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Hey Everyone, welcome back to another edition of The Buzz. Wanted to lead off with a funny anecdote about The Buzz.  Last week we posted on LinkedIn about formerly profiled company, TeeUp, a golf performance apparel brand.  Founder, Dave Kussell, had a booth at the PGA Merchandise Show down in Orlando, one of the biggest events of the year.  He told us that someone came up to the booth and mentioned that they had heard of TeeUp from The Buzz! We love to hear it. Goes to show that you never know what sort of exposure you'll get from a profile.  If this story sounds familiar, let us know....

Now, back to our regular programming. This week we have two great startups and a local organization we're excited to introduce. LuxMea Studio, a company that provides building solutions powered by generative design and digital fabrication, is looking for introductions to potential partners and customers. GeoProtein, who is raising the standard of convenient nutrition with their superfood bar offerings, is always looking for new prospects as advisers to guide their efforts toward success. And QUBIC Labs, an organization that is committed to building an ecosystem of entrepreneurs that will make commerce and government more efficient, effective and innovative, is accepting applications. That's all for this week. Tell your friends to subscribe, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Medium, and drop us a line anytime at See you next week!
Provides building solutions powered by generative design and digital fabrication including 3D Printing and CNC

The Problem

The age of mass customization has evolved with the development of digital fabrication tools, which break the traditional barriers between design and manufacturing. Objects can be created with infinite details without added cost to manufacturing. The question is how do you balance parametric algorithm and synthetic forms of illustration.

What The Company Does

LuxMea Studio specializes in creating the ecosystem of artificial intelligence-powered generative design, big data, 3D Printing and digital fabrication for a future generation of highly customized, automated, sustainable and affordable build environments. Services include building solutions, personalized profiles and customized products such as eye glasses, shoes, hearing aids and jewelry.

The Market

Company makes top-down products that are more on the high end, as well as bottom-up affordable housing solutions. This is the age of mass customization. LuxMea’s technologies are bringing disruptive changes to how things are made and built. Currently, the company claims it is the only one that can do it what it does, but it also knows that it is not a necessity to a building project. That said, these projects provide great value for developments that seek to have unique artistic statements or special structures.

Business Model

Individual pay-per-project, consulting on generative design and digital fabrication and licensing technologies.


The company has started to work with Elkus & Manfredi and Sidewalk Labs on projects, and have others in the pipeline. The company has also recently started to go to industrial conventions and do lunch and learns for architecture firms such as BIG and Stantec, as well as developers like Boston Properties with Bryan Koop, John Moriaty & Associate and project owners. Company has already created numerous sculptures and art work. One of its sculpture was shown in Shenzhen, China in the first half of 2018 and at the Shanghai Arts Centre later that year.

Founding Team Background

Founder and CEO Jean Yang has a bachelors degree from the University of Toronto in mathematics, statistics and architecture. She also previously worked as a risk analyst at Homesite.

What They Need Help With

Potential partners and customers. The company is looking for the next exhibition location to host its 16-foot-tall 3D printed sculpture Plethora. Would be open to showcasing it in the Boston area.

Connect With The LuxMea Team
Raising the standard of convenient nutrition with their superfood bar offerings.

The Problem

The features and benefits of modern functional food companies sacrifice nutrition, innovation and sustainability for stagnation and a shrinking market share. The entirety of the food technology industry has been obsessed with gimmicks and distractions for too long. All sources and indicators will say that the functional foods and beverages category is being driven by convenience. Along with that, whole foods and longevity are becoming priorities for the increasingly-educated populace. 

What The Company Does

With the help of practicing neurosurgeon and GeoProtein Chief Product Officer, Dr. Matthew Frank Philips, GeoProtein is able to affect specific organs and physiological processes with its new Protein Superfood offering. This is a vast divergence from modern functional foods in that our ingredients are not being sacrificed nor diluted to simply follow “trends”. Their ingredients have a purpose that goes beyond a simple packaging change (RX BAR), or even appetite appeal (One Bar). What consumers buy today is proactive nutrition, or “food as medicine”. Information on wellness is being disseminated at rates never before seen, while the general consumer is only becoming more inclined to be skeptical in the marketplace. GeoProtein tapers ingredients to function, and synthesizes information to democratize nutrition, while pushing the boundaries of how healthy the masses can become, regardless of socioeconomic status.

The Market

The markets for snack bars, functional foods and wellness are all massive and growing rapidly. However, there remains to be many multinational food corporations that are lagging smaller innovators on the ground levels of the new consumer food market. This leads to ‘Silicon Valley-sized’ acquisitions of competing brands like RX BAR and Quest Nutrition to the tune of billions of dollars. 

Business Model

GeoProtein takes pride in its omni-channel growth strategy. Much akin to companies like Amazon, Apple and Peloton, GeoProtein has a core product focus (functional snack bars) that entails selling online direct-to-consumer. This core product focus is a means of supporting present and future sales channels such as bulk orders from colleges, a subscription model for GeoProtein products and joint venture partners, physical retailers, farmer’s markets, personalized nutrition plans and otherwise.


GeoProtein has been published on sites such as Yahoo Finance, BioSpace, Market Insider, StartHub and more. GeoProtein won second prize at DECA nationals, only losing to a cybernetic enhancements for amputees. Besides that, GeoProtein has a strong presence among the eSports community, and is executing partnerships with the likes of the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors-owned eSports teams. GeoProtein is partnering with FrUve as well, a Wal-Mart functional RTD beverage that can be found in tens of thousands of super centers and grocers across the United States. In their 2018 market concept phase, the team sold thousands of bars to consumers and fitness boxes, while registering an average spend of $55.73 per consumer on their eCommerce store. 

Founding Team Background

Corey Nobile is the Founder of GeoProtein and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Nobile is responsible for creating and implementing the company’s vision and mission. He guides the direction of the brand through innovation and collaboration. Nobile is an owner of Yeezy Marketplace (YZM), the largest decentralized luxury sneaker platform in the world. Nobile and Oliveri grew the YZM community page to surpass 100,000 active members in 2019. Corey has run various businesses prior to GeoProtein, including an apparel company in which he sold the IP to Under Armour. Nick Oliveri is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of GeoProtein. Nick ensures that the company has the necessary operational controls to effectively grow and maintain financial stability, while remaining efficient. Oliveri is a Kairos Fellow, has developed and published five mobile games across IOS and Google Play app stores, and co-owns Yeezy Marketplace alongside Nobile.

What They Need Help With

As a startup with global aspirations, the team is always looking for new prospects as advisers to guide their efforts toward success. Along with that, GeoProtein is developing wellness programs and products for forward-thinking office spaces looking to become contributors to the climate/ wellness revolution taking place in the new generation of young professionals

Connect With The GeoProtein Team
This week's edition of The Buzz is brought to you by Gennari Aronson, LLP, experienced, practical counsel to emerging companies, and curator of the annual Authors + Innovators business ideas festival.

Committed to building an ecosystem of entrepreneurs that will make commerce and government more efficient, effective and innovative.


History Of Organization

During the summer of 2019, Ian, John and Gavin came together to develop a vision for growing the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem just south of Boston. Given the robust startup activity taking place in Boston and in Cambridge, they saw an opportunity to stimulate and connect with that activity on the other side of the Red Line in Quincy, where space is more favorably priced for startups. With the support of a local real estate developer, QUBIC Labs was born to provide a home for entrepreneurs, and to contribute to Quincy’s economic development through the creation of technology jobs.

The Mission

To identify and support entrepreneurs developing businesses around blockchain, government and civic technologies.

How To Get Involved

QUBIC Labs is now accepting applications for Tenant Members (entrepreneurs), ecosystem Members and Advisors. They are also looking to add to their roster of sponsors. For more information, please visit They will be hiring program, event and community managers, but no official postings yet.

Upcoming Events

QUBIC Labs is planning to open its space for entrepreneurs in Q1 2020. Stay tuned for an official launch event.


Connect With The QUBIC Team


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