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A reminder to Chaplains and volunteer counsellors that we have a support call on the topic of 'How are you managing' on Tuesday 4th May at 7pm so if you would like to attend please email us for the link.

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What will happen as we come out of lockdown? What is the next normal?

Grieving over the sad death of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, by all faiths and none, highlights also the need to recognise and deal with the losses due to coronavirus in the last year and to somehow prepare for coming out of lockdown. 

It’s a very obvious observation that we have all suffered quite a bit of loss as we have experienced the pandemic. Some of it was due to the pandemic.  Some of it just what happens. We may not be aware of just how much loss we have suffered.
There have been many bereavements, of course. But these has been compounded by the loss of the usual “rites”, from being present to say farewell to having a funeral with more than a few mourners.

There has also been the loss of employment for many.  That may mean redundancy, but furlough has also meant a loss of productivity, human contact, personal development, and feeling of value associated with the workplace. The workplace and work experience may be very different after lockdown. 

There has been a loss of memories for many.  Weddings and other significant life events have had to go on hold at least.  Husbands have not been able to attend births. Birthdays and other anniversaries have either migrated to zoom or haven’t been held at all.

There has been a loss of simply human contact. For some this has been almost total with supplies being delivered (at a distance) and infirmity meaning even a “Boris walk” hasn’t been possible.  So, no one to bump into, no one for a casual exchange of news. This also means a loss of physical activity for many, especially in sporting terms. The enjoyment as spectators has also been severely restricted.  Another type of loss.

There has also been a loss of meaning and value that people derived from various spiritual activities.  Places of worship have been closed.  Zoom etc has helped, but there has still been loss.  Again, this has partly been about loss of human interaction, but there is also a loss at another level; one less easy to assess perhaps.

Hopefully, the point has been made, there has been widespread and significant loss shared by everyone in some way.  What effects may this have on us as we recover and seek to help others do the same. In some ways all losses lead to a “bereavement experience”. Looking at what we know of that may help us navigate what is to come.

Denial can be part of bereavement. “It’s not that important. We’ll soon be over it. No big deal”.  This may be operating in those who have denied covid exists, but, as lockdown is eased, it may become more significant in our behaviour.

Anger often arises too in bereavement.  It can “earth” onto those trying to help as well. How much of the lockdown protests or the “kill the bill” protests and resistance to vaccines, could have been fuelled at least to some extent by bereavement anger? Disorientation often comes with the shock of bereavement.  The inability to settle to tasks and the lack of motivation may accompany loss.  Alternatively, a sort of bargaining process can set in with arguing with people or the deity about what has happened.

There is, hopefully, also a resolution of grief.  But, as we know, the different aspects of grief experience can recur or become cyclic.

So, becoming aware of this, how can we move out of lockdown and help others do the same? 

That’s what we are hoping you will give some answers to! 
Here are some “off the top of the head” suggestions.
  1. Be aware.  Obvious really but noting how much loss there has been should be an important first step to managing it.
  2. Don’t be put off course by explosive reactions of anger or grief.  Stay with the person, with yourself.  Don’t crowd but give room whilst keeping in touch.
  3. Realise this will all take time to resolve.  Recovery will not be overnight no matter how much we wish it might be.
  4. Encourage people to talk about their losses no matter how small they may seem to be.  Perhaps we must find extra “space” for this and encourage employers to see the need for it.
  5. Don’t get swept up in any “denial euphoria”.  Stay alert to the pain that is there, and which will surface possibly several times.
  6. Make yourself available to “soul space” and then to others.  We put it that way so that we see our own loss needing healing as well. Non-managerial or friend/peer support may help us here. Availability to others will need our own souls to be nurtured if we are to be of use to others.
Anything else?  We are facing a very big challenge as lockdown begins to end.  Please, share your ideas with us!
Paul Hills/Clive Morton (Vice-Chairs of CWC) April 2021

Do you need nourishment for
Mind, Body and Soul?
Visit the Workplace Wellbeing Hub

Have you visited our Workplace Wellbeing Hub lately? We have a range of easily accessbile resouces to support your mind, body, and soul.

I bring my Whole self - I am my Whole Self

Now more than ever we need to be aware of our wellbeing and keep it topped up so that we can cope with these different pressures in our life - making space for some activities that support our whole wellbeing.

The Workplace Wellbeing Hub has easily accessible information including articles, podcast suggestions, videos, quotes, music, apps and more.

A combination of fun and serious, there is hopefully something for everyone. Find out for yourself, tell your friends, family and colleagues as you never know when someone may want some support: 

CWC has funded the website alongside a grant from Peterborough City Council and has also funded specific resources supplied by local mental health organisation, CPSL Mind.

Post Covid world of work
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Funded places:
'Stop Suicide' Training session by CPSL Mind

After two successful training sessions, CWC has decided to fund another training session that is run by an experienced trainer from CPSL Mind.

Friday 21st May at 10am: This 3-hour session is run via zoom and numbers are limited. All particpants have to take place with their cameras on so that this sensitive subject can be discussed whilst the trainer can check you're ok.

Who can apply for a place?
As our primary work is supporting Chaplains, spaces are given to workplace chaplains  as a priority which includes volunteers or others with counselling responsibilities.

If however you feel you could benefit from this training because you supervise/look after/advise others then you are welcome to apply for a place. This includes team leaders/managers and HR professionals or those who supervise teams in challenging situations.

If you are interested in taking up this offer of training please register your interest by emailing Jane: 

CWC Listening service
A service where anyone can reach a Chaplain, regardless of any faiths or beliefs.
If you need emotional support please don't be afraid to use our email request service.

Send an email to and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced, qualified volunteers.
Thank you to all those volunteering their time to CWC.


Support session for Chaplains
Drop in session
Tuesday 4th May 7pm 2021

All are welcome to join our informal drop-in session for workplace chaplains, volunteer chaplains and counsellors. Come and offload, see some friendly faces and share experiences. Email Jane for the zoom link: 

'As a Chaplain you are often working alone in challenging circumstances and seeking to walk alongside those at their most vulnerable.  It has been a real comfort for me to have the opportunity to have a supportive space to share freely of the experience and to be refreshed in the knowledge that we are not alone in this vital ministry.'

'It was good to hear from others who are involved in workplace chaplaincy in different contexts. I felt there was a mutual exchange of creative ideas and lots of support offered which I pray will bear much fruit.'
Workplace Chaplaincy Mission Mini-Conference
Tuesday May 11th, 7.00 – 8.30 p.m.
‘Resuming Chaplaincy: Challenges and Opportunities’
  • Key note speakers Revd Peter Sellick, of Churches Industry Group Birmingham, will speak about the steps they are taking to resume chaplaincy after COVID and to develop new ways of being in touch with an ever-increasing remote workforce.
  • Mr James Allport, Democratic Engagement Manager for John Lewis Partnership. James will give us his unique insight into the state of the economy, and the retail sector in particular, and also consider the future of retailing post COVID.
  • Q&A & discussion
  • Networking
  • Reflection and prayer
The event is free for all members of WCM UK (Chaplains associated with CWC are classed as members as we pay for a group membership). The event will be held on
Zoom and is aimed at ALL members and we hope as many as possible will join.
To register please follow this link.
Reminder that our new Bursary Scheme is open to workplace chaplains operating in Cambridgeshire. 

The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to chaplains who are seeking to attend a conference, training course or retreat that will enhance their ministry as workplace chaplains.

Grants of up to £500 are available for each successful application. No requests for bursaries to cover accommodation expenses, where these are in addition to the course or retreat fees, will be considered. For more information and an application form please email
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