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Grand Seiko



Good morning.

With the end-of-year December crunch and the holidays on the horizon, we decided to put together a few gift ideas to help fill in any gaps on your list. Spanning flowers, jewelry, books, pancake mix, and more, some relate to stories we’ve published over the past year, some are things we’re buying for our own friends and family, and others, we simply like. Out of the eight items gathered here, hopefully you can find something that fits the bill.

On this week’s episode of Time Sensitive, Spencer speaks with the artist Hank Willis Thomas about acknowledging the multitudes of truths among us.


Clockwise from top left: “The Essentials” from Eleven Madison Home, Ikebana Kit Box from Space of Time, “Conversations with Noguchi,” Ghetto Gastro Ancestral Roots waffle and pancake mix, Gohar World Host Necklace, Rice Factory New York rice, Papier d’Arménie “Discovery Box,” and Michael Kimmelman’s “The Intimate City.”

Eight Distinctive and Delightful Gifts for the 2022 Holiday Season


By Emily Jiang



A few years ago, some days after my birthday, a cardboard shipping tube appeared at my door, beige and unassuming, addressed to me but with no sender information listed. Upon discovering its contents, I was in tears—I knew immediately who had sent it and what was meant by it. It remains the best gift I’ve ever received, and it’ll stay with me for a long time.

I learned that day that a really good gift is one that could have been given only by you, only to that person. Giving a good gift requires time—time to observe, time to listen, and time to think. Good gifts touch, move, and delight.

To help with your search, our team at The Slowdown culled together eight ideas for your consideration. Spanning an ikebana kit, a pearl necklace, pancake mix, and more, hopefully there’s something below that’s perfect for that person… and perfectly from you.

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