The Downtown programme is creating a generous and welcoming destination along the water’s edge that is recognisably Tāmaki Makaurau. 
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Friday, 28 May 2021

Kia ora neighbours and friends,

We hope this update finds you all well and looking forward to your weekend.

By the end of this week there will be only two outstanding items to finish as part of our Quay Street Enhancement works, these being the return of the WW2 Memorial Beacon (installed next week) and the installation of four new Puna Wai drinking fountains. These fountains will be installed before the end of June.

Kia kaha, happy reading and please don't forget to keep using your NZ COVID Tracer app ♥

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The Challenges of Working in the Road Corridor

This is a guest post by Jack Thompson. Jack is an engineer who has worked on civil construction sites in Canterbury, Waikato and Auckland. He writes in a personal capacity ~ Greater Auckland
I stumbled across this article from Greater Auckland that provides wonderful insight into what actually goes on during the construction of a project, and addresses some of the more popular questions that you yourself may have asked at one stage, such as 'why do roadworks take so long?'.

Jack's article begins begins by addressing this common critique;
When I drove by they weren’t doing anything, just a bunch of guys leaning on shovels".
He explains, "This is based on seeing a worksite for maybe ten seconds out of an eight to twelve hour work day, hardly a statistically relevant sample size. Everyone on site has a specific role to play but that doesn’t mean they’re all occupied all the time. For example complex urban sites often have dedicated staff just for getting trucks in and out of site safely but when a truck isn’t there they just have to wait around".

I highly recommend reading the rest of Jack's article that delves into space time continuums, murphy's law and even those taniwhas residing beneath. You can find it here
Image from Greater Auckland article 
Project completion timelines

Quay Street enhancement 

Quay Street Enhancement major works now complete and blessed by mana whenua. Street furniture installation until end-June 2021.

Te Wānanga (Downtown Public Space)

Te Wānanga major works completed in June in time for mana whenua blessing programmed late-June. Te Wānanga will open to the public early-July 2021. 

Te Ngau o Horotiu 
(Ferry Basin Redevelopment)

Te Ngau o Horotiu is undergoing sea trials until its public opening in early July 2021.
Area specific progress updates
Noise mitigation will be used for all loud activity, and access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Consented site working hours are: 
  • Monday to Friday 6.30am to 10.30pm
  • Saturday 7.00am to 11.00pm | Sunday 9.00am to 7.00pm. 
Quay Street enhancement
Princes Wharf to Britomart Place

Key updates

Next week:
  • The War Memorial Beacon (originally located outside Burger Boy) will return to its new location on Quay Street mid next week.
Next month:
  • Four Ngā Punawai Water Fountains will be installed along Quay Street end-June.
Completed works:
  • The planting of all 135 native trees and underplanting of rain gardens (7000 new plants in total) is complete. Mahi toi elements are now displayed on Quay Street light poles, stone bench seating and areas of pavement. 
  • The coloured LED street lights are in full operation for everyone's evening viewing pleasure. Do watch out for them if you are coming in via the ferry as they look amazing!
  • Full footpath access along both sides of Quay Street is available.
  • The full length of the new cycle lane is open. Cyclists, drivers and pedestrians please be mindful of each other.
  • All new bus lanes are complete and in operation.
WW2 War Memorial Beacon base is complete. Beacon will return next week.
Te Wānanga 

Key updates

  • Sandblasting and sealing of the new deck, installation of bollards and light poles is now complete.
  • Installation of the custom designed street furniture is now underway.
  • Installation of exterior balustrades and leaners around the new deck will be complete by the end of June.
  • Installation of balustrades around apertures and hand rails around deck openings/viewing holes will be complete by the end of June.
  • Installation of the blue heritage fence separating Te Wānanga from the northern footpath will be complete soon. 
  • Installation of the first Kupenga nets will commence next month.
  • Te Wānanga will be open to the public early-July.
Above & below: New street furniture installation underway
Below: Perfecting the holes in the balustrade design around the apertures/viewing holes
Below: Finishing touches to newly sandblasted deck and artistic binding on handrails.
Te Ngau o Horotiu

Te Ngau o Horotiu project is an integral part of the $350 million Downtown Programme, and will see the creation of six new berths in the Ferry Basin.

It is another step towards modern, consolidated ferry infrastructure for Auckland. It will have improved accessibility and greater operational flexibility, which will help accommodate increased passenger numbers.

Te Ngau o Horotiu has just been handed over to Auckland Transport for commissioning and trials, and is expected to be open and operational for ferry passengers early July 2021.

Project WAVE
Project WAVE is not part of the Downtown Programme


Earlier this month, Project WAVE installed yellow flexi-posts on parts of Market Place and Customs Street West as a temporary measure to support the one way trial and discourage drivers from accessing the cycleway. In the coming weeks, they will remove most of these flexi-posts and reposition some planter boxes, increase their visibility with reflective tape, and make some other changes that respond to community feedback and their own monitoring. 
Project WAVE is a trial and your feedback can help improve it. If you haven’t done so already, let us know what you think by completing a short survey. Please email us at if you have immediate concerns or questions which need resolving.
Drop-in session
On 8 June, the Project WAVE team will be at Sierra Café to hear your feedback and answer questions. Come down any time between 3pm and 7pm to say hi!
When: Tuesday 8 June, 3pm-7pm
Where: Sierra Café, 48 Market Place
If you would like to be on the Project WAVE mailout list, let them know at
Project WAVE - Connecting the Nelson Street Cycleway to the Quay Street Cycleway.
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