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Where to Now?

By Paul Hills, Vice-Chair, CWC
We seem to be in a strange position in work and in life generally at present.  The pandemic is still here, but things seem to be easing.  The lockdown has been handed over to personal action, but what does that mean in reality?  Are we getting back to work “normally” or is there a new normal to be found?  If so, who decides what it will look like and how will it be implemented?  And, when all this is over (whatever that means) how do we stop something similar happening again?
I recently came across an article by an Australian academic, Glenn Varona entitled “Ethics and the resilient society: examining the role of ethics in building societal resilience”.  Ethics is certainly something that should occupy a work-place chaplain.  Issues of right and wrong, justice and fairness all impact on the workplace.  Varona suggests there are two ethical elements needed for society to weather profound disruption:-trust and accountability and the latter he further defines as “shared responsibility”.  It struck me that in answering the question “Where to now?” these elements are very important.  In the lockdown trust in one another was largely replaced by government edict about what we should do, wear (face masks) and how to associate with one another.  Responsibility was reduced to keeping the rules.  Now government has stepped back and we have to re-establish trust and shared responsibility.
As the new workplace “normal” emerges, how do we encourage the growth of these ethical attitudes?  Chaplains would seem to be well-placed to help this.  Their work depends largely on developing trust with employers and employees.  They don’t have any “axes to grind” about management and unions (or shouldn’t have!).  They are seen as having a caring role (hopefully!).  All this should help them help those they serve address the issues of building trust and shared responsibility as the “new normal” emerges.
So, how could we go about promoting the growth and nurturing of these two ethical realties? No doubt there would need to be some reflection upon how these are functioning already in any particular workplace.  Seeking to heighten awareness of them would be another step.  The use of and strengthening of relationships within any given setting would be needed as well.  Given all that has happened in the lockdown, all this will be a challenge with less use of workplaces for actual work and the general attenuation of relationships.  But if a new normal is to emerge which does not result in friction and possible conflict, this is a challenge that will have to be met.
Where to now?  No doubt everyone reading this article will have some experience or views to share about this.  Please do that by feedback to CWC and sharing what you have with whatever colleagues you may have.  CWC has regular monthly online sessions for chaplaincy support.  Questions could be asked there and experience shared.  So,…..where to now?
Paul Hills, Vice-Chair CWC

You're the only one to give yourself permission to take back your time...

The Workplace Wellbeing Hub can give you space to pause.

We all know the need to look after ourselves, but does it feel like another things to do on the list?

Giving yourself permission to take back time may be the first step. Do you wish you had more time to pursue an interest that relaxes you? Need to join a group of like minded people? Need to have that relaxing bath but need help at home first? All scenarios mean you have to priortise what is important and what you need. Give yourself permission to pause, have a conversation to free up that time if needed...put your needs in mind.

Whatever your need we have something for mind, body and soul. 

CWC has funded the website alongside a grant from Peterborough City Council and has also funded specific resources supplied by local mental health organisation, CPSL Mind.

Workplace wellbeing culture and vaccination policies impacting Britons’ mental health LifeWorks Mental Health Index™ indicates that four in 10 Britons want employers to implement mandatory vaccines in reopening policies. LifeWorks, a leading provider of digital total wellbeing solutions, today released its monthly Mental Health Index™, revealing a negative mental-health score among Britons for the 16th consecutive month.

God Squad: Football makes the first team Star players of the new generation of England footballers embody Christian faith and values

How to Manage Wellbeing as we return to work  The pandemic has exaggerated wellbeing issues and created new ones. But there are measures you can take to manage them effectively. Employee wellbeing has always been high on the corporate agenda - particularly over the last decade – but COVID-19 has shone a light on the importance of the holistic approach. 

Wellbeing: 5 trends for the future Wellness in the workplace has been on the radar for a long time. Now, as we ease our way out of lockdown, employers must prioritise it even more. The pandemic has changed our working lives completely and our priorities in the workplace have shifted. With so much change recently, this leaves the question – what does the future of wellbeing look like?

A Modern Solution for Rest is needed in a Post-Sabbath World  The loss of regular rest in a modern world is negatively affecting family life, mental health, and the environment, claims a new national report. The report, called “Just Work” by theological think tank Theos, shows how the world of work is changing with more people working from home 24/7, increased surveillance of employees, and increased unpaid overtime. All of which has been exacerbated by more people working from home due to Covid-19.

Online seminars and workshops:

Wellbeing topics, reflection, chaplaincy and more...

Here is a selection of online events coming up which may interest supporters and Chaplains alike covering a range of topics relevant to work, spirituality and more.

Wellbeing and Self-Care for Health Professionals
9th or 16th Sep or 6th Oct: FREE event Online
How to maintain a good healthy work life balance is discussed in this training. All Health Care Professionals welcomed. It is recognised with recent studies that the mental health of Health Care staff and their teams are affected by the increase in deaths and workload during this pandemic. It is important to recognise the effects of working in a stressful environment. Wellbeing is key in maintaining a good balance between work and your home life. This session will help to identify the signs of stress and will give tips on how to manage self- care and resilience.

Good conversations about mental health and wellbeing
11th September, Chatteris Parish Church, Cambs
NHS Chaplain John Nicholson, Rachel Hawksworth, Community Mission Worker in March, and Mike Booker, Bishop’s Change Officer for Market Towns invite you to join them on this special occasion. We will be taking time to remember and share the different ways in which we look after ourselves and others, especially when life is emotionally tough and challenging.

Wellbeing Champion Training (online) FREE event
15th September, run by Wellbeing Community Development Team (NHS)
Wellbeing Champion Training is an opportunity to learn more about the theory of mental health, and tips to help discuss it positively. Wellbeing Champions care about where they live and work and understand the importance of talking about mental health and well-being. This training is for anyone, but especially useful for organisations such as schools, businesses, charitable or community organisations.

A one-day event to reflect, reconnect and reset
18th September, Duxford, Cambs (£68.32)

After the rollercoaster of the last 18 months, how does a day, just for you to reflect and reconnect, sound? Whether you’ve enjoyed a slower pace of life, or have felt challenged and overwhelmed with constant uncertainty, I invite you to join me to reflect back, reconnect inwards and reset your priorities to move forward.
Run by Gemma Brown Coaching

What is Mindfulness? Buddhist Roots of a Modern Movement 
14th October (£17 to attend)

This two-hour talk will cover the fascinating roots of mindfulness. Mindfulness is used widely in the world today. But, how did these practices come about? Mindfulness is useful everywhere, so the Buddha said. Using Early Buddhist Texts, this session will focus on the Buddhist foundations of Mindfulness. 

End of Life Across the Faiths
6th December, Arthur Rank Hospice Charity

Supporting your patient’s faith and beliefs at end of life helps to make a more dignified experience. This Study Day is aimed at: health and social care professionals who are caring for palliative patients in any setting, community, hospital, care or nursing home.
  • The Peterborough Theological Society is an ecumenical society, open to all.
  • Meetings are held on Mondays, 7.30 – 9.15 pm.
  • Meetings in person will resume as soon as possible and will also be available on Zoom.
  • Subscriptions: Annual - £20 (couples £30; unwaged students £10); Individual meetings - £5.
  • Register to receive details. Contact to register and make payment.
Upcoming lectures for the autumn:

Monday, 27 September 2021
From St Clare of Assisi to Pope Francis: Franciscan wisdom for today’s world
Speaker: Rev’d Canon Dr Rowan Williams, Canon Precentor at Peterborough Cathedral 

Monday, 25 October 2021
Food and farming - obedient to power or Gospel?
Speaker: Christopher Jones MBE, Co-founder of the Farming Community Network

Monday, 29 November 2021
The Narrative of Experience: belief, faith and what happens

Speaker: Rev’d John Rackley, Associate Minister for Market Harborough Methodist Circuit 

CWC Listening service
A service where anyone can reach a Chaplain, regardless of any faiths or beliefs.
If you need emotional support please don't be afraid to use our email request service.

Send an email to and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced, qualified volunteers.
Thank you to all those volunteering their time to CWC.


Connect and Chat
Drop in session
Tuesday 7th September 7pm 2021

All are welcome to join our informal drop-in session for workplace chaplains, volunteer chaplains and counsellors. Come and offload, see some friendly faces and share experiences. Session runs every 1st Tuesday of the month.

Jane Thompson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Connect and Chat - drop in session for Chaplains

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Meeting ID: 826 4530 0452
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'As a Chaplain you are often working alone in challenging circumstances and seeking to walk alongside those at their most vulnerable.  It has been a real comfort for me to have the opportunity to have a supportive space to share freely of the experience and to be refreshed in the knowledge that we are not alone in this vital ministry.'

'It was good to hear from others who are involved in workplace chaplaincy in different contexts. I felt there was a mutual exchange of creative ideas and lots of support offered which I pray will bear much fruit.'

Community Trauma: Remaining resilient in a time of pandemic

NEXT Workplace Chaplaincy Mission UK Mini-Conference will take place on
7th October 2021 at 3:00pm – 4:30pm.
Keynote Speaker: Revd Hilary Ison, Trainer and Consultant on Trauma, Leadership and Change.

To be held on Zoom. Telephone 01905 621 780 for more details.

Bursary Scheme

Reminder that our new Bursary Scheme is open to workplace chaplains operating in Cambridgeshire. 

The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to chaplains who are seeking to attend a conference, training course or retreat that will enhance their ministry as workplace chaplains.

Grants of up to £500 are available for each successful application. No requests for bursaries to cover accommodation expenses, where these are in addition to the course or retreat fees, will be considered. For more information and an application form please email
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