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Mental Health in the Workplace

By Dr. Olivia Remes, Research Associate, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

This pandemic has been an emotional rollercoaster and affected people in a number of ways.  Levels of anxiety and depression increased for a number of people, and a sense of worry and hopelessness spread over the world.  The restrictions and lockdowns meant that people could not meet with their friends as they could prior to the emergence of covid19, and this induced feelings of loneliness and contributed to social isolation for many.

In addition to these aspects, people started working from home, which brought a new set of challenges. While a number of people felt productive and happier working in a home environment and being surrounded by their family, some felt at a disadvantage. According to surveys, some people ended up working longer hours, taking fewer breaks during the workday, and felt the need to be available at all times (thus never really “switching off”). 

This blurring of home and work-life boundaries has been a predominant theme and continues to dominate conversations as leaders are thinking about the future of work.

Going back into the workplace
Nevertheless, when it comes to going back into the workplace, there are some things employers can do to help people transition and provide support. A number of frameworks and core standards have been developed to guide organizations when it comes to employee mental health and wellbeing, such as the Stevenson/Farmer Review (Thriving at Work). 

The Moller Centre at the University of Cambridge is running modules focused on leading mental health in the workplace aimed at those in leadership positions; the programme is focused on equipping leaders with the skills needed to build teams’ tolerance of uncertainty, help staff let go of fearful mindsets, and build motivation and confidence in employees.

Providing wellbeing support
In order to increase wellbeing in the workplace, there are a few other things employers can do: this includes maintaining open communication channels and making staff feel that they can open up about problems or mental health issues they may be experiencing. A culture of support should be encouraged, because after all, social support can be key to buffering the impact of stress on mental wellbeing. It is also important that employees and employers feel they are working towards common goals.  And employers may wish to consider the dissemination of resources and information about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace (whether that consists of mental health awareness training, or mental health seminars during ‘lunch and learns’ or orientations days).

Tackling mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is important – because, as the saying goes, there is no health without mental health.    

Dr Olivia Remes is a mental health researcher at the University of Cambridge, a coach, and motivational speaker.

Olivia has developed a system of coping strategies that help people thrive and flourish, attain mental wellbeing, and overcome setbacks in life.  She has delivered seminars and webinars on mental wellbeing to organisations around the world, helping people learn how to thrive in spite of adversity and change.  Her PhD at the University of Cambridge, based on data from over 30,000 people, focused on what makes people anxious and depressed, and coping strategies that protect against poor mental health.

For two years, Olivia created, produced and hosted her own radio show, “The Cambridge Talk Show” that taught people how to overcome self-doubt, stress, adversity, and become resilient in any area of their lives.

She has given TED talks viewed over 2 million times, writes for Vogue, and is a regular contributor to BBC Cambridgeshire radio.  Her book will be released in 2021 and is published by Penguin Random House.

Do you need nourishment for
Mind, Body and Soul?
Visit the Workplace Wellbeing Hub

Have you visited our Workplace Wellbeing Hub lately? We have a range of easily accessbile resouces to support your mind, body, and soul.

A combination of fun and serious, there is hopefully something for everyone. Find out for yourself, tell your friends, family and colleagues as you never know when someone may want some support: 

CWC has funded the website alongside a grant from Peterborough City Council and has also funded specific resources supplied by local mental health organisation, CPSL Mind.

The changing landscape of the economy, workplaces, and our towns and cities

At CWC we have been discussing a lot about how the pandemic will affect workplaces and different sectors, but also how towns and cities will change and how retail will look (and therefore the support people need). The role of city centre workplace Chaplains will undoubtedly change.

We're looking out for interesting articles that stimulate interest and debate and will share these with you here. Feel free to share with us any articles you come across too. The future of 'the workplace' is looking very different; and as usual humans will learn to adapt and grow... read these for inspiration:

High Street shops in England and Wales repurposed as climate emergency hubs 

Why employee-ownership is gaining so much traction in Scotland 

CBI calls economic reset to deliver social progress in the UK


Healthy Happy Homeworking
(by Jane Thompson, CWC)

I recently ran a webinar for one of my clients on how to stimulate healthy, happy homeworking as we learn and adapt to working from home. We now face the new 'hybrid' model of some industries partly returning to offices and places of work, but is this truly welcomed? How do employers handle requests for remote working to continue and how do they become 'remote-first' in their thinking to embrace the new way of working?

These issues and more were covered in a webinar by Maya Middlemiss who is a freelance author and journalist specialising in the topic of remote working, and who was my guest speaker on this topic. I highly recommend watching her webinar for Social Enterprise East of England here plus Maya is promoting a FREE ebook full of useful advice about remote working that you can download.

CWC Listening service
A service where anyone can reach a Chaplain, regardless of any faiths or beliefs.
If you need emotional support please don't be afraid to use our email request service.

Send an email to and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced, qualified volunteers.
Thank you to all those volunteering their time to CWC.


Support session for Chaplains
Drop in session
Tuesday 1st June 7pm 2021

All are welcome to join our informal drop-in session for workplace chaplains, volunteer chaplains and counsellors. Come and offload, see some friendly faces and share experiences. Email Jane for the zoom link: 

'As a Chaplain you are often working alone in challenging circumstances and seeking to walk alongside those at their most vulnerable.  It has been a real comfort for me to have the opportunity to have a supportive space to share freely of the experience and to be refreshed in the knowledge that we are not alone in this vital ministry.'

'It was good to hear from others who are involved in workplace chaplaincy in different contexts. I felt there was a mutual exchange of creative ideas and lots of support offered which I pray will bear much fruit.'
Don't forget to complete our survey of Chaplains! All feedback helps shape our future work in supporting Chaplains

Reimagining mission as community chaplaincy in the Church’s mixed ecology with Nigel Roberts

19th June 9:30-12:00, online

Last November the Church of England published a new vision for the 2020’s, stating: “we believe God might be calling us to be a church where mixed ecology is the norm... a greater and more diverse expression of church life."

The Archbishop of York writes, "alongside the flourishing of parish ministry... we will see God raise up new forms of church, and particularly new forms of ministry and community life. This includes chaplaincy, an area of ministry that is often neglected in our thinking."

In light of this Nigel Roberts will help us explore community chaplaincy in the mixed ecology of mission. He'll delve into the theology and practice of community chaplaincy, 'ministering the presence of Jesus' and how that practice differs from traditional models of institutional chaplaincy. Through Nigel's experience with young people/adults he'll use story, scripture and conversation to inspire us to be chaplains to our own communities.

Find out more and register here

The national organisation Workplace Chaplaincy Mission UK (of which CWC and Chaplains we serve are members of) have recently launched a new website with information covering many different areas of Chaplaincy and guidance.

CWC has been involved in researching and managing the Training section of the website which is well worth a look here for an outline of training for new and experienced Chaplains alike or those looking to get into workplace chaplaincy or a specific sector:
Reminder that our new Bursary Scheme is open to workplace chaplains operating in Cambridgeshire. 

The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to chaplains who are seeking to attend a conference, training course or retreat that will enhance their ministry as workplace chaplains.

Grants of up to £500 are available for each successful application. No requests for bursaries to cover accommodation expenses, where these are in addition to the course or retreat fees, will be considered. For more information and an application form please email
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