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Friday 12 February 2021 

Kia ora neighbours and friends,
We hope you are having a wonderful Friday and for those romantics out there, don't forget this Sunday is Valentine's Day ♥ 

There is another new site popping up early next week along the southern side of Quay Street outside Commercial Bay. Please be assured the footpath will remain open along this side as will all access into businesses. Information about these new works are below.

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What's on Downtown
Valentine’s Day is coming up this Sunday, February 14 and Heart of the City have you covered for all the best date ideas in the city. With stunning waterfront walks, award-winning eateries, world-class desserts, incredible events and fun activities - this Valentine's Day will definitely be one to remember.

The Downtown Programme has reached its most important milestone to date; finishing the seismic strengthening of Quay Street’s historic seawall.

Completion of this foundation project ensures Auckland’s waterfront is secured for the next 100 years.

It underpins the $350 million, six project Downtown Programme which is transforming the Ferry Basin and Quay Street.

The Programme, jointly delivered by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport, is creating a revitalised waterfront area with wider footpaths, easier navigation, new street furniture, more trees, and greater opportunity for business and events. 


Cool stuff!
Works provide opportunity to explore kiosk foundations

With the removal of the Tower Crane, the Streetscape team are now able to progress works immediately adjacent to the Eastern Kiosk - or Ferry Shelter as it was originally known (this is the one closest to the Ferry Building).  Current excavations have provided a snapshot of how the Kiosk was installed after being moved to its current site in the early 1900’s.
John Brown from Plan.Heritage (pictured above) is the Downtown JV’s Built Heritage Adviser and was on site Thursday investigating the foundations of the kiosk.  This is the first opportunity since the ferry shelters were moved to their present location that we’ve been able to see how they were constructed.
We know from photos that the eastern ferry shelter was lifted into place as a whole unit and is sitting on a foundation raft of wooden beams.  But now we know that below that raft is an unusual black, nearly coal like stone which we have not encountered on the project before.  This will be further investigated to confirm what it is.  Below this layer is the seawall reclamation from the early 1900’s comprising of scoria like material with the odd brick thrown in for good measure.
Exciting times as the work teams continue to be on-site detectives helping to piece together the history of Auckland!
Significant works / site changes

New site establishment along Quay Street's southern side

Lower Albert Street to Te Komititanga (Lower Queen Street)

Early next week you will notice a new site pop up along Quay Street's southern side between Lower Albert Street and Te Komititanga. This new site will enable us to complete the remaining rain gardens, paving and amenity installation (bench seating and street lights).

Key messages:

  • Loss of temporary loading bay at the end of Te Komititanga (LQS) for up to two weeks.
  • Quay Street traffic shifts to the northern side to make room for new site area.
  • Two-way traffic flow maintained.
  • Cycle lane maintained.
  • Southern footpath and access to Commercial Bay is maintained.
  • Quay Street pedestrian crossings maintained.

Fender piling underway in Ferry Basin

The removal of the first temporary fender pile is now underway from a jack-up barge located in the Ferry Basin.
We have approximately four weeks to remove nine temporary marine fender piles and replacing them with nine resilient permanent ones that will prevent contact between boats and the Te Wānanga deck. 

These works are not the quietest of activities and we do apologise for any disruption that may occur.

Area specific work updates
Noise mitigation will be used for all loud activity, and access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Consented site working hours are: 
Monday to Friday 6.30am to 10.30pm
Saturday 7.00am to 11.00pm | Sunday 9.00am to 7.00pm. 


Streetscape works

  • Major works completed by April 2021.
  • Minor works (amenity installation & seasonal planting) ongoing to June 2021.

Artist Renders

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This section highlights the completed areas of works as it is too easy to forget what once was. Thank you for your patience.

Galway Street upgrade

Galway Street then....
Galway Street now!
Current works underway
Lower Hobson Street intersection

Lower Hobson Street / Quay Street / Princes Wharf /
Eastern Viaduct intersection

North western corner (outside Burger Boy)
Paving complete.
Amenity installation complete end-Feb 2021
Planting complete June 2021
  • Installation of new bench seats around the raingarden will be complete next week.
  • All amenity installation (benches, drinking fountain) to be complete by end-February. 
  • Tree pit to be filled soon with new soil and then the fencing around the area will be cleared out, until we return in the next planting season of May/June.
South eastern corner (outside M Social)
Full paving complete February 2021
Street furniture / lighting installation by March 2021
Planting by June 2021
  • Asphalt for new slip lane footpath is now complete.
  • Concrete pours are complete in this area.
  • Paving for new Quay Street footpath will be complete by end of month.
Princes Wharf
Final crossing location across Princes Wharf is now open.

All paving now complete 
  • All three lanes are now open for Princes Wharf (2x out & 1x in).
  • Pedestrian crossing is open at its final location.
  • Pedestrian signals for crossing are in operation.
Northern side of Quay Street
Melt to Pier 4 crossing
Temporary ramps providing access to businesses while final sections of footpath works take place.
Paving works continue to complete the roadside edge of the new northern footpath.
Full access is now reinstated for businesses, as is the thoroughfare through to Princes Wharf

Street furniture / lighting installation by March 2021
Full paving complete April 2021

Planting by June 2021
  • Melt, Burger & Brew and OK Gift Shop are all open for business.
  • More areas are opening up this week along this footpath.
  • Final paving works are progressing well.
  • Pedestrian route changes will now only be minor going forward
  • Raingarden construction complete - they will be backfilled this month and planted by June 2021.

Ferry Basin (road side of Te Wānanga)

Pier 4 crossing to Ferry Building
Paving for new footpath has now recommenced.

Rain garden construction complete
Street furniture / lighting installation complete by March 2021
Full paving complete April 2021

Planting by June 2021
  • Paving for new northern footpath has now recommenced.
  • Construction of new cycle lane continues - only two concrete pours remain.
  • Construction of new street light foundations are now complete

Te Wānanga (Downtown Public Space)

New deck area over water

Removal of temporary fender piles is underway.

Street furniture / lighting installation by April 2021
Planting by June 2021

  • Temporary fender pile removal and replacement has now commenced - this will continue for approximately four weeks.
  • Balustrades installation continues around the edge of the new deck.  
  • Over the coming months, work will focus on locating custom designed seating areas for relaxation.
Ferry Building to Captain Cooks Wharf
Northern side of Quay Street
New stone bench seats have now been installed but will shift location when the road opens at its final alignment.

New asphalt footpath and cycle lane complete by mid February
Full paving complete early 2021

Street furniture / lighting installation by March 2021
  • New cycle lane from Queens Wharf to Captain Cook's Wharf is now open. 
  • New stone bench seating has been temporarily placed in front of Ferry Building. Once Quay Street lanes are in their final alignment these will shift to their permanent locations along the northern footpath.
  • No access from the Ferry Building to Pier 4 along the northern footpath due to construction works - please use southern side of Quay Street footpath.
Southern side of Quay Street
Commerce Street to Te Komititanga (formally Lower Queen Street)
Final paving works are now underway.

Full paving completion early 2021
Street furniture / lighting installation by April 2021
Planting by June 2021
  • Uncapping and emptying of the raingardens is now complete.
  • Paving works have now commenced.
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare along footpath and access to all buildings is maintained.
Lower Albert Street
Streetscape upgrade and bus interchange works
Line marking now complete on Lower Albert Street.

Full paving complete end January 2021
  • New Lower Albert Street bus stop is open for Birkenhead bus services to the North Shore, routes 95B, 95C, 95G, 97B, 97R and 97V.
  • All works south of the pedestrian over bridge are now complete.
  • The northern cones lines will stay in place until Quay street is in its final alignment.

Ferry Basin Redevelopment

All berths fully operational by mid-2021

  • Installation of all canopies for the new berths are now complete.
  • Finishing works ongoing until end-April 2021.
  • New berths scheduled to be in operation by mid-2021.
  • Berths 5 and 6 have now been handed over and are operational.
Ferry Basin redevelopment video:
1 News story and footage:

Public Transport 

Waiheke ferry services currently operating from berth 2B and 2C will be temporarily relocated from
09 February, for approximately three weeks, to the recently completed berths at Piers 1D & 1E.
The temporary shift is to facilitate works in the Ferry Basin, installing fender piles to protect the northern deck of Te Wananga, the newly created downtown public space. These works are part of the Downtown programme’s Ferry Basin redevelopment project.
Auckland Transport and Fullers360 are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition for Waiheke ferry commuters during this time. 

Auckland Transport's 2020/21 bus and ferry changes and improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is making some changes to its public transport network to better meet the needs of a developing Auckland.

Improved bus routes are being introduced to reach some of Auckland’s developing suburbs and more ferry sailings where they are needed most. New electric buses are also being introduced to work towards a greener transport fleet.

AT is also making reductions to some public transport service operations. Following the COVID-19 pandemic AT must contribute to the overall cost savings Auckland Council is required to make.

Click here for more information.

Ferry changes due to America's Cup

Racing on the Waitematā Harbour will mean some changes, increased travel time, or cancellations to some ferry services between Friday 15 January to Tuesday 2 February 2021.

Click here to keep up to date with all ferry timetable changes during the Prada Cup.

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