
Lower Albert Street Bus Interchange
The Lower Albert Street Bus interchange is now complete. Temporary traffic management (cones) will remain in place from the new red carpet middle crossing north until Quay Street is running in its final alignment and all lanes on Lower Albert Street can be utilised.
  • New Lower Albert Street bus stop is open for Birkenhead bus services to the North Shore, routes 95B, 95C, 95G, 97B, 97R and 97V.
  • NX1 and western bus services will return to Lower Albert Street in late April 2021.
Te Wānanga (Downtown Public Space)
Artist render

Seemingly floating above the Downtown Ferry Basin, Te Wānanga, the new downtown public space is an impressive feat of engineering.  A design partnership with Mana Whenua elevated design thinking to deliver a project that expresses local identity, culture history and aspirations for the future. 

Works continue around Te Wānanga's new deck to install the balustrades and leaners.
Sandblasting to create a non-slip architectural finish to the new deck surface is now underway.

Over the coming months, custom designed street furniture, light poles, a drinking fountain, Kupenga nets a will start being installed so this wonderful new space can be opened for you by June.

Progress photos for Te Wānanga.

Stencil used for sand blasting of new deck area for Te Wānanga is underway.
Ferry Basin Redevelopment - Stage 1

Artist render

The Ferry Basin Redevelopment project is an integral part of the $350 million Downtown Programme, and will see the creation of six new berths in the Ferry Basin.

It is another step towards modern, consolidated ferry infrastructure for Auckland. It will have improved accessibility and greater operational flexibility, which will help accommodate increased passenger numbers.

The new Ferry Basin infrastructure is expected to be open and operational for ferry passengers mid-2021.

Public Transport Updates

Waiheke ferry services

Waiheke ferry services have now returned to Pier 2. 

Timetable updates (click to link)

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