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Issue 3

Dear hospitality enthusiast,

Summer is not far off, we hope you´re enjoying seeing your hotel full of guests and life again, leaving empty Covid-19 times behind. In today's issue, we will share insights from the owner and director Natalie Heckel running her hotel that used to be
 a royal tennis court from 17th century as well as articles that will help you grow your business post-covid e.g., LGBTQ travelers and radically changing guest loyalty behaviour.

Hope you will enjoy!

- Adelina


New Valpas member hotels to get inspired by

Bob W., Helsinki

What started out as a couple of apartments in Helsinki turned into this 17 apartment hotel located in the city centre. True to the Bob. W standard, Helsinki location provides functional, extra clean and individually designed rooms - the two-floor penthouse is the highlight!

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Bob W., London

In London, Bob W. combines traditions and technology, by choosing the oldest and most historic part of London, the Tower Bridge area as a location, and including digital personalised services and their signature climate-neutral guest experience.

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The Phoenix Hotel, Copenhagen 

30 years ago ARP-Hasen Hotel Group found a real gem for a hotel - a historical 17th-century building in the centre of Copenhagen. Just like that from the ashes of that site, The Phoenix Hotel was born. Versailles and Renaissance styles inspired rooms with delicious breakfasts and friendly staff - a truly royal stay.

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Spotlight: Hotel Du Jeu de Paume, Paris

Nathalie Heckel

Owner and General Manager 
Hôtel du Jeu de Paume, Paris

Member hotelier Nathalie Heckel is a life-long hotelier who's seen it all. She runs a hotel on the Ile Saint Louis between the Marais and the Latin Quarter in a building from the 17th century that used to host games of “real tennis”, or "jeu de paume". "For me, the first priority to achieving personal success with my guests", Nathalie says. Read more about how she does it from below, and how Valpas has helped her do that. 

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The thoughtful reading list

🧪 Scientists have figured how to make carbon emissions into raw materials for everything from facial creams to fuel 

💡 A third hospitality model that big brands have essentially ignored  

📊 Hotel groups are using surprising data sources like social media to personalise guests´ stays → 

💧 There's now art that delivers clean water and power to the community around it  

🧊 A fundamentally new way to freeze foods could cut carbon emissions equal to 1 million cars  

🌐 Google enhances trip-planning tools as travel searches boom   

🌈 Why it’s time to pay more attention to the LGBTQ traveler  

🍽️ Which diet is more climate-friendly: Novel foods or mostly vegan?  

☕ A deep dive by Cornell University into how guest loyalty has changed post-pandemic  


Valpas in the news

Talouselämä - a Finnish financial and business magazine - has published about Valpas´s growing demand and popularity helping us in our mission to make the world the best and safest place for travelling.

*Article is in Finnish and behind the paywall

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About Valpas

Valpas started after one trip went horribly wrong. In 2013 our cofounder-CEO Martim caught bed bugs while travelling and got disappointed with all the losses and continuous fossil fuel-made pesticide treatments.

Today, Valpas has set a new hygiene standard in hospitality for bed bug safety. Hoteliers can stop the use of fossil fuel-made pesticides and the GHG they emit over 100 years and be part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Read more about our 
member hotelstechnology and values.
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