Direction of Travel

Volume 4: Air India & Japan Airlines

Direction of Travel Volume 4

It’s with great pleasure to announce that Direction of Travel Volume 4 is now available. This volume is a deep dive into the maps created by Air India and Japan Airlines. The tradition of applying artistry into mapping the airways wasn’t only reserved to the western hemisphere, but was also practiced with great gusto and finesse in Asia.

This volume contains numerous maps by both airlines. Also included are a short story about a man flying from Tokyo to London onboard a Japan Airlines 747 set in the late 1970s and the first instalment of a new series called Airport Portraits. The first one looks at the history of Anchorage, Alaska, which during the cold-war acted as a regular refuelling stop for fights from Europe to and from Asia.

Volume 4 will be available soon at MagCulture in London and the Monocle Shop & Café in Zürich.


— Christian

Introduction and hand fan maps by Air India
Air India World Map
Japan Airlines Hand Fans and Short story
Japan Airlines Domestic Maps
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Direction of Travel: Volume 1 - 4

Volume 1 has sold out but fear not

The first Volume, which looked at the amazing maps made by American Airlines & United Airlines has now sold out, but I am working on an expanded second edition, which will be out later this year.

Airport picture

For decades I have been making work about flying. Direction of Travel is one such project. Other projects include a long running portrait of the villages surrounding Heathrow airport. Another are observations from airports around the world, which in the tradition established by Fischli & Weiss. Here's a picture from Hong Kong International Airport from 2016.

Hong Kong International Airport