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Friday, 19 February 2021

Kia ora neighbours and friends,
Welcome back to Alert level 2 Auckland, let's just hope we level down from here!

Last week we shared our story from Our Auckland about one of the Project's most important milestones to date; finishing the seismic strengthening of Quay Street’s historic seawall. The completion of this foundation project ensures our waterfront is secured for the next 100 years.

Newshub also took a tour around the Downtown Programme on Friday to discuss this very milestone.  To watch our team on TV3’s Newshub pop over to .

In the wise words of Auckland Transport Portfolio Delivery Director for Strategic Programmes, Mieszko Iwaskow, “Sometimes it’s the things you don’t see that make a really big difference.”

Kia kaha, don't forget to use your NZ COVID Tracer app and happy reading!
What's on Downtown

Resurgence Support Payment

New financial support is available for eligible businesses that have experienced a 30% downturn over the current period of Alerts Level 3 & 2. Applications for the Resurgence Support Payment open next Monday 23 February - find out more about eligibility, how much your business may be eligible to receive and how to apply here:

Things to do the Heart of the City this weekend

Heart of the City have you covered this weekend if you are looking to get out and about in the city centre. From weird and wonderful Weta Workshops to art exhibitions and pop-up summer gardens, or simply grabbing an icecream to go and taking a stroll along the waterfront just click HERE to pop over to their website for all the info you will need.
 Te Wānanga

Stunning coastal shelf nears completion,
opening downtown to the sea

Te Wānanga proud to put people at its heart

Many of you will have seen Te Wānanga (the new downtown public space) take shape over the last year.
Seeming to float above the harbour, the space really is an impressive feat of engineering, with thousands of tonnes of reinforcing steel and concrete has been used to create this new waterfront public space.
In the video released today (above), the extent of the works to construct the platform that extends over the Waitematā Harbour is revealed.
The calm of Te Wānanga is contrasted by the complex lattice work of reinforcing steel and piles supporting the concrete platform and the steel planters weighing up to 22 tonnes where pōhutukawa will be planted.”
Construction will be completed by the end of April with Te Wānanga open to the public in May 2021.
Planting and minor works will continue through May and June when the pōhutukawa removed from Quay Street early in the Downtown Programme, will be returned to become part of Auckland’s expanding Ngahere.

Visit Our Auckland here for the full story
Significant works / site changes

New site establishment along Quay Street's southern side

Lower Albert Street to Te Komititanga (Lower Queen Street)

Unfortunately the recent wild wet weather delayed our paving crew finishing the cycle lane. The below shift and new site establishment roll out is now programmed to be complete early next week along Quay Street's southern side down to Lower Albert Street. This new site will enable us to complete the remaining rain gardens, paving and amenity installation (bench seating and street light installation).

Key messages:

  • Loss of temporary loading bay at the end of Te Komititanga (LQS) for up to two weeks.
  • Quay Street traffic shifts to the northern side to make room for new site area.
  • Two-way traffic flow maintained.
  • Cycle lane maintained.
  • Southern footpath and access to Commercial Bay is maintained.
  • Quay Street pedestrian crossings maintained.

Fender piling underway in Ferry Basin

The replacement of the temporary fender piles is now underway from a jack-up barge located in the Ferry Basin. These fender piles prevent contact between boats and the Te Wānanga deck.
Eight of the nine temporary marine fender piles have now been removed and three permanent ones have been completed to date.  

We have approximately two weeks of works remaining from the jack-up barge.
Each week roughly consists of:

  • One half day of pile vibing works to insert the new pile casings (x3) into the seabed (vibration and minor noise).
  • One full day of pile drilling works to lock the pile casings an additional 3m deeper into the rock under the seabed (loud noise and some vibration).
  • One full day of concrete pours to construct the new piles.
  • One day of finishing works (cleaning, painting etc).
  • One day to move the barge west to complete the next set.
  • Repeat.
Area specific work updates
Noise mitigation will be used for all loud activity, and access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Consented site working hours are: 
Monday to Friday 6.30am to 10.30pm
Saturday 7.00am to 11.00pm | Sunday 9.00am to 7.00pm. 


Streetscape works

  • Major works completed by April 2021.
  • Minor works (amenity installation & seasonal planting) ongoing to June 2021.

Artist Renders

click each image to enlarge


This section highlights the completed areas of works as it is too easy to forget what once was. Thank you for your patience.

Galway Street upgrade

Galway Street then....
Galway Street now!
Current works underway
Lower Hobson Street intersection

Lower Hobson Street / Quay Street / Princes Wharf /
Eastern Viaduct intersection

North western corner (outside Burger Boy)
Street furniture / lighting installation complete end-Feb 2021
Planting complete June 2021
  • Installation of new bench seats around the raingarden are complete. 
  • Final paving and grouting works around new street furniture is now complete.
  • Temporary fencing to remain in place until planting season (May/June).
South eastern corner (outside M Social)
Full paving complete end February 2021
Street furniture / lighting installation by March 2021
Planting by June 2021
  • Only paving works remain and will be complete by end of this month.
  • Planting and landscaping works in May/June.
Princes Wharf
All paving now complete 
  • All three lanes are now open for Princes Wharf (2x out & 1x in).
  • Pedestrian signals for crossing are in operation.
Northern side of Quay Street
Melt to Pier 4 crossing
Street furniture / lighting installation by March 2021
Full paving complete April 2021

Planting by June 2021
  • Melt, Burger & Brew and OK Gift Shop are all open for business.
  • Final paving works are progressing well.
  • Pedestrian route changes will now only be minor going forward.
  • Temporary fencing line will remain in place until rain gardens are planted.

Ferry Basin (road side of Te Wānanga)

Pier 4 crossing to Ferry Building
Prepping for final concrete pour in this area

Street furniture / lighting installation complete by March 2021
Full paving complete April 2021

Planting by June 2021
  • Paving for new northern footpath continues.
  • Construction of new cycle lane continues - only one concrete pour remains.

Te Wānanga (Downtown Public Space)

New deck area over water

New fender piles being installed in Ferry Basin

Fender piling complete early March 2021
Street furniture / lighting installation by April 2021

Planting by June 2021

  • Temporary fender pile removal and replacement is underway. Almost all temporary piles have now been removed and three permanent piles are installed. 
  • Balustrade and leaner installation continues around the edge of the new deck.  
  • Over the coming months, work will focus on locating custom designed seating areas for relaxation.
Ferry Building to Captain Cooks Wharf
Northern side of Quay Street
New stone bench seats have now been installed but will shift location when the road opens at its final alignment.

New asphalt footpath and cycle lane complete by mid-February
Full paving complete early 2021

Street furniture / lighting installation by March 2021
  • New cycle lane from Queens Wharf to Captain Cook's Wharf is now open. 
  • New stone bench seating has been temporarily placed in front of Ferry Building. Once Quay Street lanes are in their final alignment these will shift to their permanent locations along the northern footpath.
  • Grey temporary fencing will now start to reduce through this area as Quay Street lanes shift into their final alignment.
  • No access from the Ferry Building to Pier 4 until April along the northern footpath due to construction works - please use southern side of Quay Street footpath.
Southern side of Quay Street
Commerce Street to Lower Albert Street
Final paving works are now underway.

Full paving completion early 2021
Street furniture / lighting installation by April 2021
Planting by June 2021
  • New streetlight poles have now been installed Commerce to Lower Queen Street.
  • Paving works are almost complete Commerce to Lower Queen Street.
  • Stone seating will start to be installed from next week Commerce to Lower Queen Street.
  • New site established from Lower Queen Street towards Lower Albert Street (will be through to LAS early next week).
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare along footpath and access to all buildings is maintained.
Lower Albert Street
Streetscape upgrade and bus interchange works
  • New Lower Albert Street bus stop is open for Birkenhead bus services to the North Shore, routes 95B, 95C, 95G, 97B, 97R and 97V.
  • All works south of the pedestrian over bridge are now complete.
  • The northern cones lines will stay in place until Quay street is in its final alignment.

Ferry Basin Redevelopment

All berths fully operational by mid-2021

  • Installation of all canopies for the new berths are now complete.
  • Finishing works ongoing until end-April 2021.
  • New berths scheduled to be in operation by mid-2021.
  • Berths 5 and 6 have now been handed over and are operational.
Ferry Basin redevelopment video:
1 News story and footage:

Public Transport 

Waiheke ferry services

Waiheke ferry services have temporarily relocated from berth 2B and 2C to the recently completed berths at Piers 1D & 1E until early March 2021.
The temporary shift is to facilitate works in the Ferry Basin, installing fender piles to protect the northern deck of Te Wananga, the newly created downtown public space. These works are part of the Downtown programme’s Ferry Basin redevelopment project.
Auckland Transport and Fullers360 are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition for Waiheke ferry commuters during this time. 

Auckland Transport's 2020/21 bus and ferry changes and improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is making some changes to its public transport network to better meet the needs of a developing Auckland.

Improved bus routes are being introduced to reach some of Auckland’s developing suburbs and more ferry sailings where they are needed most. New electric buses are also being introduced to work towards a greener transport fleet.

AT is also making reductions to some public transport service operations. Following the COVID-19 pandemic AT must contribute to the overall cost savings Auckland Council is required to make.

Click here for more information.

Ferry changes due to America's Cup

Racing on the Waitematā Harbour will mean some changes, increased travel time, or cancellations to some ferry services between Friday 15 January to Tuesday 2 February 2021.

Click here to keep up to date with all ferry timetable changes during the Prada Cup.

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